It takes hard work to produce fantastic YouTube videos and shorts that your audience adores, it still isn’t enough. It’s getting more difficult to stand out in our increasingly noisy environment for YouTube shorts promotion.

Therefore, if you want your videos to really stand out, you need to put just as much effort into marketing them as you do into making them.

1) Get your resources ready

It’s wise to confirm that you have all you need for YouTube shorts promotion before beginning:

  • Your actual YouTube video: our video is sent by our editor as a complete 1080p HD.mp4 file, which is then renamed to correspond with the title of the YouTube video which we want.
  • A/B Test & thumbnail: We produce 4 thumbnails for us to pick from.
  • Captions: We post the file into Rev as soon as the finished video is cut, and we normally receive captions back within a few hours.
  • Matching Blog Post: Ever since our YouTube channel was abruptly shut down without warning, we write a blog post to go along with every YouTube video.

Once we have all of these, we go on to step two of our new SOP for video promotion.

Although you don’t need to use all of these resources but for YouTube views promotion i do suggest at least having a video and some thumbnails.


2) Upload and plan a new video.

Several platforms we upload our new video file —

  • YouTube Creator Studio: Not too difficult.
  • For videos and YouTube shorts promotion we replicate our video content to our main Facebook Page using Facebook Creator Studio. Although we officially push less juice into YouTube as a result of this, we think our overall reach has increased.
  • We also mirror our video content on Instagram TV.
  • Vimeo: On case something goes wrong with YouTube and we need to quickly replace the video embeds on all of our websites, we mirror everything in Vimeo.
  • Glacier on Amazon S3: S3 offers ridiculously inexpensive cloud storage, while Glacier is an even more affordable long-term storage option inside of S3. We store both created and raw backups here.


You may schedule new videos on YouTube and Facebook, and we constantly use this feature for two reasons:

  1. Each platform has enough time to cache the full HD version of the version on all of their various servers (ensuring the best possible quality for all your viewers, and thus increasing early engagement).
  2. It enables us to plan and prioritize all of our marketing initiatives so that we can produce the maximum amount of “algorithmic juice.”

The faster we can get these algorithms to notice strong stats on our new videos, the quicker the videos will be naturally pushed out to a broader audience because the algorithms that drive organic video recommendations are extremely biassed towards video engagement.


Your objective is to after publication quickly direct your most devoted visitors to your new video

The algorithm will hopefully think, “Oh, this video is really keeping people on our platform — let’s push it to more and more people,” creating the biggest “surge” in highly engaged audience imaginable, this is the process YouTube follows for videos and YouTube shorts promotion.

By planning everything out in advance, you may engage your audience right away in conversation in the comments section, further increasing your early engagement rates.

Therefore, we plan ahead for everything that can be arranged, and everything is timed to coincide with the launch of Facebook and YouTube videos.

It’s also important to note that a service like VidIQ can help you determine WHEN to schedule your videos for the best engagement and viewership.

We also backup our videos at this time by putting them on Vimeo and Amazon S3 Glacier. We can remove the finished video files from our local PCs once they have been uploaded there.

There is a lot more that goes into this step of the process, like writing the best titles and descriptions, but we’ll save that for another session.

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