Using influencer marketing and video marketing for organic music promotion, two of the most powerful kinds of promotion, is possible when working with YouTube influencers.

With more than 2 billion monthly active users and more than a billion hours of content watched every day, YouTube is the most popular video website in the world where you can do organic music promotion for your channel. Marketers are compelled to investigate the enormous potential of YouTube as a vehicle for advertising, as evidenced by this Nike advertisement that received over 57 million views:

Numerous YouTube influencers have thousands of subscribers who are notified each time a new video is uploaded. You may reach this extremely interested audience through organic music promotion by working with these YouTubers. Due to the cordial relationship that these influencers have with their subscribers, your content gains credibility as well.

The following are the key considerations when attempting to collaborate with YouTube influencers (bearing in mind that most of this also applies to other influencers, but in this section we’ll focus on YouTube influencer tips).

1) Establish goals

It’s crucial to specify the result you want before starting an influencer marketing campaign for organic music promotion:

  • Do you desire to connect with more people?
  • Perhaps you wish to generate interest in your goods or services.

Or maybe your goal is to use the campaign to drive sales and lead generation or to do legit music promotion.

Knowing what you want to achieve can help you choose which influencers to work with, what kind of content to produce to work well with YouTubers, and how to gauge the success of your campaign for organic music promotion.

Hence, before you approach any influencer, be sure you have a set of goals that are well defined.

2) Choose the Correct Influencers

Your efforts won’t be fruitful if you pick a YouTube influencer at random who has a large number of subscribers and work with them. Hence, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate influencers to work with before you even begin to generate ideas.

Take into account the following factors when choosing an influencer for organic music promotion campaign:

Relevance: The influencer you work with must be pertinent to the business, product, or service you are promoting. Their specialty should complement yours. You won’t be able to capture their subscribers’ interest before that.

Reach: Search for influencers in your niche who have a sizable YouTube subscriber base. With their content, they can assist you in drawing in more viewers.

Engagement: Without people interact with your content, reaching a wide audience will be ineffective. Don’t be duped by an influencer’s YouTube channel having a large number of subscribers. Look closely at the comments on their videos before organic music promotion to get a sense of how well their viewers engage with the content.

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Experience: It is always preferable to deal with influencers who have previously completed initiatives of a similar nature. Their knowledge and suggestions can help your marketing effort even more.

For instance, The Cold Plunge was developed by Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey and is simply a cold bath intended to boost fitness and health. They started COVID-19 with nothing more than a concept. Yet, a year later, they made $3.5 million in sales and kept expanding.

They give influencers in the entrepreneurial sector like Tony Robbins, Tony Hawk, and other A-listers credit for their quick growth rate. It was a no-brainer to connect with these influencers because they had a sizable and devoted fan base of business owners who were seriously engaged in health and fitness.

Your budget and final objectives will also affect who you choose as an influencer for organic music promotion. For instance, collaborating with regional micro-influencers might be very successful if you want to target a local audience. Their audience is modest in size but very active. Also, they are more affordable than companies with millions of members.

In the aforementioned instance, the creators of the Cold Plunge exclusively contacted influencers who previously practised cold therapy and requested permission to send a complimentary tub (with a $3,000 retail value).

Sending free goods may not always be sufficient to secure an influencer marketing partnership, but in this instance it probably was because:

  • Influencers have already expressed interest in items like The Cold Plunge.
  • There were no other cold plunge products available that were comparable.
  • Giving away the thing for free has significant value because it had a $3,000 value.

How to Identify Influencers on YouTube

To find the most well-known and pertinent influencers for organic music promotion, just perform a Google or YouTube search. Then, look at their YouTube channels to see what kind of content they are producing.

To get their contact information, go to the “About” section of their channel:

You might want to check into more in-depth channel demographics if you don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of channels to find the perfect fit.

To locate the appropriate influencers in these situations, you may also use a data-driven influencer network like BrandConnect, YouTube’s branded content platform.

3) Produce content Focused on Users

Video is a very efficient tool for organic music promotion and for conveying important information in an engaging and simple manner.

It won’t be very useful, though, to make a video that raves endlessly about how great your good or service is. To capture the interest of your target audience, you should instead create an intriguing story about your company.

You should also explain how your service or product can assist in resolving their issue. Experienced YouTube users already have a good sense of what appeals to their viewers. Using this tactic you can do organic music promotion.

You can collaborate with influencers for organic music promotion to make the following types of videos:

Product Testimonials & Reviews

Gaining the trust of prospective clients can be challenging in a fiercely competitive consumer industry. People are less prone to rely on companies that boast about themselves.

Instead, they put more faith in endorsements and reviews from actual customers, including friends, acquaintances, and influencers. It’s true:

  • Consumers are 92% more likely to trust influencers than traditional celebrities.
  • Only 17% of shoppers trusted their friends and family for shopping advice, compared to 33% of consumers who trusted influencers.
  • Consumers are 63% more likely to believe influencer messaging than brand messaging.

So, you might urge your influencers to make sincere review videos for for organic music promotion if your objective is to increase engagement. Let customers to freely discuss their own interactions with your brand, emphasizing both the advantages and disadvantages. Such a testimonial from a reliable influencer will probably increase brand recognition, give your good or service more legitimacy, and encourage your target market to buy it.

Hardware authentication company Yubico followed this precise plan of action. They worked along with over 14 million subscriber YouTuber Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Advice.

They collaborated with him to write and post an in-depth assessment of their offering. About a million people have watched the video, and it has 57,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments.

Telling Stories for Your Brand

In the sea of unrelated video content, videos with compelling stories frequently stick out. This is a good idea for organic music promotion. In addition, if your intended audience likes the video, they’ll probably share it on their social media pages. Your content will consequently be seen by a much larger audience.

Although it might not result in immediate sales, this is quite useful in raising brand recognition and encouraging customer interaction.

Google and influential comedian Lele Pons have worked together on a project. Instead of doing a product evaluation, she interspersed the video with references to Google products.

You follow her as she plans a Quinceanera in the skit, and she makes use of Google Assistant tools to make her schedule. You can also do the same for organic music promotion. About 13 million people have watched the video, and it has received over 244,000 likes and almost 10,000 comments.

Videos for how-tos, demos, and tutorials

Providing information to your target market on how your good or service operates can affect their choice to buy. Video is the best media for creating instructional or product demos because it’s an easy and effective communication tool. Having influencers make a how-to video might produce outstanding results because they are regarded as industry authorities.

These videos, which come from influencers, can boost your brand’s recognition and build customer loyalty. They may also be useful for generating leads for organic music promotion.

The TECNO PHANTOM X Smartphone, a new product from smartphone maker Tecno, is being promoted using this tactic. The business collaborated with Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy, who produced a video showcasing the new product’s functionality.

Because Unbox Therapy’s audience includes those who are curious about the newest technologies, the video quickly gained popularity. On YouTube, it earned over 1 million views and 31,000 likes:

The corporation can use this influencer’s evaluation for organic music promotion to advertise, thus these videos act as double advertising.