Psychics are talented people with innate skills that allow them to provide insights into a person’s past, present, and future. Read Online Psychic for Free Readings Over the Phone or Chat.  

You might need a psychic reading to get the direction and clarity you need in life. We frequently don’t have the solutions to all the questions that arise in our uncertain lives. The practise of psychic reading has been around for a long time. People have sought the advice of psychics for guidance since ancient times, and this trend is still evident today. 

Best Psychic Websites Online

• Mysticsense – 5 Free Minutes On The Best Psychic Website For Novices

• Best for Service Variety, 3 Minutes Free + 50% Off: Kasamba

• Best mobile app Purple Garden: $10 Free Credit With Any Purchase

• Keen – 3 Free Minutes with the Best Love Psychics

• Asknow – Best Introductory Offers, $15 for 10 minutes plus 5 additional minutes for free

• Best For Video Calls, Oranum, 3 Free Minutes

The Best Filtering Features of Mysticsense

Despite the fact that Mysticsense is a relatively new platform, we firmly believe it deserves to be on this list. Despite being a new company, Mysticsense is home to well-known psychics who have delighted thousands of satisfied customers. Online Psychic for Free Readings in phone.

service provided

Psychics at Mysticsense are highly specialised to meet the needs of various clients. On the website, you may order a number of readings, such as a Online Psychic for Free Readings, tarot card reading, horoscope, and astrology reading. Additionally, you can hire competent psychics to assist you with topics relating to your profession, finances, interpretation of dreams, fortune telling, energy healing, and spiritual concerns.

The features of Mysticsense and how to use them

To use the platform, you must first register an account. Once you’ve finished, you can explore the different categories to find aOnline Psychic for Free Readings expert who is available. The website lets you choose a user based on their reading preferences and areas of expertise. If you want a reader who has experience with a specific divination method, you may also choose from the extensive list. 

You can use terms like empaths, clairvoyant readers, spiritual readers, and more to focus your search. Each advisor has a thorough profile that includes a biography, reviews, and an introduction video. 

Users of Mysticsense can specify their search criteria in greater depth using the Unique Search option. Through the platform’s free five-minute trial, you can use a free psychic chat or a free phone reading.

Contact techniques

If a more personal relationship is what you desire, you can communicate with an advisor through video call. Additionally, Mysticsense offers phone and chat psychics.

Best for Service Variety: Kasamba

A renowned website with a long history and a lot of popularity is Kasamba. The site consistently receives accolades from users for its trustworthy readings and some of the most talented psychics.

provided services

Kasamba provides a wide range of services. There are clairvoyant psychics, tarot card readers, palm readers, astrologists, horoscope readers, rune readers, and spiritual psychics available. The psychics on Kasamba may also give you readings on your profession, family, relationships, and finances. 

The characteristics of Kasamba and how to use them

You must first establish a profile if you want the Kasamba experience. After choosing the finest psychic reader to work with, you can use the “Let’s Chat” tool to be taken to a page where you can offer more information, such as the amount of payment. 

You are prepared to start a session if the adviser is accessible. You shouldn’t be concerned that someone might disclose your private information because Kasamba offers complete customer confidentiality.

Contact techniques

The psychics on Kasamba use a number of contact ways to make sure their customers are comfortable. You can speak with a Kasamba psychic over the phone or in real-time chat. Experts can also provide advice via email. Install the Kasamba mobile app to get in touch with a psychic whenever you want, wherever.

The features of Purple Garden and how to use them

Like other online services, Purple Garden requires that you first make an account, which you can do by using your email address. In order to communicate with a reader you can understand, Purple Garden lets you select your preferred language. 

Users won’t struggle to find suitable psychic readers thanks to the website’s simplicity. The platform’s AI enhances user search results and provides users with recommendations based on their individual needs. In order to help customers understand a certain psychic and the kind of service they will be paying for in the event that they want an entire session, Purple Garden gives free introductory minutes. 

Contact techniques

You can get in touch with an expert by online chat, phone, or video call once you’ve decided who to work with. Additionally, Purple Garden offers a very user-friendly mobile app that has been optimised for usage on mobile devices.

