You can rely on the paediatric medical staff at Children’s Hospital whether your child is suffering from the sniffles or a persistent illness like cystic fibrosis. We are here to support your children’s health so they may concentrate on just being kids.

We dedicate our lives to caring for children; it’s all we do. Our team of paediatric specialists is here to provide your child with the best, most cutting-edge care they require near to home because we understand that nothing is more valuable than their health.

The benefit of education

The sole academic health system in the area is MU Health Care. This means that the medical professionals who care for children’s health are also researchers and academics, and they all collaborate to give patients and families the best treatment possible.

We are delighted to provide professional treatment in more than 25 paediatric subspecialties, giving us the largest and most specialised paediatric care team in central Missouri. Our services range from routine check-ups with your doctor to specialist services for complex diseases, illnesses, and accidents.

Coordinated care

The care team for your kid will work together to create a treatment plan in order to provide efficient and streamlined care. Your children’s health may see several specialists during a single appointment if they have one of the more difficult chronic diseases. You’ll discover that this coordination is more time-efficient and practical than scheduling individual visits with several specialists. Additionally, it implies that your family receives regular updates, coordinated contacts, and consistent information regarding your child’s care.

In order to maintain the relationship you have built with your kid’s paediatrician, our team will also work closely with your family to ensure that everyone is aware of the treatment plan for your child.

Auxiliary services

For your children’s health, a hospital stay and medical procedures can be unsettling and perplexing. We provide support services to make the experience less stressful and more comfortable, such as our Child Life and Music Therapy programmes.

The Our Journeys – Pediatric Complex Care Team is also available to assist children and families dealing with serious or life-threatening injuries and illnesses with their physical and emotional needs. This includes assisting kids with symptom management, setting recovery objectives, and devising long-term disease management strategies.

support for kids

The medical personnel here supports children’s rights. We proactively engage in:

  • health-related legislative concerns affecting children.
  • Children’s legal rights and abuse issues.
  • establishing links between families and children and local services to give them the best chance of having effective care plans.
  • coordinating with teachers and schools to ensure that the necessary support systems are in place to deal with a student’s complex chronic conditions.