Rabindranath Tagore’s West Bengal is undoubtedly one of the best places in India for peace lovers. It is the ideal synthesis of rich diversity, beautiful landscapes, breathtaking natural beauties, and hectic metropolitan life. In West Bengal, there are numerous beautiful tourist destinations, ranging from the multicultural culture of the capital city Kolkata to the breathtaking beauty of Darjeeling. Here is a list of the top tourist destinations in West Bengal if you intend to explore this region of the nation. These locations will astound you with their extraordinary beauty.


Kolkata has transformed dramatically from a British colony to India’s cultural hub and is known for its lively culture. The city, once known as Calcutta, is India’s third-most populated metropolitan area.

Kolkata is a major centre for drama, arts, theatre, and literature, leading the way in terms of education, commerce, and culture. Despite all the progress, the city maintains its old-world charm because it is the only city in India with network trams or streetcars.


In contrast to other universities, Shantiniketan, or Visva Bharati University, is a haven of tranquilly and is the location where the poet Rabindranath Tagore’s spirit still resides.

This university gives people the best opportunity to establish a bond with nature.The Upasna Griha, a meditation centre, and art gallery in Shantiniketan further enhance the city’s already breathtaking splendour. A platform for diverse handicrafts, wall paintings, sculptures, and other artistic manifestations is also provided by the location.


Hooghly, which has been greatly impacted by the cultures of Portugal, France, and the Netherlands, attracts a lot of tourists for a number of reasons.

Due to its status as the house of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Devi Sarada, the location also holds religious significance. This popular tourist spot in West Bengal also provides access to many other fascinating locations, including Serampore, Deer Park, Shri Ramakrishna Math, Hooghly Imambara, Bhadreswar, and Hangseshwari Temple.

Park National Sundarbans

The largest mangrove forest in the world, Sundarbans National Park, has long held its place as one of the most well-known tourist destinations in West Bengal, and it continues to gain appeal among those who enjoy wildlife.

The park, which is also one of India’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is home to 400 Royal Bengal tigers as well as other threatened species including estuarine crocodiles and Ganges River dolphins. A haven for nature enthusiasts, people can catch a glimpse of tigers sunbathing next to the banks of a river that flows into Bangladesh.


Kalimpong is a small village in West Bengal that offers tranquil treks through nature, adventurous activities, and a respite from the bustle of the city.

This village, which is 4100 feet above sea level, has a stunning view of the Teesta River and the beautiful Himalayas. This West Bengal tourism destination has recently grown in popularity with visitors thanks to its breathtaking views, bird viewing opportunities, gorgeous monasteries, and challenging treks.


Darjeeling takes the top spot on the list of West Bengal’s best hill towns to visit. Everything in Darjeeling is ethereal and breathtaking, from taking in the magnificent vista of Kanchenjunga to wandering through vast tea estates.

The toy train that runs along the mountain railway makes travelling to other tourist attractions in the state more enjoyable. Travelers can also enjoy Tibetan-Nepalese cuisine, fascinating monasteries, and wonderful local handicrafts.


Bankura, a city in western West Bengal, is renowned for its creative elements. It is regarded as the top tourist destination in West Bengal for hikers and trekkers since it has so many thrilling pathways to choose from. In addition, one can take pleasure in exploring historical sites, undiscovered gems, and breathtaking hillside views.

The trip to Bankura is made more charming by the presence of the Ganesh and Nandi statues, Garh Darwaja, Krishna-Balaram temple, Susunia Hills, Biharinath Hill, and Rasmancha, among other well-known locations.


Midnapore, also known as Medinipur, is a well-liked tourism destination in West Bengal.

The eastern side of Midnapore provides visitors with the immaculate coastline of beaches like Digha and Mandarmani, while the western section of the city is lined with historic temples and forts. Midnapore is a fantastic destination to visit because of its stunning environment, historical significance, and natural beauty. Chandrakona, Jora Masjid, John’s Church, Chilkigarh Raj Palace, Jhargram Royal Palace, and Karnagarh are a few of Midnapore’s well-known landmarks.


Bishnupur, the birthplace of terracotta, is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in West Bengal.

The terracotta temples in Bishnupur further enhance the allure of this historic city. It is a must-visit location in West Bengal because the Malla dynasty rulers constructed numerous exquisite temples there in the 17th and 18th centuries that are a perfect fusion of Bengali-style architecture with Islamic-style domes and arches. Bishnupur, which is close to Kolkata, is a popular destination for those who are interested in art and architecture.


Travelers from all over the world can experience a dynamic vision of diversity in Murshidabad, which is situated on the eastern banks of the River Hooghly.

The illustrious history of Murshidabad, the former capital of West Bengal, extends back to the prehistoric age. Murshidabad is the location of numerous spectacular tourist attractions, including the Imambara, Kathgola, Katra Mosque, Hazarduari Palace Museum, Jalangi River, and Nasipur Palace, which are all well-known.