1.Narrow Down the Subject of Your Channel

There is an adage in marketing that says, “The money is in the niches.” You need a distinct content niche if you want to increase your YouTube music promotion and draw in a more focused audience (i.e., viewers who will watch your videos and subscribe to your channel). Your videos of YouTube music promotion won’t be viewed by anyone if you try to make them for everyone at once. The public wants a specialist, not a generalist! You must identify the thread that runs across all of your videos. This informs your target audience of what to expect from the videos of YouTube music promotion, you publish.

For instance:

  • Do you aid others in resolving a particular issue?
  • Do you produce engaging videos focused on a certain subject?
  • Do you have a target audience in mind when making your videos of YouTube music promotion?

Because there is less competition in that market, the more specialized your topic is, the more interested people you’ll find who want or need your information! For instance, if we further explore the topic of “baking,” we might discover:

  • Baking (a large topic) (a huge topic)
  • Baking vegan (a slightly smaller topic, but still lots of competition)
  • Vegan gluten-free baking (a more targeted niche)
  • Vegan gluten-free baking for fitness and wellness (a really targeted niche)

At each drill-down level, the audience will be smaller but its needs will be much more apparent. A little outside the purview of this post is how to identify your content specialty. However, we do offer a whole guide to help you dig deeper and identify the ideal niche for your YouTube music promotion! Click the link below to learn more.

2.Include “Pattern Interrupts” to keep viewers interested longer.

When viewers watch your videos all the way through, YouTube likes it. They place a lot of emphasis on “audience retention,”. If you can keep a significant portion of your audience engaged, they will favor your videos over others and direct more traffic your way to promote YouTube music promotion.

Better yet:

For your videos to be successful, not everyone has to view them all. Simply strive to have at least 50% of your audience watch your entire video! The YouTube algorithm may prefer your content and recommend it for more search results or on a subscriber’s “Home” feed if you can accomplish this, according to research. Utilizing Pattern Interrupts, as they are known among YouTubers, is one of the best strategies to raise the percentage of your videos that your audience sees.

Pattern interrupts are brief, unanticipated pauses or changes in your video that require the audience to refocus on it. The most effective method for YouTube music promotion is hip hop promotion services. Watch the video below from Mr. Beast. You can see how he breaks up the typical talking-head video format with pattern interrupts like altering the camera position or zooming in.

  • Pattern interrupts come in a variety of shapes, including:
  • B-roll that is placed carefully
  • Gifs
  • Graphics
  • Short audio clips

Anything that is pertinent to the topic of your video and will keep viewers interested! Check out our comprehensive article on how to create a killer YouTube video if you want to learn more about how you can improve your YouTube videos.

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