Most middle-class families merely fantasise about going abroad because, in their eyes, it’s an impossible goal. Fortunately, they are completely mistaken.

The cost of international travel is not as high as it first appears. It will cost as much as a respectable vacation to India if you prepare well in advance and conduct thorough study on how you want your trip to meet your budget. If 2023 is the year you decide to travel, have a look at these locations.


Many Indians are unaware of this fascinating island in the Indian Ocean because it is still not developed commercially. The Seychelles is the ideal getaway for beach-loving Indians, and a vacation there won’t cost you more than Rs. 50–60,000. Even though August is generally regarded as the finest month to visit, you may still go there at other seasons of the year and pay less money.


You enjoy indulging in the numerous Thai curries. Why not go there and actually experience one? The cost of travel to Thailand is low, and there are affordable lodging options. The people are friendly, and amazing goods are available for reasonable pricing. Visit only a few significant spots throughout your trip if you can’t cover the entire country.


Perhaps the most expensive aspect of this trip will be the airfare. Hawaii is known for its sun, beach, and surf. You can forget yourself in far-off places with beaches that are impossibly clear and coral reefs that will make you gasp underwater.


Vietnam is a beautiful country that not many Indians consider a tourism destination. Everything can be found there, from rocky landscapes in the North to specific tropical islands. Additionally, you will be able to sample a variety of strange and exotic meals, particularly seafood of all kinds. If you choose to stay in less expensive homestays instead of upscale hotels, the cost of your overall trip shouldn’t be too exorbitant.


There is much more to Cambodia than merely the world-renowned monument Angkor Wat. You may get a peek of Cambodian life in the small villages, and for the more daring traveller, there are even mountains to climb.


Maldives, a favourite honeymoon site for Indians, is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a foreign region teeming with Indians. The Maldives, which are known for their beaches and water sports, are a seafood lover’s paradise. You might choose to stay with a native to get the full experience.

South Asia

Our southern neighbour, which is frequently disregarded by Indians, has excellent tourism at incredibly low costs. The area is ideal for environment enthusiasts as there are numerous zoos and beautiful places, and it is as culturally diverse as India.


Singapore, one of the most stunning nations, has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, culture, food, contemporary buildings and architecture, monuments, and beaches. You will notice that this is a small, densely inhabited country with a ‘Indian’ atmosphere.


Malaysia, a popular travel destination for Indians, is stunning, and you’ll be amazed by how friendly everyone is there. Malaysia is home to numerous national parks and beaches abounding with marine life. And you’ll be in awe of the wild city nightlife! the ideal balance of calm and insane.


Bangkok is a mecca for shoppers. Visit this place purely for the shopping and the bizarre street food. You will be astounded by the grace and talent with which the ladyboy exhibits will leave you astounded. One of the least expensive places on our list; if you plan your trip well, you may complete it for less than $30,000 in total.


Bhutan has a lot to offer in terms of culture and Buddhist monasteries, making it the ideal destination for a short foreign trip.Due to its rugged terrain, Bhutan is a famous place for sports like trekking. Join Bhutan and North East India if you have the time and the resources. A memorable experience, we guarantee.


In Nepal, mornings include snow-capped mountains, luscious vegetation, and rainbows. You’ll be mesmerised by this place’s untamed beauty. There are many local attractions to discover, although it is mostly known for trekking. What’s best? If you are an Indian citizen, you can enter the nation without a passport.


Understand that, in addition to their shared hatred for one another, Pakistan and India both have a rich cultural legacy and much lost Indian history buried deep within their own territories before you wrinkle up your nose and quit reading. Pakistan has a lot to offer tourists, from the first institutions in the world to ancient Indian civilizations. If you enjoy Mughlai food, it is also a food paradise.


No, China is not about buying inexpensive, second-hand items and eating insects for lunch. Shanghai is a pleasure in and of itself, and Chinese architecture is something to be proud of. The Great Wall of China is another important landmark that can be seen from space.


This location resembles a scene from a fairy tale with its wholly distinct and diverse culture and Japanese castles. Visitors will be in awe of Japan’s gardens and sacred locations. Because of the diversity of the cultures, you can thoroughly investigate many religions.


Indonesia, a country known for its volcanoes, is home to some of the biggest tropical forests as well as stunning flora and animals. The beaches in Indonesia are crystal clean, and the azure waves are delightful. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, Indonesia has a large number of Hindu temples and monuments.


Indian tourists are beginning to travel to Istanbul in Turkey. This location is ideal for modern and contemporary Turkish art, shopping, and sightseeing. It also has a tonne of historical monuments and a fascinating culture.


Iran is home to numerous museums in addition to its many monuments and historic cities. Although not a well-known travel destination, Iran has magnificent palaces, and desert safaris are a must!


When travelling overseas, this is perhaps everyone’s favourite place to go in India. Dubai, which is renowned for its architecture, retail centres, and malls, is the Mecca for Indian middle-classes.

Korea, South

South Korea is yet another undiscovered country that provides a variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national parks, treks for the adventurous, and folk villages and temples. It’s also worthwhile to explore the caverns, beaches, and other natural treasures.


Another one of our neighbours, Myanmar, is a fantastic place to go if you only have limited time and money. Myanma is a simple country that is full of pagodas and monuments.


Despite not being the ideal time to travel there, Lebanon is still worth seeing. You might be able to take full advantage of Lebanon’s sights, culture, and cuisine at a later, safer time.