With more than 2 billion monthly visitors, YouTube is the biggest video-sharing website in the world. Creators of content can post their work and profit from the platform’s ad sales. Increasing your YouTube audience is anything but simple, though.

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You must comply with the platform’s tight content guidelines and the YouTube algorithm in addition to pleasing your fans. Most of the time, doing so will cost you a lot of money. But what if I told you that you could increase YouTube traffic without spending any money?

Inconsistent YouTube traffic

Let’s focus on consistency, which is one of the main problems that video creators on YouTube face.

One video you upload may receive more than a million views in its first day. On the other hand, a piece of material that requires the same amount of work might only receive a little number of views. This indicates that the money you are making fluctuates.

And to be completely honest, no business can make it through on sporadic revenue.

This is why the majority of well-known YouTubers participate in ad contracts in order to make a more steady income. Additionally, many of them use multiple channels to boost their overall revenue.

I’m going to share 9 tactics with you today that you can use to promote your YouTube channel for nothing. Keep in mind that each channel expands at a different rate. A channel that just launched won’t expand at the same rate as one that already has 100,000 members.

Therefore, be sure to set reasonable goals.

How to Increase YouTube Traffic

1. Create A Community

The most popular YouTubers all share a devoted fan following that frequently engages with their work. And I’m not just talking about YouTube.

The majority of YouTubers are active on all of the major social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are effective resources that support community building and channel visibility.

Most importantly, they are an excellent tool to discover what your audience wants to see in terms of content. In reality, several well-known YouTubers, like PewDiePie (100,000,000,000,000 subscribers), the platform’s monarch, frequently obtain ideas for videos from these sources.

Building a community is, of course, easier said than done. You’ll need an identity that attracts subscribers in order to get started. This can be anything, but it must be suitable for the platform and serve as the channel’s primary objective.

2. Work with other content producers

You are not the only content producer wanting to expand your YouTube audience, so believe me when I say that. Working with other video producers is one of the finest free strategies to increase your YouTube traffic.

Similar content is found on many channels, which can present special chances for collaborative video production. When you are of equal size, these are win-win circumstances. Larger channels typically won’t do this, or to be more precise, won’t do this for free, at least most of the time.

Within YouTube’s gaming category, one can find a fantastic illustration of this. To support one another’s development, many of these YouTubers will play competitive or cooperative games together.

However, it might be as easy as writing a joint review of a videos or something similar. Always be open to collaborating with other content producers.

3. Add Social Media Buttons to Your Website

Social icons are the one thing that all websites have in common. These are the little photographs that are available on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

They assist in converting site visitors into subscribers by providing links back to the particular platform’s profile. Many aspiring YouTubers frequently possess a website but neglect to effectively promote it.

This is incorrect. Adding social media icons is the simplest approach to effectively utilise your website as an advertising platform for your channel.

They are quite simple to include on a website and have virtually taken over. Seriously, social media buttons are usually located at the bottom or on the side of blogs. In addition, starting a blog has several advantages if you don’t already have one.

4. Create Top-Notch Thumbnails

Everyone will first notice your thumbnail. 90% of the most popular videos use a personalised thumbnail, according to the YouTube Creators Academy, a terrific resource for novices.

Only channels with a clean record can access these thumbnails. As a result, if you lack this standing, your channel is severely handicapped. What constitutes a quality thumbnail, though?

The text you select to use is one of the most crucial components. It must draw the viewer’s attention. They will, after all, see other thumbnails on the same page. Since white text is plain, many of the bigger channels avoid using it in their thumbnails.

Instead, you ought to follow BOGY’s rules. Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow are represented by this symbol. These hues are more likely to stand out among other videos and draw viewers in.

The image itself should also be taken into account. It must be entertaining and aid viewers in understanding the topic of the video.

Also remember that if you try to deceive a visitor with a deceptive thumbnail, they probably won’t return.

5. Fill Out the Description for Your Video

Recall how I said it was crucial to please the YouTube algorithm?  Most of the time, descriptions are created for the algorithm rather than merely YouTube’s, not the viewers.

YouTube is owned by Google, as you are surely aware, which explains why YouTube videos frequently show up in search results. Including a description will increase your video’s visibility on Google as well as in YouTube searches.

And the YouTube Creator Academy is the source of this data. Again, if you are serious, you should definitely look into this. What then does the ideal description resemble?

Unfortunately, they don’t actually tell you what the best data to include is. However, many accounts do descriptions in a very similar way.

Most videos begin with a brief summary that explains their subject matter. Usually, 2-3 phrases, and then links to your various social media profiles, should be included. If this video is part of a series, this is also a nice place to connect to other videos.

