A cloud-based business phone application called Webex Calling. It can either work with or in place of your current PBX system and video solution. Here are some webex cost plans.

Cisco Webex Calling is an all-in-one unified communications system that combines voice calling. Video conferencing, team collaboration, and messaging in a single interface, in contrast to Cisco Webex Meetings, which is solely a web conferencing platform.

The Webex cloud phone system has special call management features. Which we’ll go over in more detail in this piece, as well as additional features like digital whiteboards that make it simple to simulate the atmosphere of an office boardroom.

We’ll discuss the top Webex Calling cloud phone features in this article. As well as price and plan options, how Webex Calling compares to other corporate phone systems, how the user experience is overall, and more.

The first topic is Webex Calling Prices and Plans

Three of the five total Webex options have access to the Cloud Phone technology.

The above plans are summarised in the graphic below from Webex’s monthly pricing page. A 10% discount on annual price is also available.

 A free webex cost is available. But it is limited to video calling and simple team collaboration tools like screen sharing and team chat messaging. Making and receiving calls from/to other Webex users is the sole sort of VoIP calling available on the free plan.

The following three tiers offer full Webex Cloud Calling functionality:

  • The monthly cost of $17.00 for the Webex Call Plan per user
  • The $25 monthly per user Webex Meet+Call Plan
  • The Webex Enterprise Plan (custom pricing depending on quotes)

How Does the Cost of Webex Calling Compare to Other Options?

When compared to other existing phone systems. Webex Cost Calling and the Call and Meet package may appear to be a fantastic value at first.

After all, Webex offers a free Basic edition. That enables video calling and meetings of up to 100 people with other Webex users for less than the typical VoIP phone system cost of $20.00/user per month.

Unfortunately, the present cost-effectiveness of Webex still cannot compensate for the absence of critical services from all subscriptions. Such as voicemail transcription, full call recording capabilities, customer callbacks, and more.

In other words, Webex Cost Calling provides users with “Less for Less” without even giving them the option. However, younger businesses with simple phone system requirements will find Webex to be a great value.

Considering Key Webex Cost Calling Features

Standard Webex business phone system features including call parking. Call forwarding, unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling, and Do Not Disturb are described in the pricing section above.

Design of Webex Call Flow

Although call flow design is a standard component of all VoIP phone systems. Webex elevates theirs with an intuitive and feature-rich IVR system.

Administrators of the Webex Calling Administration Portal (CAP) can:

  • Create a maximum of 10,000 dial plan paths.
  • Select specified locations (the main office, the IT department, etc.) for each auto-attendant.
  • Pick from more than 10 available languages.
  • Set different caller IDs for each call menu.
  • Create regular call routes during business hours, after hours, and on holidays.
  • Set unique or standard greetings
  • Create call menus that allow incoming callers to connect.

Using the Webex CAP, administrators may also improve call queue settings by

  • choosing the most callers (up to 50) that can be placed in a queue
  • selecting which personalised greetings to play
  • Providing a time estimate for the wait
  • The frequency of playing “comfort messages” such as “Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line” can be set at regular intervals.
  • while holding music

using conference calls

Up to 6 people can connect for phone audio conferences using Webex Calling. The Webex Meetings audio-only capability allows users to connect with up to 200 people and 25 concurrent screen feeds if they require a higher conference calling capacity.

Users have easy access to team collaboration capabilities including in-meeting chat, file sharing, screen sharing, virtual hand-raising, and live polling during meetings and can easily upgrade from a team chat message to an audio/video conference call.

Users can choose to automatically adjust volume, choose microphones, change output level, and change their own speaking volume in addition to turning on noise cancellation.

Other elements of conference calls include:

  • Dial-in access via toll-free numbers
  • Access to Call-Me audio conferencing
  • Nothing must be downloaded
  • Unique URLs, on-demand meetings, and personal meeting rooms for audio and video conferencing
  • being able to listen to music during a meeting
  • participant list for meetings
  • Turn on/off the speakers


Users can listen to voicemails on mobile and desktop devices immediately in the Webex app and within the call history log thanks to Webex’s basic voicemail feature.

Despite the fact that webex cost does deliver text and email voicemail notifications, customers are unable to immediately access MP3 or MP4 voicemail recordings in their email or text inboxes. Webex Calling does not offer voicemail transcription as of this writing.

Additional voicemail options include:

  • Send all incoming calls to voicemail automatically while the user is on a call, in a meeting, or after a certain number of rings.
  • voicemails that are shared
  • Set PINs for voicemail passcodes.
  • Receive desktop, text, or email notifications for voicemail
  • Storage for both internal and external voicemail

Call Retention

Unfortunately, when it comes to call recording, Webex really falls short.

Call recording for voice calls is not yet accessible as a native function, despite chat messaging and video meetings being able to record audio and video.

Users have the option to record calls manually or automatically, pause recording, and have call recording announcements play automatically when a call begins.

