YouTube music video promotion is the practise of naturally spreading buzz by using various promotional methods to direct traffic from your target audience to your YouTube video link. This is done in order to get YouTube to advertise your music video to more people and grow YouTube views.. Email marketing, traffic rerouting, YouTube ads, keyword research and ranking, thumbnail clickbait, Google SEO, and YouTube tags SEO are all used in the promotion of this music.

Are you aware that the top three basic strategies for all aspect of life, including romantic relationships and music promotion, are text (audio), sight (video), and touch. Audio promotion might not be sufficient for musicians who want to advance their careers. Because of this, artists need to create a complementary music video and market it to the right audience if they want to make an impact and inspire listeners to remember the song.

Because it is completely natural, risk-free, and conforms with all YouTube terms of service,’s method of music video advertising is the greatest one that is currently available online.

Unfortunately, a lot of shady businesses advertise services for promoting YouTube music videos, but all they actually do is use bots to artificially boost views for a brief period of time, after which the views will return to normal or YouTube will remove the video for breaking their terms of service.

These companies sell the identical views to millions of users, which makes it incredibly simple for YouTube’s algorithm to determine the source of these false plays, resulting in widespread account deletions. Because YouTube cannot confirm the source of the views, they cannot be monetized. Effective Techniques for Promoting Music Videos on YouTube.

Techniques for Promoting Music Videos And Grow YouTube Views

  1. Use YouTube adverts to improve your presence there.

This is the most obvious technique to promote music because YouTube adverts are so prevalent.

YouTube adverts can be positioned in a variety of locations and are extremely customizable:

  • Advertisements that show up on YouTube’s front page.
  • Advertisements that show up when someone searches on YouTube using a keyword.
  • Ads play prior to, during, and after the video.
  • Advertisements that are only accessible on mobile devices
  • You must create a Google Adwords account in order to begin advertising on YouTube. If you’ve ever placed advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see that the procedure is rather similar.
  1. Obtain verification for your YouTube channel.

Verification is a pipe dream on many platforms, including Spotify and Instagram, but it has the largest influence on YouTube. A verified channel is more likely to get noticed and provide you exclusive benefits:

  • Gives you complete information
  • You may promote your trips and products alongside your videos by improving the SEO of your channel.
  • You need to have at least three videos on your channel in order to request verification. The customer support department of YouTube will then take your request.
  1. Produce music videos and other clips to go with your songs.

You might anticipate to find music-related videos on a YouTube channel. These movies enable you to more fully express yourself visually while also showcasing your commitment to your musical endeavour

Make sure you have at least one video on your channel because videos are king on YouTube. Particularly on YouTube, which is still largely a music and entertainment platform, music and visual are closely entwined. The best kind of video to advertise on YouTube is a clip.


These are some of the effective techniques to promote music videos and grow YouTube views. If you apply these techniques then I think you will get some good results.