6. Utilise the same tags as rival websites

For suggested YouTube video ranks, YouTube examines the metadata from your video (title, description, and tags). These are the YouTube videos that are displayed to the right of the video.

You won’t be setting the pace while you’re trying to expand your channel from the beginning. Instead, the key is to take use of the algorithm.

Take the case where you created a video on “How to Get Traffic on YouTube.” You wouldn’t be alone, I can guarantee you; there are many videos like this. Consequently, your video has a chance of appearing as suggested when someone searches for videos related to this topic.

This explains why when you watch a video, you see comparable kinds of content. Your videos will benefit from the exposure they need to expand. As a result, the suggested video function on YouTube might help you enhance traffic by choosing tags that are comparable.

7. Make a channel icon and banner

The thumbnails could have given you a hint as to how important presentation is. As a result, you must make sure to complete the circle by including a channel banner and symbol.

When someone clicks on the channel banner, a picture with a recommended size of 2560 × 1440 pixels will appear at the top of your channel. Every video has a little picture called the channel icon that is 800 by 800 pixels in size.

Many YouTubers decide to work with a graphic designer to produce excellent images. Presentation is crucial, after all, but you can create it on your own using free internet tools like Canva or photo editing programmes like Photoshop.

When you don’t have either of these, viewers are less likely to subscribe to your channel because it appears unprofessional. You will still benefit from it even if the quality is subpar.

8. Request Likes And Subscribers

You have probably heard anything to the effect of “Leave a like, subscribe, and click on the notification bell” if you have ever watched a YouTube video, and there is a very excellent reason for this.

since it is effective.

After seeing a video once, many viewers will check out your other content if they find it entertaining enough. However, they are under no obligation to leave a like or subscribe in order to keep succeeding.

In fact, a sizable portion of viewers on the majority of networks choose not to subscribe. The algorithm, nevertheless, ultimately leads to you discovering that channel’s content.

But if you simply ask, there’s a chance they might, and doing so costs you nothing.

9. Make Outstanding Titles

On YouTube, titles are vitally crucial. It determines how a YouTube user will locate your video during a search. It’s also a fantastic technique to improve your traffic if you do it correctly.

Naturally, this begs the question: What makes a good title?

An effective title should be no more than 70 characters long (to fit in a Google video suggestion) and should sum up the content of the video. Even though it seems so easy, coming up with a catchy title is crucial.

Which do you think sounds better if you were filming a video about mathematics, for instance?

101 Math Tips


How to Do Well in Math Classes

The identical content—math tips—is offered to readers in both of these books. The second title is more powerful, though.

The reader is informed that this video would show them how to perform better in math class than the first, which only suggests “math tips.”

10. Using the Traffic from Your Website

Utilising your website is most likely one of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase YouTube traffic for nothing. I’m aware that my earlier discussion of social links gave this topic a brief introduction. You can, however, go far beyond.

For instance, you might make YouTube channel advertising banners and display them on your website just like any other advertisement. Showing these banners is simple if your website runs on WordPress thanks to plugins like AdRotate.

This encourages website visitors, especially those who are already interested in the information on your site, to click the banner to visit your YouTube channel.

You Should Invest in YouTube

While there are many free ways to increase your YouTube traffic, there are also many paid options available.

The greatest strategy is to start out naturally if you’re just getting started. It’s a dangerous decision because there is no assurance that your channel will become popular. By doing this, you can gain a following while learning what works and what doesn’t.

But after you’ve developed sufficiently, it’s a totally different thing.

You can increase your channel’s traffic, which will increase your revenue. Paid approaches are currently only an investment that frequently yields excellent returns.

Produce top-notch videos

The easiest technique to increase your YouTube traffic is one thing I left off of this list.

Produce top-notch content.

If your videos are good, people will find them as word spreads. Every major YouTube channel relies on high-quality video, and yours shouldn’t be an exception.

In fact, if your content is bad, it’s impossible for your YouTube channel to develop.

If your content is not enjoyable, you won’t gain new subscribers or expand.

The Key Is Patience

Running a website and creating a YouTube channel are extremely similar tasks. Both demand patience as they develop over time. Believe me when I suggest that your channel won’t expand overnight or that you’ll start making money right now.

Due to YouTube’s monetization mechanism, earning money takes a very long time. A channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of total public viewing time over the course of a year. Do not quit your day job because it can take more than a year to complete this.

Do not fall for the fallacy that all channels expand like larger ones. No, they don’t. You get recommended more frequently as your account gets older and you receive more views and subscribers.  This increases the visibility of your channel and hastens your growth.