Digital marketing used to be an elite ability for a specialised group of experts in the early days of the internet. To think of that now seems strange. It’s nearly impossible to separate digital from marketing in general because of how closely related the two are. Digital marketing is prevalent everywhere, as anyone who has ever used the internet can attest. Every business uses it in some form, whether it is through social media, mobile apps, or advertising.

Although it’s no longer an elite skill, learning digital marketing is nonetheless a specialised one. Anyone can learn digital marketing today, thanks to the same internet that gave rise to it in the first place. There are various ways to study, including self-learning, certification courses, and brushing up on your knowledge using the newest techniques and tools.

We list the top online digital marketing courses for 2022 in this article. We’ve tried to provide something for everyone by starting with free apps and moving up through the price ranges. You can navigate to the heading of your choosing by using the clickable menu:

  1. Digital Marketing Program at Academy of Digital Marketing
  2. Become a Digital Marketing Specialist Course on LinkedIn
  3. Google’s Digital Marketing Foundations
  4. Tools and Training for Content Marketing from Copyblogger
  5. Complete digital marketing course on Udemy
  6. Coursera’s specialisation in digital marketing
  7. Bootcamp for the Springboard Digital Marketing Career Track
  8. Bootcamp for Digital Marketing by Thinkful
  9. With Purdue University, Simplilearn offers a postgraduate programme in digital marketing.

1. Digital Marketing Program by Academy of Digital Marketing

An overview of the Digital Marketing curriculum at Academy of Digital Marketing:

Studying method: online

Ideal for: Those looking to thoroughly immerse themselves in all facets of digital marketing in order to pursue a career in the industry.

Four months of full-time education, or up to seven months of part-time study.

It is for whom?

For people who have a sincere interest in digital marketing and want to learn at their own pace with the help of a mentor and teacher, this course is ideal.

How does it function?

You learn every essential skill, technique, and process necessary to master digital marketing in the Academy of Digital Marketing course on the subject. You’ll construct projects that you can use in your digital marketing portfolio while working with an industry professional mentor and instructor, preparing you for a career transition into the area. Because Academy of Digital Marketing is so confident in their methodology and curriculum, they also provide a Job Guarantee: you must find employment in your selected field within 180 days of programme completion or you will receive a refund of your tuition fees.

How much time does it take to finish?

Because all of Academy of Digital Marketing’s programmes are self-paced, there are no set lectures or seminars that need to be attended. Instead, you can opt to work part-time for seven months for 15-20 hours per week or full-time for 40+ hours per week to finish in four months.

What is the price?

The entire course is $6,900. If you can pay in full up ahead, you’ll additionally get a 5% discount.

However, you can try out the free, 5-day short course if you’d like to evaluate the curriculum before paying the full tuition cost.

2.Become a Digital Marketing Specialist Course on LinkedIn

Study method: online video lessons

Ideal for: Novices interested in digital marketing but hesitant to enrol in a paid programme

20 hours spread across 11 classes

Free with the choice of a monthly subscription for more comprehensive content

It is for whom?

This course is a great introduction to the fundamentals if you’re new to the mechanics of digital marketing. Consider establishing a career in the industry, but aren’t prepared to invest the time or money in a paid programme? So start by dipping your toe in.

How does it function?

This foundation course provides a selection of brief, each lasting about two hours, video tutorials. The program’s courses each cover a different aspect of digital marketing. You’ll study the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, content and social media marketing, and more after learning the fundamental structure and ideas. Expect to leave with a high-level introduction rather than in-depth understanding. However, this course provides a fantastic overview. It will also give you enough information to enable you to identify any potential areas of interest, enabling you to choose what to develop if you wish to go further.

Just a quick note: Lynda is now known as LinkedIn Learning. The reputable online training company was acquired by the social media juggernaut in 2015 and rebranded in 2021. The calibre of the content is assured. There are a tonne of more courses available as well.

How much time does it take to finish?

There are 11 classes totaling 20 hours of substance in the overall programme. You are only devoting 2 hours and 9 minutes if you merely sample the first course in the curriculum. Worth trying!

What is the price?

Although this programme is free, you must subscribe to access more of LinkedIn Learning’s digital marketing courses. Depending on your payment plan, this costs between $19.99 and $29.99 each month. A trial period of one month is provided, nevertheless. There is much for you to dive into because the majority of their courses are simply a couple hours long.

3.Google’s Digital Marketing Foundations

Studying method: online

Perfect for: Newbies who want to put in a little effort

26 modules, or more than 40 hours.

Cost: Free

It is for whom?

While Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing provides a little more consistent experience, LinkedIn Learning’s course is excellent for individuals wishing to dip a toe in. It’s perfect for anyone seeking for a career shift or small business owners.

How does it function?

The first programme on our list combines lessons from several instructors, whereas Google’s programme was created exclusively by the company’s trainers. It covers the fundamentals of digital marketing over the course of 26 sessions, covering everything from content to using simple analytics to succeed.

