It goes without saying that video content is regarded as an effective strategy for branding and marketing, and as a result, YouTube has grown to become the second-largest search engine on the internet.

Before learning how to grow your YouTube channel’s subscriber base, let’s take a look at some astounding statistics that this platform has quietly amassed.

  • 4 billion people watch videos on YouTube every day.
  • Every second, a video lasting an hour is uploaded on YouTube.
  • Everybody spends 40 minutes on YouTube on average.
  • 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month.
  • 95% of people in internet marketing use YouTube.

With these absurd statistics, a marketer cannot even consider avoiding the platform in the event that these figures increase.

Although the opportunity is excellent, there are a few tactical steps you should take to take full advantage of it. Here, we’ve included 10 clever ideas to promote YouTube videos and get more YouTube subscribers.

1) Pick your title/description wisely

A strong title significantly increases the number of clicks through to your video from both YouTube and non-video SERPs. Thus you will get more YouTube subscribers. The title functions as the most significant piece of material on the page from an SEO perspective. In consideration of many factors, YouTube generates HTML Meta tags for each of the video watch pages. Because it is spectacular and well-planned, the title of the video becomes the title tag and the description becomes the Meta description tag, which increases click-through.

  • Keep an eye on the page names because Google tends to cut them after about 66 characters.
  • Be specific so that people may understand what the video is about.
  • Including the word “Video” improves the relevance of your view page.
  • Simple is best.
  • Increase interest

2) Embed the video onto your website

If your website is popular, you can use this as an excellent opportunity to encourage your current visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You may easily increase your blog’s subscriber count by integrating your YouTube videos there. Additionally, you can advertise the video to your followers on social media.

This is significant because Google’s algorithms, which account for both page views and video views on a website, need to know how frequently a YouTube video has been seen.

3) Clear Call to Action

Calls to action encourage viewers to click on your videos by giving them instructions. These are quite effective in identifying visitors’ interests, luring them to other channels, or encouraging them to subscribe to yours so they can receive updates anytime you post new videos.

With the aspect, you have a little creative leeway:

  • Pose a query
  • Trial or subscription offer
  • Join Now
  • Complete a brief form
  • Final Cards
  • Channel Salutations

4) Be Appealing

With the essential component, you invest your energy in a qualified way to create the identity of your brand. You should make films with the intention of addressing the demands of your audience, therefore you must become valuable, compelling, and useful. To capitalise on the visitors coming to your site, you can modify and improve the design, profile, imagery, content, etc.

5) Use Annotations

Once your films are published to YouTube, you may add annotations—which can be any size, shape, or color—all over them. These annotations can be deliberately placed because they affect how the results of your marketing efforts are perceived. This is accomplished by viewers seeing these and being encouraged to act, such as moving forward with a subscription, etc.

There are a few efficient uses you can pick from to increase your subscriber base:

An image, graphic, or button with the word “Subscribe” can be added to the video as a click-to-action annotation, for instance.

Call to action: “Speech Bubble” functions in a certain way.

6) Interact Consistently

Consistently, and ideally on a schedule, upload fresh videos. When you consistently maintain your presence on YouTube, you start to get significantly better results because it is a community. An individual typically clicks the subscribe button because they value the publisher’s efforts and enjoy receiving regular notifications from them.

For instance, if your audience starts to look forward to a new video every Wednesday, they will enjoy Wednesdays! Additionally, subscribers to your channel will be notified when you publish a new video, which will help you increase views.

7) Make a good intro

Consider for a moment the reason that bringing a quality trailer for your channel is so important. Trailers are a terrific way to energise your audience before publishing. You can use your creativity to inform others about the fantastic facts, information, and stuff that they may be missing out on.

What makes it?
  • A warm introduction
  • Get your point across
  • Tell your audience what to expect

8) Keyword Research your videos

A successful and engaging video requires a lot of planning, and keyword research is one of the crucial factors to consider. If your video does not contain the right rich keywords, you will lose out on a substantial portion of high-quality traffic. Finding the keywords for which YouTube results appear on Google’s front page should be your goal because doing so will improve your chances of appearing high in search results.

9) Create a Payoff

You can use the area as a tool to grow your YouTube subscriber base. Choose something special, enjoyable, or different to share with the world while embracing your objectives. People genuinely show up to support you and assist you in achieving your goals when you do this. You can check the number of hits you actually received by posting a challenge or a wild dance video, for instance.

10) Reply to Comments

Engagement is a big buzzword right now, and by responding to comments on your videos, you essentially demonstrate that you care about your area of expertise. The more questions you can answer for your audience, the more likely it is that they will come back to you for more information. It’s crucial to promote worthwhile conversations about your videos and the comments that people leave for them if you want to increase the number of your subscribers.


Now you have the smartest ways to get more YouTube subscribers. After this you need to apply these. Remember, without applying these tips you will not go anywhere, just feeling good will happen in your mind that’s it! So if you really want to get a result then go and put in some effort and if you think that you have applied all of these tips then you can call for help from a video promotion company like Video Boosters Club to move further ahead.

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