Stand Out on YouTube with These 5 Ways to Get More Organic Reach
BLOG > With 1.5 billion users, YouTube ranks second among all popular social media platforms. Teens use YouTube more than any other platform, and they are extremely active on it. Also, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that last youtube music promotion, digital ad spend surpassed television for the first time.

YouTube is quickly replacing television.

How are videos ranked on YouTube?
YouTube uses the following criteria to rank videos:

Quality of the video Channel keywords Video watch time View count User experience metrics Thumbnails If there is one thing to note, audience retention—how long viewers watch a video—is a major factor in YouTube’s ranking of videos. Similar to websites with a lot of traffic, YouTube ranks videos higher in search results if viewers stay with them for a longer period of time.

To keep viewers engaged for longer, it’s worth incorporating a long-form video strategy into the mix because people are spending more time on YouTube. Even though some content is best presented in shorter videos, you should still upload videos that are longer.

YouTube recordings likewise rank in Google query items. You can improve your chances of ranking by doing the following:

Create tutorials that include humor and “how-to” content. Follow these five steps to boost organic views. With so many subscribers, channels, and viewers on YouTube, it has become difficult for brands to increase traffic. To increase your YouTube videos’ organic reach, we have compiled the following suggestions.

1. Conduct in-depth keyword research because the YouTube algorithm considers keywords in the channel description, video titles, and video descriptions. Think about it: What does my YouTube audience look for? Now that you have that information, look into how your audience finds content. Are they searching for something more specific or are they typing “How to”?

YouTube auto-suggest is an excellent starting point. Suppose your video is tied in with styling torn pants. You can also get a pretty good idea of what to call your video by using YouTube’s auto-suggest, which gives you insight into what people frequently search for.


Screenshot taken on 2018-06-21 at 2:03.18 PM You should also use Google Keyword Planner,, or to conduct more in-depth keyword research to ascertain the volume and level of competition.

2. Before and after you upload your videos, optimize them. This is probably the most crucial step. Before and after uploading, optimization is essential for successfully increasing organic views.

Tips for optimizing before uploading: Use premium editing and high-quality video to name your upload file. Use a primary keyword. Tips for optimizing after uploading: Use clear, natural titles with one or two keywords. Keep titles under 70 characters. Use high-volume, low-competition keywords in descriptions. Use a primary keyword throughout. Upload a custom thumbnail to stand out in search results. Include relevant, on-topic video tags. Keep information natural. Complete the about section Your company’s YouTube profile is a great place to use market keywords and tell the story of your brand as well as describe your channel. Input as much information as you can, including links to your social profiles and your business website. Additionally, you should use keyword meta tags to describe your channel, which can be found in the channel settings under “Advanced.”


Screenshot taken on June 26, 2018 at 9:29:16 AM Channels that provide comprehensive information stand out and rank higher.

4. Maintain a consistent upload schedule because YouTube recognizes active channels and your channel will appear stronger the more videos you upload. This could mean posting twice a week or even once a week.

Posting should occur when your particular audience is most active on the platform, and the upload schedule should be consistent.

5. Find innovative means of engaging your viewers in order to keep them watching for a longer period of time. YouTube strongly ranks videos based on whether people are watching them, as previously stated. In organic performance, a high view rate and audience retention are crucial.

Here are a few more ways to keep your audience interested:

Demand that they subscribe. Add end screens and cards to organize videos into playlists and hold engaging contests. Never stop optimizing. Optimization is essential for naturally attracting more YouTube viewers. Video of a high quality and the strategic use of keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags are important ways to stand out in the competitive search results on YouTube.