. It’s no secret that YouTube SEO is huge. Optimize your videos for keywords that are hot right now.

The only issue is that:

Most catchphrases on YouTube are really aggressive.

Additionally, it will be challenging for you to get more youtube subscribers above the major channels if you have a small one.

Thankfully, there is a straightforward solution to this problem: focus your videos on new, popular keywords.

How to do it:

Enter a topic idea into YouTube first.

The next step is to examine the keywords that YouTube suggests to you. Search for “kettlebell” on YouTube.

YouTube – search suggestions for “kettlebell” These are all keywords that people are looking for on YouTube right now.

(This indicates that they are not yet very competitive.)

Additionally, you can make use of the free KeywordTool.io tool.

Within a matter of seconds, Keyword Tool gathers hundreds of these suggested keywords.

Suggested keywords from the Keyword Tool This brings us to… You should promote your upcoming videos in a community post. The YouTube Community Tab is a great place to do so.

Simply write a post outlining the reasons why people should look forward to watching your video.

Then, look ahead to the content of that video.

Here is a model:

Example of community section In this manner, your audience will be PRIMED to view your video when it goes live.

In point of fact, the video I showed off the day before garnered 24 thousand views in just 11 days.

Increase in community promotion traffic Try “The Sequel Technique” The Sequel Technique is a new method for boosting “Suggested Video” views.

YouTube – Suggested Videos In this video, I present the entire procedure with a real-world case study.

However, if you’d rather read, the steps are as follows:

Find a well-liked video in your field first.

For instance, this video on my channel has received over 760 thousand views.

Second, enhance what is already great about that video.

You can make the original videos better by:

Quality of the audio and graphics, as well as the pacing and overall quality of the video content, and the delivery of the content. Make every effort to produce a video that is five to ten times superior to the popular one.

Last up, streamline your video utilizing a portion of the very watchwords that the famous video utilizes.

This video, for instance, is optimized for the search terms “how to get more subscribers on YouTube” and “YouTube subscribers.”

Video keyword optimization You should use those terms in the title, description, and YouTube tags of your video so long as they accurately describe the content.


In the Suggested Video section, YouTube wishes to display related videos.

Match your video’s tags to those of popular videos to rank in “Suggested Video.” If your video’s metadata is very similar to that of a popular video, you might see your video next to that popular video.

4. Utilize the Built-In Tools for Promotion of Your Channel Did you know that YouTube provides each channel with three free tools for video promotion?

It is real.

Sadly, the majority of people do not make use of these fantastic tools.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to promote your YouTube video, check out these three features for a few minutes.

End-Screens of YouTube: These are a fantastic way to highlight additional excellent videos from your channel and increase your subscriber base.
Cards for the YouTube End Screen: End Screens are more powerful than YouTube cards. However, they are a useful tool for directing visitors to some of your best content.
Watermark examples for YouTube Cards: allows you to include a subscribe button in each and every video.
Example 5 of a YouTube branding watermark Promote Your Videos on Forums and Q&A Sites Some of the best places to promote your videos are forums, Reddit, and Q&A sites like Quora.


There are two main reasons why people visit these kinds of websites:

to get answers to their questions and see new content, and your video can help with both.

Take, for instance, the recent release of a brand-new video on the Paleo Diet.

Find places where Paleo followers go to find new content about the Paleo Diet, such as the r/paleo subreddit, as your first step.

Share your video with that group after locating places where new content can be shared.

When you upload a video to Reddit, you shouldn’t just post a link. Write a comprehensive post that explains what the community can take away from your video. And hang out to participate in the discussion and answer questions.

You can also use your video to respond to Quora questions.

Simply look for open questions about the subject of your video:

Search for “link building” on Quora and then respond to the person’s inquiry. Finally, if people want to learn more, embed your video at the end of your response.

An example of how your response should look is as follows:

Quora – Extraordinary response model
6. Enhance Your Video’s CTR The click-through rate (CTR) of your video is crucial for two primary reasons.

#1 Reason: A higher CTR results in more views for your video.

Let’s say, for instance, that your video is ranked third in a YouTube search.

Your video is ranked third in searches on YouTube, and that video has a CTR of 4%.

Your natural CTR for that watchword would be 4%
Indeed, on the off chance that you can knock up that CTR to 10%, you’ll get 2.5x more perspectives… without expecting to do anything more.

a two-and-a-half times increase in views The CTR of your video is a ranking factor for YouTube.

In fact, they state inside The YouTube Creator Studio that:

Statement from Creator Studio on YouTube Here are a few ways to increase the number of views on your videos:

Make eye-catching thumbnails that are vivid and compelling.
Check to see that your thumbnail and title work well together.
Write titles that are interesting without using clickbait.
7. Concentrate On Your Best Traffic Sources The various places people use to find your videos on YouTube are referred to as “Traffic Sources.”

The most common sources of traffic are:

YouTube search
Recommended Video
Peruse highlights
Outside (Virtual entertainment locales)
What’s more, in the event that you find a particular traffic source that is functioning admirably for you, twofold down on it.

In YouTube Analytics, the “Reach” tab lets you see your most effective sources of traffic.

As can be seen in the Reach tab of my channel analytics, YouTube Search is my primary source of traffic.

Traffic hotspots for Backlinko recordings
(With recommended recordings coming in as second.)

To increase views from the Suggested Videos section, I employ methods like The Sequel Technique.

However, if you’re winning with suggested videos, you should probably focus more on SEO.

You can get the point