Best for Psychic Guidance: Keen

Another well-known psychic reading website is Keen. Numerous testimonials from users who have used the platform since it launched in 1999 attest to its ability to provide needed guidance. Keen has experience in the online psychic industry and maintains a current website.

provided services

On Keen, you can find notable psychics of any kind. Numerology, tarot card reading, astrology, spiritual readings, mediumship, crystal gazing, chakra cleansing, and dream interpretation are among the readings they can provide. Additionally, Keen offers love psychics that may offer advice on relationships, careers, and financial future.

How to utilise Keen’s services

You must set up an account in order to use Keen. If you know what kind of reading or help you require, finding a reader will be simpler. To better serve the demands of its clientele and make it simpler to select a psychic for a certain service, Keen has categorised its psychics. 

In order to accommodate customers who feel their sessions were unsatisfactory, Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee programme. To get a sense of the experience, you can also obtain a free three-minute reading on Keen. You can reduce the price of readings if you’re eligible for Keen’s coupon programmes and promotions.

provided services

Numerologists, horoscope readers, mediums, clairvoyants, tarot readers, love readers, spirit readers, numerologists, and other professionals are all available to assist you. Customers can question life coach psychics about their finances, romantic relationships, and professional difficulties.

How to utilise AskNow’s features

You only need to follow two steps to sign up for AskNow. After selecting a package and entering some personal information, you may start browsing. Users have access to pricing, category, and advisor type filters for advisers. By using the appropriate filters, you can use the platform to communicate with a Spanish psychic.

Contact techniques

There are several ways you can communicate with the psychic of your choice. All you have to do is call, email, chat, or use a video call to ask them a question during the session.

Best for Video Communication: Oranum

Another well-known website for high-quality internet readings is Oranum. Due to the website’s cutting-edge and user-friendly interface, you can contact the greatest psychics on the platform.

provided services

Tarot card readings, medium readings, palm readings, astrology, pet readings, spiritual readings, fortune telling, ritual and energies, dream interpretation, numerology, and energy healing are among the services available on Oranum. The specialists can also offer you advice on relationships, job, home and family, finances, and love.

The features of Oranum and how to use it

To use Oranum, which is cost-free to use, you must first establish an account. After registering, you can search the website for the kind of advisor you prefer. To access a reader’s bio, click on their link after using one of the various filtering methods to locate them. You can decide whether a reader is the right choice for a consultation by looking at their life histories, which the psychics on Oranum have. Some readers share both sponsored and unpaid films to offer advice.

Contact techniques

Oranum takes great delight in their video readings. This is a great approach to observe and understand the body language of the reader. To communicate with advisers while out and about, you can also get a reading by phone, chat, or the Oranum mobile app.

How We List Our Favourite Psychic Reading Websites

An in-person reading typically allows you to rapidly assess a psychic reader’s credibility or reputation. However, you heavily rely on a platform’s reputation when looking for the greatest online psychic reader. 

Several different psychic specialisations

Not every customer needs the same kind of psychic reading. Some seek advice on matters such as love, work, relationships, dream interpretation, and internet psychic mediums. Clients have varied needs that must be met at different times. To make finding simpler, we have highlighted websites with real psychics who specialise in certain fields.

How to get in touch with the advisors

Regardless of the method of communication, genuine psychics may give precise readings. However, customers typically want a website that enables them to select the communication channel they prefer and believe would provide the strongest connection. You can get in touch with the trustworthy psychics on these top websites via a variety of channels.

Screening process for advisors

Fraudsters frequently prey on the weak or those in need of assistance, knowledge, or direction. Some online mediums have a reputation for being dishonest. However, our chosen sites go through rigorous screening processes to make sure its staff members won’t damage their reputation. Before they can start working, the psychics must successfully pass the screening procedures.

Pricing and added benefits

The websites can help you find inexpensive psychics and meet the minimum standards for value for money. The websites on this list will help you choose a credible psychic by providing you with free trial minutes and discounts. 

