Do you wish the thumbnails for your YouTube video promotion were better? What about creating an email list to generate a second or third revenue stream?

If you really want to build your YouTube channel, you should keep an eye out for these obstacles. Fortunately, the response is clear. Finding the best digital tools for YouTube artists is the first step in enlisting technology’s assistance.

We talk to Aurelius Tjin about the tools that a YouTube producer needs to succeed in this episode of TubeTalk. He describes a piece of software that can handle everything, including video project coordination and social media monetization.

Tjin’s YouTube channel, where he teaches producers how to be successful digital marketers, has more than 1,000 subscribers. He suggests six tools for improving your channel on YouTube.

Canva: YouTube Channel Art, Thumbnail Maker, and Video Editor The majority of people are familiar with Canva, a straightforward tool for creating visuals. However, it does much more than that. Canva has hundreds of video templates, millions of stock videos, music tracks, and animations, and a section just for YouTubers. Additionally, Cava includes templates for each and every YouTube-required visual. Examples include profile icons, video thumbnails, and channel banners.

Tjin creates roughly half of his thumbnails with Canva. He claims that the backdrop remover is his favorite feature on the website.

The prices for Canva are as follows: $0, $9.99, and $30 per month, respectively, for the Free, Pro, and Enterprise programs.

Idea: Keep Track of Your Projects on YouTube Do you have a lot of videos to shoot but no way to organize them? Pay attention to Notion. This all-in-one solution, which includes robust calendars, notes, and documents, will assist you in planning and tracking your tasks. Because it lets you visualize a project from start to finish, Notion is an excellent tool for YouTube creators.

Tjin says that Asana and Trello are also good software for managing projects. However, Notion leads in terms of creative adaptability. It is possible to embed a table within another table. It is simply superior.

The monthly fees for the Personal, Pro, and Team plans are $0, $4, and $8, respectively. Contact Notion for a quote on Enterprise plans.

What to Do: An iOS task manager called Make YouTube Task To-Do Lists Things is all about getting things done. It transforms your digital to-do lists into beautiful daily assignments that are simple to read.

Everything starts in the Inbox feature. You put all of your unorganized to-do items here so that you can organize them later. The When feature lets you specify when you will begin a work rather than specifying a specific deadline. After that, Things will organize the tasks and notify you when something significant is about to take place.

Our discussion is now over. The day is now in your hands. For YouTube creators, Things is the most fundamental tool for productivity.

On the iPhone and iWatch, Things costs $9.99, on the iPad, $19.99, and on the Mac, $49.99.

ConvertKit: Use Email Marketing to Make Money from Your YouTube Audience Are you connected to an email list with your YouTube channel? If you don’t already have one, you can set one up with CovertKit. It’s a great tool for beginners in email marketing, and the free plan gives you free access to the first 1,000 people who sign up for your newsletter. With the various options, you can send email broadcasts, sell digital products, build funnels, track your analytics, and more.

Tjin claims that the designs of ConvertKit are uncomplicated and uncluttered. If you need something other than email marketing, it’s also a great option.

The cost of ConvertKit is as follows: $0, $29, and $59 per month, respectively, for the Creator Pro, Creator, and Free subscriptions.

Koji: Make Money from Your YouTube Audience by Using Social Media Here’s a YouTube tool that every artist should have. Koji is an income-boosting “link in bio.” Koji’s tools will help you grow your community, communicate with subscribers, and make money with just one link in your bio.

Pricing for Koji: Despite the fact that there are a few transaction costs, it is completely free. Give them a thorough look!

vidIQ: Last but not least, we have our very own YouTube tool. It lets us access channel insights and data on the go. Your channel will be transformed into a data-driven universe when you install vidIQ, which will automatically integrate with YouTube. There are metrics that indicate the amount of times a video is viewed in an hour. A series of graphs indicate the ideal time to publish videos. The SEO video score, which measures search engine optimization, will give your video a rating based on its title, description, and other information. And that only represents about 10% of vidIQ’s offerings.

Tjin frequently makes use of vidIQ. He believes that the keyword research tool will forever alter the game.

On vidIQ, the Basic, Pro, Boost, and Boost+ plans start at $0 per month and go up to $415 per month, respectively.

Everything is made simpler by the best tools for YouTube creators. If you want to make the process even simpler, here are 25 tools that can help you promote your channel.