The vast platform known as YouTube is home to billions of videos of all kinds. It resembles a mammoth and offers solutions to all of the world’s problems. Here you can also promote YouTube channel for your channel’s growth.

It is difficult not to find a video on a specific topic on YouTube, even though some platforms might be unable to offer an appropriate response. It didn’t just rise to become the second-largest search engine in the world, did it?

If you are one of those who is prepared to use YouTube as a means to educate other people or to promote YouTube channel (or any species, for that matter—no discrimination, you see! ), then…

1. Channels for photography and videography

A sense of beauty is not innate in everyone. Only a few possess the ability to perceive and record things in such an artful way.

Or create the appearance of another universe on a radio station.

Depending on your area of competence and comfort, you can establish either a photography or a videography channel if you are among those with such an aesthetic sense. Anything pertaining to these two genres, from the fundamentals to filming techniques, is fair game for discussion on your channel. You can even assess equipment and areas to promote YouTube channel that are useful for shooting, provide editing suggestions and advice with your audience, and more.

Look at these two professionals.

Imagery by Peter McKinnon

Photographer Peter McKinnon has a channel with 5.04 million subscribers and 383 million views. He is well recognised for his lessons on photography and cinematography, in which he discusses various forms of photography such as underwater photography and texture photography. He reviews different camera models, their lenses, and other tools that are useful to him.

Additionally, he offers tips that viewers can use to improve their photography abilities to promote YouTube channel. But wait, he goes further. Additionally, he offers tutorials on photo editing and advice on using Photoshop and Light room. Furthermore you have to remember that YouTube SEO is an important part of your strategy if you want to promote YouTube channel.

This man is essentially a one-stop shop for photos. You can use him as an example to learn how to launch and develop your channel.

Parker Walbeck’s video:

Full Time FilmMaker is an online film school established by videographer Parker Walbeck [need I say more? His channel has 59 million views and 1.18 million subscribers.

Parker covers all aspects of videography in his channel, from A to Z, just like Peter McKinnon. Parker sticks on videography and instructs everyone on the fundamentals of video production, while Peter discusses both photography and videography. You can learn those aspects to promote YouTube channel.

Both Peter and Parker produce visually stunning images and videos. They concentrate on supporting other video makers and strive to create a welcoming community.

2. Educational Television

People use YouTube, as I previously stated, mostly to find answers to their questions.

So, it makes whole sense to produce videos that will guide viewers towards such solutions and self-education.

Anybody who wants to learn online, from children to adults, chooses YouTube videos. This is because YouTube offers a wealth of free educational videos. Hence, if you’re one of those who wants to promote YouTube channel, you should turn to an instructional channel to know more about it.

Although there are many channels that accomplish this, Khan Academy is a fantastic example of this. With 5.91M subscribers and more than 1.7 billion views, Khan Academy is a popular channel. It focuses on assisting educators in honing their craft so that teaching and learning are more enjoyable for everyone.

3. Video-Game Channels

Would you think that the second-highest subscriber channel originally began off as a gaming channel?

That’s the truth, whether you like it or not!

This channel, which has 107 million subscribers and more than 26 billion views, is proudly owned by PewDiePie. At the beginning, he posted Let’s Play videos in which he was recorded playing horror and action games. His nerdy sense of humour and gaming prowess quickly won him fans, and the rest is history! Look at this 9.6 million+ watch video he posted.

Therefore, if you’re a YouTuber and want to promote YouTube channel then you can get this showing your prowess to become the first.

4. YouTube Vlog Channels

Since forever, vlogging channels have become more and more popular! The nicest aspect is that you may make a vlog about any subject that interests you. You’ve set the bar high as long as your content is engaging and is delivered with energy and emotion.

Here are a few notable vlogs from various categories so you may get started with ideas:

Living-style videos

In lifestyle vlogging, a vlogger documents their regular activities. On their vlogs, they share every aspect of their lives, including their thoughts and hobbies. Casey Neistat is the inventor of this kind of vlogging.

12.2 million people subscribe to Casey Neistat’s channel, which has received over 2.8 billion views.

He is a well-known vlogger who in just a year went from having 1 million to 4 million subscribers. Because of his daily vlogs that lasted for 800 days straight, he is admired by many people. You can also use this to promote YouTube channel.


