Want to discover free methods for promoting your YouTube videos?

YouTube is a fantastic way to sell your material and get in front of a lot of people because it is the most widely used video-sharing website.

But with so many videos online, isn’t it difficult to stand out?

In response, we are here. We’ll show you how to advertise your YouTube videos for free in this post.

You’ll quickly have a devoted audience for your videos with the help of our time-tested tactics.

Let’s first look at some great ways that YouTube marketing can benefit your website.

Why Is Marketing on YouTube Important?

Only Google today has greater popularity on the internet than YouTube.

YouTube marketing can help you access a sizable audience of potential clients with its over 2 billion monthly visitors.

Because so many people utilise YouTube, video marketing is becoming more and more common.

You can use YouTube marketing to graphically display your products. This means that rather than merely telling people what your product is about, you can really demonstrate it to them.

It may be quite effective at turning spectators into customers when done correctly.

The following are some additional benefits of YouTube marketing:

  • More than 84% of consumers claim that a video persuaded them to buy something. YouTube product videos can therefore help you increase the number of consumers you have.
  • Much more so than words, videos can keep viewers interested in your content. And 66% of consumers concur, stating that they would rather watch a product-related video than read about it.
  • You can reach a sizable audience with YouTube marketing. Since YouTube reaches more people between the ages of 18 and 49 than all cable TV put together.
  • With YouTube videos, you can spend significantly more time with your customers. Visitors really linger on pages featuring videos for 60% longer. As a result, your site’s SEO rating will be significantly improved.
  • As you can see, using YouTube videos to promote your items may be very successful. The best part is that it doesn’t even need to require a significant amount of time or money.

In actuality, you may efficiently market your YouTube videos without investing a single penny.

So continue reading to find out.

How Can You Freely Promote Your YouTube Videos?

Are you prepared to promote your YouTube videos and gain YouTube subscribers? Simply adhere to these tried-and-true YouTube marketing advice.


Post live feeds on YouTube


You might not be aware that viewers watch live videos for 10–20 times longer than they do regular videos.


That’s right, livestreams allow you to maintain viewers’ interest for a considerable amount longer.


You may easily start live streaming videos utilising YouTube Live as well.


Not sure what to broadcast live? Here are some suggestions to get you going:


  • Interrogation and response
  • Webinars
  • live instruction
  • demonstrations of goods
  • occasion celebrations


The live videos are engaging for many individuals since they are natural. You can appear more sincere because it’s all being broadcast unedited in real time.


You can connect with your followers during Q&A sessions and even address them personally.


You may increase watch times, view counts, and engagement with your videos by personally engaging with members.


Even while livestreams are quite beneficial, you can use the YouTube Feed Pro plugin to make them even more useful.


You may actually embed your livestreams on your website with this plugin. In this approach, a lot more people will notice it, increasing the number of views and interactions on your streams.


Additionally, in case anyone missed it, you may utilise the YouTube Feed Pro plugin to display your previous livestreams.


Get YouTube Feed Pro now if you want a simple approach to broaden the audience for your livestreams.


Use Other Social Media to Promote Your Channel


Promoting your YouTube videos on other social media sites is another fantastic approach to get a lot of people to watch them.


The next time you upload a video to YouTube, distribute it on other websites so that viewers who aren’t already using YouTube can access it.


Additionally, promoting your YouTube videos is quite simple. Simply post the video’s link to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Consider that your company has a Facebook group. To put it another way, there is already a group of people that are interested in your content.


To obtain more views and likes, you can share your video with your group. Additionally, you can increase the number of viewers of your videos by asking people to share them on Facebook.


The same applies to other well-known services like Twitter and Instagram. You can really upload little excerpts of your videos there.


You may use this to give potential customers a taste of your material and entice them to visit your YouTube channel.


And on each of those platforms, there is a fantastic method to grow your fan base. You can quickly increase your following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube by using the Social Wall Pro plugin.


You may include social media feeds from all the main social media platforms on your website by using Social Wall Pro. Even better, you can combine postings from every platform into a single feed.


Therefore, users of your website can follow you on all the various social media networks. As a result, you’ll be able to share more YouTube films with a wider audience.


The top social media feed plugins for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are available when you use Social Wall Pro. Moreover, you have access to an infinite number of websites.


Get Social Wall Pro so you can start efficiently promoting your YouTube channel.


Check out our tutorial on how to add social network feeds for a quick start.


Include a YouTube widget on your website


Installing a YouTube widget on your website is one approach to guarantee that more people see your videos.


Anyone who visits your website will be able to see and interact with your videos if you have a YouTube widget in the footer or sidebar.


You may convert site clicks into YouTube video views as your videos will be accessible from all of your pages.


For more content, interested visitors can subscribe to your channel.


Additionally, you can make stunning YouTube widgets to display feeds of your videos with the FREE YouTube Feed Pro plugin. Your videos can gain a lot more views with the help of these videos.


In addition, it is free to do.


This plugin’s ability to pass along your website’s branding to your YouTube widget is another fantastic feature.


Additionally, you can alter the size, layout, and background colour of your YouTube widgets.


You may make YouTube widgets to efficiently promote your content with YouTube Feed Pro in this way. YouTube Feed Pro is an even better option if you want it.


You will receive many more features in the pro edition, increasing the number of views your widget receives for your website.


Additionally, you receive a live feed editor that you can use to quickly alter your YouTube streams. You can keep track of all your customisation changes with the live preview.


