You may learn how to access YouTube advanced settings by reading this brief article. Then you can apply this for YouTube video promotion. Also, we discuss advanced settings options and how to control or modify each one.

Establishing a popular YouTube channel requires a significant investment of time. You must regularly produce entertaining, high-quality videos, put together a fantastic channel trailer, actively interact with your community, and optimize everything. It’s a fairly significant task.

Also, you must consider the opposition. Although popular, YouTube is a strong platform. Every single minute, users post more than 500 hours of YouTube content. You need all the support you can get because there is so much new content trying for readers’ attention. You can stand out and strengthen your competitive edge by using YouTube’s advanced options for YouTube video promotion.

Here’s how to access your YouTube advanced options and how to use them to improve your channel’s performance.

How do I access YouTube’s advanced settings?

  1. First things first, here is how to access YouTube’s advanced settings:
  2. Access your YouTube Maker Studio now.
  3. Under the Maker Studio menu on the left, select “Channel.”

Handling the advanced settings on YouTube to do YouTube video promotion for YouTube channel.

It’s time to work your magic. In order to give your channel the best chance of success, let’s look at what you can do in the advanced options section.

Below are the options for YouTube’s advanced settings and instructions on how to manage or modify each one.

Choose your nation

Awesome videos don’t come cheap to make! Several creators use the Partner Program on YouTube to monetize their channels by running adverts. The additional funds enable them to produce more of the videos we adore for YouTube video promotion.

Choose your home nation from the drop-down menu if you want to choose that route to promote YouTube shorts. Make important to fill this out because YouTube utilizes your country as part of the application process. Only citizens of a select group of nations are eligible for this program; the whole list is available here.

Establish channel keywords

Using keywords in your video’s title, description, and tags helps YouTube understand what the video is about. Your channel’s keywords inform the search engine of its overall subject matter.

Be as detailed as you can for YouTube video promotion. Use keywords that you believe accurately describe your entire channel. The Biteable channel is committed to assisting you in using videos in your marketing plan, even though not every video we post is specifically related to video marketing. That’s why we chose the keyword “video marketing” for the channel. You are allowed to use multiple keywords, but don’t overdo it!

To be completely honest, nobody is sure how channel keywords affect the search algorithm. The YouTube staff is fairly tight-lipped about it. Yet, this term becomes more clear when combined with effective optimization for each particular video. Every little bit counts when it comes to maintaining competitiveness.

Integrate a website with your channel

Your YouTube channel is not an independent marketing haven. It is a crucial element of your overall marketing plan for YouTube video promotion. It is shrewd to use a platform like YouTube to increase your authority and create a community, but foolish to use it as your only channel for getting in touch with your audience.

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YouTube has the power to abruptly alter the rules. You must therefore create other channels of communication with your subscribers. A wonderful approach to ensure that your audience will follow you no matter what happens is to direct visitors to your website, the small portion of internet real estate that is only yours.

You must confirm ownership before you can link your channel to your website for YouTube video promotion. Request clearance by entering your website address in the box. The many ways you can verify your website will subsequently be demonstrated on YouTube. Choose the option that makes the most sense to you.

Channel suggestions

You’re familiar with the related channels menu that appears on the right side of a channel page, right?

You can request that YouTube list your channel in that area in your advanced settings.

Choose your chosen choice from the list of “Channel recommendations” by scrolling down. By allowing your channel to be recommended by other channels for YouTube video promotion, you can expand your audience and show your content to more individuals who are already interested in related subjects.

Maximize the use of analytics

You have access to some very potent analytics through YouTube. You may analyze the performance of your videos in great detail and pinpoint specific contributing variables.

If you use Google Analytics, connecting it to your YouTube account will help you gain more understanding of how visitors interact with the page for your channel which is good for YouTube video promotion.

By logging into your Google Analytics account, you may obtain the property tracking ID needed to link the two accounts. In the Google Analytics property tracking ID box, paste the property ID.

Use these additional details to comprehend how visitors engage with your page overall.

Get more control over advertisements

You have more control over how advertisements are shown in your videos when you want to do YouTube video promotion, thanks to the advanced options.

You can choose not to show advertising tailored to a user’s interests and stop remarketing. This action can harm monetization and reduce the relevancy of the advertising displayed. If you choose to proceed down this path, be sure it’s a part of a larger plan so you get something valuable in return.

Speaking of advertisements, you can connect your YouTube channel with Google AdWords account.

Like with linking Google Analytics, linking AdWords will provide you access to certain additional reports that you may utilize to advance your marketing approach for YouTube video promotion.

Control information display

Do you wish to conceal the subscriber numbers? You may!

While subscriber counts are a significant component of social proof and can be successfully used to increase subscriber numbers, you can actually choose to hide the subscriber count from your channel in the advanced channel settings when you do YouTube video promotion.

But be sure you have a good cause before doing this, since otherwise, you will be taking away a major incentive for new customers.

Establishing a YouTube channel

It takes time to develop a successful YouTube channel. It’s a lengthy process that requires dedication to development and consistent evaluation. You must continue to test and experiment with modest adjustments that can provide your channel the best chance of expansion. You can maintain your competitiveness and sharpen your edge by using YouTube’s advanced settings.

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