Want to make money off of your Instagram account? Increasing sales? How do I influence others?

Whatever your Instagram objectives, it is undeniable that organic development on the platform is becoming progressively more challenging. Due to Instagram’s constantly evolving algorithm, growing on the network without needing to spend money on advertisements doesn’t seem to be as commonplace anymore.

Despite this, Instagram may be used to achieve a variety of objectives, including earning money, generating leads, raising brand exposure, and others. Growth is challenging, but that doesn’t make it impossible. You just need to put in the effort, keep it up, and deliver the greatest long-term growth methods.

Why then take online Instagram marketing courses? Online courses are practical, less demanding, and facilitate learning new concepts from any location. They are dependable and beneficial for everyone in every sector.

These are the greatest Instagram marketing courses that we advise you to take if you want to maximise your Instagram strategy, gain more followers, or simply learn everything you can about the social network.

1. The dominance of Instagram

Do you want to rule Instagram and discover how to increase your following on Instagram from 0 to 500k in a year?

If so, this course is right for you! You will learn Foundr’s tried-and-true technique for attracting a steady stream of clients and followers who are extremely engaged and driven under the guidance of CEO Nathan Chan! Additionally, you will discover the same techniques and methods employed by Foundr themselves to quickly gain over 3 million Instagram followers for @foundr!

You may learn the following on this FREE Masterclass Webinar:

  • The Instagram Domination Method is the trick that let Foundr gain 500k followers in a year and 1 million+ in two.
  • “The Bio Formula”: How to use Instagram alone to drive over 20,000+ clicks to your website in a single month.
  • How to choose the type of material that would entice your target market to like your posts, follow your page, share them with their friends, and purchase your goods and services.
  • How to produce content the RIGHT WAY for insanely high engagement.
  • How to make “Money Posts” without being “salesy” or spammy that easily convert your admirers into buyers.
  • Using only Instagram, we were able to launch a brand-new, six-figure online store in just six months. In its most recent month, the company made $45K+ and attracted over 1000+ new customers while spending $0 on Instagram advertising.
  • You will be well on your way to expanding your business and enhancing your earnings once you have finished this course.

2. Instagram Brand Promotion

Don’t you want to take advantage of Instagram’s global influence and enthusiasm? You need this course exactly.

The “Hype Your Brand on Instagram” course, developed and instructed by Sue B. Zimmerman, will teach you everything you need to know about harnessing the power of Instagram. Sue is a well-known social media marketing trainer, speaker, and business coach who focuses on showing business owners, executives, and marketing experts how to utilise Instagram to strengthen their brands and advance their companies. Without a doubt, Sue is the finest candidate to lead this Instagram mastery course.

In this broad course, you will study a variety of topics, including:

  • How to use Instagram’s algorithm in your favour instead of against it
  • How to create a consistent, memorable, eye-catching, and engaging feed style and feel
  • How to do in-depth keyword research that can help you expose your Instagram post to new audiences

Give this course a go if you’re fed up with Instagram and want to finally succeed.

3. The Complete Guide To Instagram Growth: Instagram Marketing 2020

How can you decide which Instagram marketing courses are worthwhile when there are so many options available?

It’s worth looking into this one by social media guru Benjamin Wilson. The 4.5 hours of content in the Udemy course are made up of more than 50 lectures.

There are seven portions totaling 45 lectures:

  • An Exhaustive Guide to Instagram Marketing
  • Creating Your Optimized Power Instagram Account
  • Making the Ultimate Game Plan for Instagram Content
  • Making the Perfect Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Making Money from Your Instagram Account and Starting a Business
  • The top 5 tools, tips, and techniques for boosting your performance
  • Resources for the Instagram for Business course (PPT Slides)

With this course, you’ll learn:

  • advice on how to create a brand’s Instagram account.
  • Advice for gaining 10,000 genuine followers.
  • Find out how to turn your fans into paying clients.

4. The Future of Instagram Marketing: Hashtags, Live Stories, and Ads

You’re looking for an A-Z guide on curating and creating content for Instagram. This online course, taught by Evan Kimbrell, is filled with useful material that can help you expand your Instagram account wisely. Evan is aware that you cannot simply put anything on social media and hope that people will find it. Instagram in particular doesn’t operate that way. You must get to the bottom of things.

Students who take this course will comprehend every aspect of Instagram marketing, including the astounding strategies for developing viral material. Additionally, students will learn how to schedule posts automatically using growth tools, interact with other accounts by leaving comments, use the relevant hashtags, create profitable Instagram advertising, and much more. Discover how to use Instagram Live, Stories, and Shoutouts to expand the audience for your account and attract new followers.

This course can assist you in:

  • Create a theme for your Instagram and come up with a catchy account name.
  • Discover the platform’s algorithms and become familiar with its functionalities.
  • Discover the Instagram marketing tools that might make it easier for you to carry out your content strategies.
  • Examine the accounts of your rivals to see what is effective for them.
  • Learn more about post-promotion analysis to increase your audience and engagement.

5. The Full Masterclass of Instagram Marketing

It takes a lot of work to develop a tribe and community for your Instagram account. Finding the individuals you wish to collaborate with or target seems to be a task best left to wizards. Online courses are the next best thing to wizards, who may be more magical.

You can develop and put into action a strong strategy for your Instagram marketing efforts with the aid of Diego Davila’s Instagram Marketing Masterclass on Udemy. Through theme-based layout, you’ll learn how to produce and consistently offer a strong visual presence and aesthetic as well as how to come up with ideas for viral postings. By using technologies that will encourage brand loyalty, you will also learn the best ways to interact with your fans.

