Being aware of what your rivals are doing and keeping an eye out for fresh, relevant trends never hurts, like Beard brand has done with YouTube shorts. You can also do this for organic music promotion.

You’ll be able to capitalize on any trends by keeping an eye on these two areas frequently, giving you the early adopter advantage. Also, by observing what rivals are doing, you’ll be able to pick up tips and inspiration for your own videos.

Copying the video content or style of your rivals is one of the major mistakes to avoid for organic music promotion. Because viewers will quickly draw comparisons and dismiss you if they do. Instead, concentrate on contributing your brand’s (or your own) point of view.

In light of this, attempt to set aside time once a week to search YouTube for trends and rival videos. Take notes on how you would approach a specific subject or how your brand might advance a trend through organic music promotion.

See the three success factors

Our final advice is actually three advices in one. The Shopify Blog has an interview with serial entrepreneur Wil Yueng under the heading “Founder Tales.” Wil created a YouTube vegan cooking channel more recently, and since then, it has racked up over 470,000 subscribers.

He enumerated in the interview what he saw as the essential elements of YouTube success:

  • Consistency. Wil argued for maintaining consistency in both the frequency and topic matter of your videos, as well as their style.
  • Listening. According to him, you need to adapt your content in response to client and audience feedback and learn from it.
  • adding worth. The final element of success is adding value, which we briefly discussed in the preceding point. According to Wil, you should think about your audience when creating content; the money will just follow.

You’ll quickly become an expert for organic music promotion by using these keys to success as general guidelines and the more detailed advice as stepping stones. Next, we’ll look at some tools you may utilize for your video research and production to assist you get there. If you want to promote your music on YouTube you can use this tactics.

Tools for promoting on YouTube

YouTube metrics

You can utilise YouTube’s own analytics to learn more about the effectiveness of your videos and channels. Key data and analytics are available to YouTubers in YouTube Studio.

You may view a variety of tabs in YouTube analytics to assess how your channel is doing in organic music promotion:

  • Overview: provides you with a summary of the success of your channel and individual videos. Views, watch time, subscribers, and estimated revenue (if you’re a member of the YouTube Partner Program) are just a few of the metrics you’ll notice.
  • Reach: displays how your channel is being found by your audience. Metrics like impressions, click-through rate, views, unique viewers, and traffic source kinds are among those you’ll find.
  • Engagement: provides you with a general picture of how your audience engages with organic music promotion. Top videos, watch time, average view duration, top playlists, and reports for audience retention at the video level are just a few examples of important data.
  • Audience: provides you with a summary of the viewers of your videos. Metrics include age, gender, other channels your audience watches, top regions, returning and new viewers, unique viewers, total members, and other demographic information.
  • The data provided by YouTube can be a goldmine of knowledge for optimising your channel. Read YouTube Analytics: 10 Important Metrics to Monitor and Optimize Video Performance for additional information on how to use this tool.

Video Wise

With the Shopify software Video Wise, you can incorporate YouTube videos into your product pages. It’s ideal for encouraging customers who might need encouragement to buy from your site.

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Consumers may quickly view whatever video you load, including product demonstrations or customer reviews, and then decide if they want to make a purchase. To influence customers and increase sales, you can also include video pop-ups or make shoppable videos. This tactics can be useful for organic music promotion of your channel.


Your store may become a stunning video gallery with the aid of POWR YouTube Video Gallery. YouTube videos are a simple way to promote new product releases or showcase customer testimonials, which increases time spent on page.

With brandable buttons, colors, calls to action (CTAs), and text, videos are simple to personalize. To drive attention to certain goods associated with your videos, POWR also allows you to add product links to your gallery.


The free video-making app Tolstoy is a Shopify Staff Choice for May 2021. Tolstoy allows you to personalize videos for your store to greet customers, provide personal styling advice, respond to frequently asked questions, and gather videos. Once you’ve gathered video testimonials, you can post them to your YouTube channel to increase traffic and purchases. Using this app you can make your video useful for organic music promotion.

Tube Buddy

For brands and creators, TubeBuddy is an excellent YouTube channel management tool. It’s a browser plugin that utilises optimization technologies to help you grow subscribers and obtain more views for:

  • Productivity tools that make it simple to edit and embed videos include card layouts, thumbnail generators, end screen templates, and scheduled publication.
  • To save time, use bulk processing to manage cards for all of your videos, such as card updates and thumbnail overlays.
  • To help visitors find your channel, use video SEO techniques like keyword research, rank tracking, tag ranking, A/B tests, and more.
  • Promoting your channel through the use of share trackers, promotional contents, and tools for posting at the right moment.
  • Statistics and analysis to keep an eye on your videos, monitor comments, and keep your audience

Give Tube Buddy a try if you want to be a happier, more successful YouTuber or want a success in organic music promotion. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered to everyone. You might also get 50% off the Pro plan if you’re a new channel with fewer than 1,000 subscribers to help you get going.

Creating a YouTube marketing plan

YouTube marketing is without a doubt crucial for e-commerce firms and content producers.

If you’re going to spend in content marketing for your brand, whether you’re an established company or just starting out, video is the way to go. With this manual in your hands, you’ll be well on your way to launching and expanding a YouTube channel that increases brand recognition, engages your audience, and converts viewers into paying customers. You can utilize all advice in your video for organic music promotion.