Reassurance of satisfaction

If you are uncertain as to whether you will receive a genuine psychic reading, an internet session can be perilous. Accurate readings may also be a challenge for some reputable psychics. With these things in mind, you would prefer a platform that provides a satisfaction guarantee to prevent needless money losses. The platforms on this list all provide various options if your session wasn’t up to par.

When Is a Free Psychic Reading Available?

Any qualified psychic reader performs their work to benefit others, but they are paid for their expertise. Nevertheless, getting a free psychic reading is still an option. This is typically not what you will learn from a neighbourhood psychic. These readings can be found on online platforms. 

The majority of platforms provide free readings, but only for a limited time, typically three to five minutes, and not for entire sessions. If you want to keep reading after the free minutes are over, your session will begin to be charged. 

Consider the following when choosing between a local psychic and an online psychic:


You need a psychic who will make the whole process simple. Since most readers provide round-the-clock services, online readings may be more convenient than in-person readings. A consultation can also be held wherever you feel comfortable. 

A local psychic might be a preferable option if you don’t have access to the internet or any technologies that might support readings in order to conduct a reading online. 


Both local and internet mediums will demand payment for their abilities. Depending on how well business is doing, local psychics may be expensive or less expensive. Online psychics, however, may base the cost of their services on a variety of factors. Prices may be affected by the level of competition or the expertise and experience of a psychic. 

Arranging meetings

In order to get an in-person reading, you primarily need to wait or schedule a time when the reader is available. Online reading services, on the other hand, let you schedule and even receive alerts when the desired psychic becomes available. Through their psychic hotlines, several companies even offer emergency readings.

How to Get the Most Out of a Psychic Session

Identifying your demands and goals

A psychic reading is done to seek answers and more clarity. If you don’t even know why you’re going for the reading, you won’t be able to do that. Readers come in a variety of forms. If, for example, you want a relationship reading, you shouldn’t search for a pet psychic. 

making a list of inquiries

Make a list of questions to ask the psychic if you want a fascinating reading. When doing so, make sure the questions are open-ended and consistent with your goals. Open-ended questions, as opposed to yes-or-no ones, provide the reader more leeway to elaborate and cover more ground. Asking questions aids in identifying the potential problem areas. 

Be open-minded and prepared for any unexpected details.

Clients typically want to hear what they think suits them. However, that’s not how psychics operate. They respond with solutions based on their instincts. Sometimes they might respond to you with information you didn’t expect. 

Let the medium or psychic lead the session.

Never forget that the medium or psychic is the specialist. Give them room to respond to your questions as a result. Verifying the psychic’s responses should be your primary objective during a session. If you require clarification, you are free to interrupt, but you must time it properly to prevent obstructing the flow of the conversation. 

Sessions that don’t seem right can be stopped.

Feeling as though a reading is not going in the proper direction is not uncommon. You are free to end the reading, for instance, if you feel like the reader is being nosy, requesting private information, or trying to get you to believe something you have reason to suspect. 

Benefits of Online Psychic Reading

Focusing on choices in life

A psychic can assist you in making the best choice if you are having trouble deciding between opposing points of view on a subject, like as your job path or whether you should enter or end a particular relationship. These consultants will provide you with information and solutions that will aid in resolution.

A tranquil mind

You may constantly be thinking about the ambiguities and ambiguous aspects of life, particularly when things are not going well. Your mental health may suffer greatly if you feel trapped. However, the clarity a psychic can provide you with as a result of their revelations can help you relax.

An example of how to live better

It is challenging to forecast the future and shape it how you want. But you may take steps to get ready for what can happen, and that’s where psychic assistance comes in. A psychic can help you comprehend the magnitude of your passion and rekindle your fire. They may also share insightful information about your future with you, motivating you to perform better.

Living a happy life and discovering your purpose

Although many people are unaware of their purpose, they are certain they were born to carry it out. If that describes you, you might think about getting a psychic reading to guide you on your path to self-discovery. 

You may start living a happier, more fulfilling, and fulfilled life after you discover who you really are and what you should be aiming for. 

Getting to closure

A psychic reader can assist you in finding the closure you need if an unexpected event has left you broken and unsettled or if you have lost someone very dear to you.