What you’ll learn in the Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass is:

  • How to produce Instagram content that not only appeals to your target market but also symbolises your brand.
  • How to use Instagram stories so that your followers may see them in their feed.
  • How to use Instagram live sessions to establish physical relationship with your audience.
  • How to keep an eye on your rivals to determine what’s working for them and what’s not to better your tactics.

There are no restrictions on what you may do with your Instagram marketing once you’ve finished this course.

6. How To Gain 500K+ Followers In 12 Months From Scratch

Consider the case where you already have an Instagram account. You are aware of the fundamentals, yet you still want to do more. How is this accomplished? This course by Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine will teach you brand-new strategies for Instagram marketing and growth that you won’t learn anywhere else if you’re interested in increasing your Instagram follower count.

You’ll benefit from this webinar if:

  • Learn how to get followers to your Instagram page and how to produce appealing material.
  • Learn to select the appropriate material to get visitors to your page, like and share your posts, and purchase your products.
  • Recognize how to make “Money Posts” that convert your fans into customers without being spammy.
  • Learn from a range of instructive case studies on how to use Instagram to create a 6-figure e-commerce business.

Since this webinar is so well-liked and full of useful knowledge that aspiring Instagram marketers may use, it should come as no surprise that business titans like Gary Vee of VaynerMedia and Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer rate it highly.

7. Guidelines for Successful Mobile Photography on Instagram

Not everyone has excellent photographic skills. As you are aware. It’s like rocket science trying to improve your smartphone photography skills. Nothing about it makes sense. Tyson Wheatley makes mobile photography easier to practise in this lesson.

In order to show aspiring photographers and burgeoning artists how to take amazing, Instagram-worthy photographs using a smartphone, Tyson created this course. When you:

  • Learn about the tools and methods that can improve your clicking
  • Learn how to use your smartphone to capture photos of people, places, and things, then how to edit them.
  • Develop your Instagram following and use images to communicate your worldview. You will present your work to other participants through practical tasks.
  • Describe your personality online and share your opinion through a personal story.
  • Learn about the numerous phone photography techniques and the corresponding camera settings.
  • Utilize smartphone apps for image editing before sharing to Instagram.
  • Learn how to apply effects to your images with Instagram’s filters.

8. 10 Instagram Marketing Techniques That Help Me Earn Six-Figure Income

Any new social media platform’s initial setup is difficult. One of the harder social media platforms to fully settle into and develop on is Instagram.

Nik Swami, an instructor, described the methods he does to gain thousands of followers on his Instagram business accounts, which are the source of his six-figure income. You’ll discover how to use his methods to create action plans for your account. You can move up the success ladder to expand your account if you have the correct post promotion knowledge and understand how to use Instagram’s capabilities.

You can benefit from these 10 Instagram Marketing Strategies That Made Me 6-Figures:

  • Discover effective Instagram marketing techniques.
  • Filter and improve your profile, including the bio
  • Utilize hashtags to your advantage to increase your chances of showing up in the explore tab.
  • Learn how to purchase Instagram accounts.
  • Create contests and shoutouts to expand your audience.

9. How to Become an Instagram Influencer: How to Produce Genuine Content and Earn Money from Your Following

Do you ever wonder how certain people manage to gain so many likes and comments on their Instagram posts?

You can, too, by following the straightforward instructions Sean Dalton outlines in this Skillshare lesson. Sean, a lifestyle and travel photographer, will impart his knowledge of the Instagram algorithms to the enroling pupils. You’ll learn how to create a theme for your Instagram account that appeals to your target market.

You will discover and put into practise how to increase engagement on your posts by using strategies for continuously producing and uploading high-quality photos. To expand your audience and raise your chances of becoming an Instagram influencer, learn how to use hashtags.

You will benefit from “Becoming an Instagram Influencer” if:

Find out how to create an Instagram theme that captures your individuality.

Engage your current audience to create a community.

Create hashtag collections for your content to increase engagement

Utilize data analytics tools to gain insights and plan your posts and campaigns.

Learn how to pitch brands for partnerships to make money on Instagram.

10. Instagram Analytics & Authenticity: Building Your Digital Presence

Designer and illustrator Sophia Chang will guide you through the best ways to develop your personal brand on Instagram as an authentic creative.

Her methods will teach you how to communicate with your audience through your artistic medium. Additionally, you’ll learn how to analyse your post’s stats and apply them to create future content that your audience will enjoy.

Through this course, which is primarily concerned with true community connections, you can establish your online presence and display your creative work on Instagram.

The lessons you will learn from “Analytics & Authenticity on Instagram” include:

  • Set attainable objectives for your Instagram growth, and keep track of them frequently.
  • Find out how to create your feed such that it attracts attention.
  • To increase the reach of your postings, create a hashtag strategy.
  • Utilize data analytics to create a posting strategy.
  • Create a strong personal brand on Instagram without sacrificing anything.

11. Grow Your Community and Engage with Brands on Instagram

If you are a full-time social media addict, enrol in this course to turn your pastime into a full-time job.

You will learn how to create captivating stories in this course by photographer Tyson Wheatley to build a following on social media. You will be able to gain knowledge about the strategies for enhancing your online visibility and developing your own brand through genuine interactions. In addition, you’ll learn about apps that might help you create better posts and marketing tools for Instagram. Managing a client’s social media profile is another option you have if you learn how to manipulate platform algorithms.

The online course “Instagram Best Practices” will assist you in:

Create an Instagram posting plan to build a strong profile.

Learn how to improve your online presence through interactions with others.

Use Instagram photographs to share your story.

Brand across platforms to expand beyond Instagram

learn how to collaborate on projects with brands


Many of the most well-known businesses are active on Instagram, posting pictures and regularly interacting with their followers. The same applies to you! There is nothing left to do except get started now that you have this list of worthwhile Instagram marketing courses.