Unfortunately, a premium Dubber subscription is necessary to access unlimited storage, AI analytics, NLP, and other features.

 Security for Webex Cloud Calling

Using a multi-level strategy to safeguard user data through application and data centre security as well as the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle, Webex offers extraordinarily high VoIP security and encryption requirements.

Additionally, Cisco depends on its InfoSec and Incident Response divisions to keep Webex Calling and other Webex technologies up to date with the latest security risks.

The fact that Webex takes a proactive approach to security and is open about their whole security procedure sets it apart from its rivals.

All Webex plans come with the following standard security and compliance measures:

  • Locations of the world’s Points of Presence
  • redundant data centres accredited by SOC2 and ISO 27001
  • Entry into data centres is subject to video monitoring and two-factor identification.
  • All Webex communications are protected by AES-256 end-to-end encryption (E2E) through TLS, TCP, and UDP.
  • access restricted by role for site administrators, presenters, attendees, and hosts
  • SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Compliance with HIPAA (with BAA)
  • PCI adherence
  • GDPR adherence
  • Meeting security options, such as passwords for meetings, locks for meeting lobbys and rooms, restrictions on who can access recordings of meetings, and more

Calling Webex Customer Support 

We went ahead and contacted Webex directly to acquire a clear response regarding the customer service hours and available channels.

The plus side is that Webex provides all customers, regardless of package, with round-the-clock live chat and phone assistance. Additionally, email help is offered. Customers who have the top-tier Webex subscriptions do not receive priority customer care, in contrast to other business phone service providers.

Having said that, we had a great interaction with the Webex live chat support representative.

Although we had to enter our email address and phone number initially (as is typical for most support chats), we had to wait less than a minute before a live agent connected with us, and the chat window displayed our status in the support queue.

In terms of assistance with onboarding, Webex provides:

  • Advisory Services to help choose/customize the best Webex solution
  • professional services for setting up new users using Cisco CX Advanced Services Solutions
  • sessions of targeted bespoke training
  • IT administrators, users, and partners can attend live and recorded user training sessions.
  • Written instructions and instructional videos

Additionally, Webex provides continuing user assistance, such as:

  • Customer Success Managers who are committed
  • Knowledge Base online
  • User Community Forum for Webex
  • online creation of tickets
  • Current Webex status page
  • Phone assistance

Alternate Webex Calling Methods

We took into account the following when looking at Webex Calling alternatives:

  • Comparing free and premium add-on VoIP features
  • channel(s) of communication (video, faxing, SMS texting, etc.)
  • User limitations/capabilities
  • Overall scalability and affordability of the offered plans

According to our research, the following four services—each of which has unique benefits and drawbacks compared to the Webex platform—are the most equivalent to Webex Calling:

  • RingCentral
  • Windows Teams
  • Visit Connect
  • Vonage


RingCentral MVP (Message, Video, Phone) would appear to be Webex calling’s main rival at first glance. Since it aims to bring the top three communication channels together into a single interface, it is also a unified communications platform.

However, RingCentral has several capabilities that Webex Calling does not, including native on-demand/automatic call recording, unlimited business SMS, virtual faxing, and voicemail transcription.

Additional comparisons between RingCentral and Webex are provided in the table below.

Select RingCentral Instead of Webex If:

If you’re a remote, in-house, or blended workforce with a moderate to high call volume per day, you might be willing to spend a little bit extra for features like visual voicemail, call recording, and a greater audio conference participant capacity.

Windows Teams

To provide voice calling capabilities for current Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams users, Microsoft Teams Phone is available for purchase as an add-on.

It enables Team users to call both people inside and outside the Teams organisation using the PSTN and SIP Trunking. Users should be aware that they may only add the Microsoft Teams Phone as an add-on to an existing Teams or Microsoft 365 plan, not as a standalone product.

Visit Connect

Similar to Webex, GoTo Connect includes video meetings, team chat messaging, and voice calling in every plan.

GoTo Connect, in contrast to Webex, provides native call recording and cloud storage that is automatic and on-demand, as well as voicemail transcription, virtual faxing, and SMS texting.


A single platform for voice calling, video meetings, social media messaging, texting, and faxing is provided by Vonage Business’ all-in-one UCaaS phone system.

Additional details are provided in the comparison table below.

Select Vonage Instead of Webex If:

Generally speaking, Vonage Business Communications is only financially viable if your company currently uses preferred platforms that it wants to integrate into a business phone system rather than switch from.

Webex Calling Is Best For Whom

This is recommended for small firms with 15-20 people or fewer, who require basic business phone system functions and have a low-to-medium daily call volume, according to our study and comparisons with top competitors.

It can be used by remote, hybrid, and entirely in-house teams; whether it’s a good fit for your firm or not depends more on the capabilities offered and the size of the business than it does on geographic diversity.

However, even while Webex Calling offers some unique features like first-rate customer service and effective video conferencing and collaboration tools via Webex Meetings, it is obvious that Webex’s recent shift to an all-in-one platform is still in its early stages.