His videos are so awesome that Nike contacted him to create a commercial for the Make it Count campaign. Instead of creating a professional advertisement, this guy travelled the world with the funds granted by Nike. He continued to make vlogs while travelling, and he eventually turned those vlogs into a commercial. This is the advertisement. Really interesting.

Vacation vlogging

Every person in the globe has probably at some point in their lives been bitten by the travel bug. All of us would have had the impulse to stop everything right then and there and take a very long vacation, especially after a difficult week at work. Even if taking a vacation sounds appealing, not everyone is comfortable enough to travel without first doing their homework to promote YouTube channel.

All “travelers” look for sources that will offer genuine opinions and reviews in order to obtain a good impression of the destination they intend to visit. Beginning such a trip vlog would prove to be extremely beneficial for both parties: for you, as your videos will inevitably receive more views, and for the viewer, as they will get to witness uncut footage of their next journey.

There’s no denying that these videos might be rather expensive at first. Nevertheless, after you start making fantastic videos and become more well-known, you might even attract sponsors (assuming your videos are of the highest caliber!). If you don’t feel like spending money, you can create videos with life hacks and tips for travelers to help them get ready .

One such traveler is Drew Binsky, who often broadcasts videos of his trip experiences. His channel has 372 million views and 1.91 million subscribers. Out of the 197 nations in the world, he is currently in the 191st. His goal is to travel to every one of them. Take a look at his video.

Food videos

You may have observed yourself frequently ogling at various cookery videos. You might be interested in such videos even if you weren’t cooking or weren’t in the mood to prepare. This is so because food and people get along the best. It appeals to the stomach, the head, and the heart all at once. Aren’t these good enough reasons to launch a food channel for being able to promote YouTube channel in a good way?

If you are one of those that has “Gordon Ramsey” and “Maggie Bear” concealed inside, congrats! On your channel, you can demonstrate some of your own or original recipes.

Or, if you belong to the category of people who like to eat food rather than prepare it, then voilà! Like the Food Ranger, you can dedicate your channel to “Food review.”

There are more than 4.49 million subscribers and 600 million views for The Food Ranger. He is renowned for undertaking travels all over the world and sampling local cuisine. Some of the food is peculiar and not for the timid. Nonetheless, his videos really make us salivate.

This is not the end of the list. Personal, professional, comedic, and a variety of other vlogs are available. Discover your specialty, then keep flying!

5. Technology Channels

Everything in this digital world is handled and controlled by technology. We are all constantly using our phones, tablets, or laptops, from children to adults to do various work. You can also utilize technology to promote YouTube channel. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our smartphones act as our third hand. It also supports that. Therefore, all you tech-savvy citizens, now is your chance to show off your skills and spread the word. Because technology is a vast, open world and has a lot to offer those who keep their ears open, you’ll also realize that you’re learning a lot when you’re on the go.

People of all skill levels, including those who are “something between a newbie and a pro,” will find this channel type to be of great use. Even a seasoned professional might not be able to recall all the details and specifications relating to technology, telephones, the internet, and devices. So, individuals who are unsure can really benefit from your channel.

Marques Brownlee is a fantastic example of such a tech channel. More than 2 billion people have viewed Marques, which has 12.2 million subscribers. He reviews and talks about anything technical, ranging from computers to robot dogs, smartphones to speakers, headsets to cameras, and so forth. On his playlist titled “MKBHD Interviews,” he has also conducted interviews with influential figures including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Satya Nadella.

6.Fitness-related channels

People eventually grow aware of their physical appearance and weight. They start taking extra care of themselves, go on a diet, make a commitment for the new year to lose those extra pounds, and join a gym, only to discover that they are too lazy to even move their asses. You can also promote YouTube channel including this kind of topic in your video.

They search the internet for at-home weight loss solutions as a result. And this is where they can benefit greatly from your channel!

You may begin exercising like Chloe Ting. 14.8 million followers and 1.2 billion views belong to Chloe Ting. She is renowned for her well-known “Two-week” video series, which gives viewers better body tones. She also publishes videos in which those who have followed her routines may be seen before and after.

Please take note that before attempting the tips, make sure they are appropriate for your body type. Additionally, exercise this way rather than that.