A carousel layout and support for even more feed types, including playlists on YouTube, favourites lists, livestreams, and much more, give you more personalization possibilities.


Additionally, a dedicated team of WordPress specialists will provide you with priority assistance to ensure that your website remains up and operating.


So why are you still waiting? Make interesting YouTube widgets to promote your content by purchasing a licence of YouTube Feed Pro right away.


To get started right away, simply read our tutorial on how to build YouTube widgets for your website.


Utilize YouTube Analytics


You can first assess how well your videos are currently performing if you wish to promote them on YouTube. You can use YouTube’s built-in analytics feature for this.


You can determine if your present strategies for promoting YouTube videos are effective by looking at your stats. Then you can just concentrate on the approaches that work while attempting to improve the approaches that don’t.


Let’s imagine, for illustration, that you collaborated with another YouTuber and ran a cross-promotional campaign. You then used analytics to see how it influenced the performance of your channel and discovered a significant spike in viewers soon after.


You can now use this evidence to show how well your audience responds to cross-promotions on that channel. You can therefore start concentrating on them going forward.


Additionally, YouTube statistics will let you know if your campaign isn’t performing as well as you had hoped. After then, you might attempt to alter and improve them.


Additionally, you learn more about your audience’s region, age, and gender. You can then organise your material keeping this in mind.


As you can see, you may use YouTube’s social media analytics tool to your advantage while trying to promote your channel there.


Make Your Videos SEO-Friendly


You must make sure that people can locate your YouTube videos if you want to promote them.


Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a role in this. Your YouTube video will appear higher in the search results if it has good SEO.


You may increase the number of visitors that visit your websites by making these few easy changes:


Think of your primary keyword.


Consider the search keyword you want to rank for before you start the video. Take the case when you are creating a video regarding keyword research. Then, you might want to position yourself for terms like  “how to conduct keyword research.”


This indicates that your keyword will be “how to do keyword research.”


Include your primary keyword in the script.


Now, be careful to write that keyword into the script as you’re producing the video.


Whatever you say in your videos can be heard on YouTube. By actually using the phrase, you are demonstrating to YouTube that the content of your video fits that keyword.


Make a title with the term in it.


The title comes next after the video is finished. Here, don’t forget to include the keyword to the video’s title. Don’t forget to sound natural as well.


To meet our term, for instance, you could change the title to “How to Do Keyword Research for Your Website and SEO.”


Add the keyword to the tags and description.


Writing a description that works with your video is the next stage. Make sure to add your keyword there as well.


Add tags now using words related to your video. Another technique to demonstrate to YouTube that your video material unquestionably meets those keywords is to do this.


Because of this, YouTube is more likely to display your video when users enter such keywords.


Make a captivating video thumbnail.


You can also make a unique thumbnail image prior to making the video public. A compelling thumbnail on the search results page can persuade users to click on your video.


In fact, simply including a thumbnail can increase clicks by 40%!


Additionally, YouTube will take note of viewer clicks and raise your video’s ranking.


As you can see, they are all very easy to complete and cost nothing. In return, more people will be able to access your films.


Visit our post on the finest keyword research tools if you want to identify better keywords to aid in optimising your videos.


Honor Your Achievements


It’s an opportunity to market your channel whenever you hit a new milestone, such as a sales goal, anniversary, or even a 1000 YouTube subscriber goal.


You can have access to a large number of new subscribers in one go while also enhancing your relationship with your current ones.


First of all, by commemorating your accomplishments, you are expressing gratitude to those who assisted you in achieving them. So, it’s a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your friendship with them.


And it’s crucial to do this if you desire long-term growth.


Your subscribers are considerably less likely to unsubscribe and are more inclined to assist you in promoting your content if you include them in these festivities.


Additionally, you can publish various YouTube videos to celebrate your accomplishments in unique ways. You may use this chance, for instance, to promote a new product, hold giveaways, hold competitions, etc.


Your content will have a far better chance of going viral if you do this. Additionally, since they gain something from your milestones as well, this increases consumer investment in your brand.


Use YouTube Feed Pro to embed your milestone celebration on your website for even greater exposure.


You can then inform website visitors that you have a YouTube presence that is operational.


You may effectively promote your milestone celebrations by simply following our tutorial on how to link your YouTube channel on your website.


Engage in Social Contact


What is the simplest way to increase video views? It involves interacting with your YouTube subscribers, commenters, and other content producers.


Some individuals may not consider YouTube to be a social networking tool. However, it is a community where members interact through comments, likes, and dislikes.


The growth of your channel depends on how you use it as a social media platform and how many interactions you can generate.


Engaging with your audience promotes a close relationship with them that can develop into a devoted fan base.


Additionally, conversations in the comments section may keep viewers on your channel longer. Asking questions on your video and enticing viewers to answer will quickly get that going.


Even pinning some people’s remarks to the top will convey your admiration for them. You’ll have a lot easier job attracting customers with nice experiences like this.


Additionally, you can display status updates, polls, and behind-the-scenes material in the community post area.


It’s a fantastic method to generate excitement for your upcoming content, advertise your other goods, or even learn more about your audience.


That’s all, then!


You should now be able to promote YouTube shorts without spending a dime.

As you can see, gaining attention on YouTube may be simple and cost nothing. You can quickly promote your videos and build a loyal following with these time-tested tactics.