Successful YouTubers and other influential video creators were asked to provide their best advice for boosting YouTube views. We selected 11 ideas that kept repeating themselves from among the hundreds of others, along with two that were quite unexpected.The most crucial piece of information you should know before consuming the knowledge of the professionals is this: Increase the number of people who watch your channel rather than individual videos. If your channel has a higher cumulative view time, your videos will rank higher and receive more exposure on YouTube, which is more than just a video platform. Each video will consequently see an increase in views. Because, you are doing YouTube music promotion.

Suggestions for increasing YouTube views by YouTube music promotion

These are the best strategies for increasing YouTube views by YouTube music promotion and expanding your channel. The advice is offered by those who have already completed the task. They come from a wide range of industries and specialties, and some of them are small business owners, marketing firms, or influencers. Prepare to dazzle your audience.

1.Recognize your audience.

It’s wonderful that you are enthusiastic about what you want to convey in your film. But you don’t receive any views for doing that. You must first identify your target audience. Who is it that your video content is aimed at and who could use it?

Next, ascertain what they are seeking, how they are searching, and the kind of material that is most effective for them.

According to Amelia Munday, a marketing specialist at Custom Neon, a major producer and seller of uniquely created LED neon lights and signs,

Discover the content categories that resonate with your target audience, then attempt to enhance it by putting your own distinctive twist on them.

Marketing professional Ryan Stewart, managing partner of The Blueprint Training, offers the following helpful guidance:

It’s crucial to remember that various video formats appeal to various audiences. If you’re looking to expand your audience, try experimenting with various content formats to find what resonates with them the most.

  1. Conduct keyword analysis

How do you begin to comprehend your audience and what appeals to them? Where do you start? keyword analysis You’ll observe that many of the suggestions refer back to conducting research for YouTube and video SEO.

It makes sense since in order to optimise your videos, you must understand how your audience searches. Youtube auto-suggest is one approach to learn more about it. Although this is a promising beginning, the outcomes are modest. You may find out much more information with a keyword research tool.

Amelia Munday emphasises the value of conducting keyword research.

“We immediately discovered that it was simple to target an audience that was too broad, resulting in a lot of empty impressions as the campaign was aimed at people who weren’t in our target demographic. More focused keywords and negative keyword lists were added to address this.

Simon Owen, managing director of Manchester’s Standby Productions, elaborates on YouTube keyword research and practical methods for boosting views on YouTube:

Basically, conduct keyword research to improve your videos for search engines. What and how are they looking for in your audience? Use sites like YouTube Suggest and Similarweb to research the most common search phrases related to the subject of your video, then add those keywords to the title and description.

Amelia and Simon are both marketers in big businesses. But does this apply to smaller websites and businesses that serve a niche market?

“As a brand, you need to go slow, allow yourself some time to think about how you can make the most of that YouTube marketing, be creative, and of course do some market research,” says one expert on advertising on YouTube.

Brian Case, Selkirk’s Director of E-commerce & Retail, says this. His business caters to a small but well-defined customer and operates in a relatively narrow industry. He might be on the verge of overtaking the competition in his industry because of his YouTube marketing approach.

  1. Make titles and descriptions search engine friendly

You use the keywords you discovered throughout the research step here. YouTube ranks search results based on keywords that its crawlers discover in written content, much like any other search engine. The primary keyword should be used to frame your title and appear in your description. Then, you can include supplemental keywords in the description and YouTube tags.

Simon Owen continues:

“Be sure your title is well-written. Use a separator after the search term keyword that you want your video to appear for the most, and be as specific as possible.

When we queried the video marketers, many of them noted the significance of the title in various contexts. Ranking well and being found are one thing; capturing the interest and curiosity of the intended audience is quite another.

Make sure the headline focuses on what the audience wants to see rather than on you. Let them know what they will learn from your film and how it will help them.

  1. Produce intriguing thumbnails

As a thumbnail, YouTube chooses a random clip from your video. It might be the most unlucky and tedious scene in the whole movie. YouTube offers you the option of adding your own thumbnail in addition to this one. You can make a brand-new thumbnail or select any other video moment from your video.

A lot of YouTubers invest a lot of time in making captivating thumbnails. It is simple to use and even comes with templates using tools like Canva. Each thumbnail is created by a skilled designer for some video marketers.

Check out these incredible thumbnails. Would you have guessed that this is a chess channel? Levy Rozman saw right away that he had to take drastic measures if he wanted to grab people’s attention. He made thumbnails that leave you wondering, “huh?”

Obscene thumbnails to get viewers’ attention

Chess is not the most interesting topic for a video, so Levy wanted to find ways to pique interest with both his titles and thumbnails.

Although he may employ extravagant or even absurd-sounding titles, his main point is this:

“I never exaggerate the information in my videos. You will always get some solid stuff, despite the theatrical and exaggerated nature of my thumbnail or title. Never do I make a statement in the title that is not made in the video.

His GothamChess channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

Here’s another popular YouTuber whose best advice has to do with thumbnails. Chris Grayson, a social media guru and influencer coach who has over 57,000 content creators in his Discord group and 163,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, says:

“First and foremost, you should take the time to make excellent thumbnails and titles for your films. Potential viewers will see this first, and it will determine whether or not they click on your video. Often, we work on the thumbnail for our weekly video for more than two hours. Unfortunately, a lot of newbies make the error of hurrying this procedure and employing a template to create a thumbnail in 5 minutes.

Owner of the baseball-themed YouTube channel EXE-Edits, Eric Terranova, concurs:

No matter what is on the video, viewers won’t click on it if the thumbnail is not visually appealing.

Over the previous six years, Eric’s YouTube channel has received over 200,000,000,000 views.These thumbnails convey what is in the video and are visually engaging.

Final Reflections

Our most recent example should reassure you if you were concerned that YouTube music promotion wasn’t the best strategy for your industry or company. When you adopt the proper strategy, you may build your own place and will gain organic YouTube views. Simply continue learning and inquiring. With the most up-to-date and reliable online traffic statistics, Similarweb can be of assistance in this situation.