The programme consists of knowledge-testing quizzes and bite-sized films. There are 40 questions in the last test or quiz. Pass, and you’ll get a digital certification for your résumé and LinkedIn profile. This qualification is recognised by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and the Open University, making it more than just a vanity credential.

How much time does it take to finish?

You can complete the 40 hours of learning in this 26-module course at your own time.

What is the price?

That’s quite good—the course is free and accredited, too!

An overview of Copyblogger’s digital marketing course:

4.Tools and Training for Content Marketing with Copyblogger

Studying method: email

Perfect for: Novices and seasoned pros

Duration: Completely at your discretion

Price: Totally free

It is for whom?

Copyblogger is a content marketing tool that focuses mostly on writers. Beyond that, its target market is fairly broad. Copyblogger will be helpful whether you’re a novice looking for a low-effort way to learn or a seasoned expert keeping up with the most recent trends and viewpoints.

How does it function?

Copyblogger is a hybrid of a blog, training tool, and newsletter. Unlike courses that need a specific amount of time commitment, you may sign up for 20 emails from Copyblogger that explore topics related to content marketing, including copywriting, SEO, keyword research, and more. You don’t feel obligated to read it right away because it arrives in your mailbox, and you won’t feel anxious about taking notes while watching lectures.

Despite not being a course in the traditional sense, Copyblogger is incredibly well-liked in the content marketing community. The rapid evolution of digital marketing trends is another factor in its inclusion on our list. Although you can learn the principles in a formal course, the details quickly become outdated. Digital marketing experts must stay up with current trends by visiting websites like Copyblogger or others comparable to it because new tools, fads, and ways of thinking are constantly emerging. No issue if you decide it’s not for you. However, we strongly advise locating and following a related blog.

How much time does it take to finish?

There is no time commitment required for this resource, which is more of a resource than a course. Consume however much or how little you choose!

What is the price?

Since Copyblogger is completely free, there is no risk in signing up.

5.Complete digital marketing course on Udemy

An overview of the digital marketing course on Udemy:

Studying method: online

Perfect for: Newcomers, staff members, or small business owners seeking to upgrade

Approximately 22.5 hours.

Price: $149.99 (but they regularly offer major discounts)

It is for whom?

For individuals who want to advance their skills at work without spending a lot of money, this course is perfect. The Digital Marketing course on Udemy is also used by businesses like VW, Apple, and Eventbrite to help with staff development. For those looking to increase their skill set before beginning their own firm, Udemy is also fantastic.

How does it function?

Although Udemy uses video tutorials as well, it adopts a practical approach and emphasises learning via practise. The programme steadily improves your skills by integrating videos, tests, sample projects, and checks. The 12 courses span the entire lifespan of digital marketing, from conducting market research to creating a WordPress website. It tries to give you hands-on experience with various digital marketing tactics rather than just discussing them to you. The goal is to assist you in developing a customised marketing plan that is either free or extremely affordable to implement. This course is among the most popular on Udemy, with more than 600,000 students. There are also a tonne more options for digital marketing courses.

How much time does it take to finish?

The 22.5 hours of instruction in Udemy’s digital marketing course are supplemented by articles and downloadable materials that encourage “learning by doing.”

What is the price?

The course’s starting price, according to Udemy, is $149.99. Although this may be a bit of a marketing ploy, Udemy frequently offers (huge) discounts, so at least you’re already learning some digital skills. The course was dropped to $16.99 the last time we looked, indicating that it is typically quite reasonable.

6.Coursera’s specialisation in digital marketing

An overview of Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization course:

Studying method: online

Ideal for: Novices with no previous knowledge

Time: around eight months (5 hours a week)

Cost: The monthly Coursera subscription fee is $79

It is for whom?

Beginners with a small budget are the target audience for this course. However, it contains a significant depth of content, so once you’ve finished it, you’ll be ready.

How does it function?

This Coursera programme includes all you need if you want a more extensive course of study without breaking the budget. The “specialisations” offered by Coursera are collections of courses designed to develop expertise in a specific field, in this case, digital marketing. Six courses must be completed in order to complete this particular speciality, but you can go at your own pace and take breaks as needed.

Each Coursera specialisation has a hands-on project that you must do in order to receive certification. The project comes after the courses. You’ll use your newly acquired abilities on a practical project developed in collaboration with industrial supply business Grainger for this digital marketing course. The wider picture here is that you’ll acquire the procedures and abilities that actual companies need, regardless of whether industrial supplies are your area of interest or not. Bonus! There is no way to quantify that.

How much time does it take to finish?

You will need eight months to finish the course if you study at the recommended rate (5 hours per week), according to Coursera. You can, however, create your own deadlines if you’d like to complete it sooner.

What is the price?

The course advertises “free enrollment,” but in order to complete it, you must pay the $79 monthly Coursera subscription cost. If you only sign up for the 8 months, that comes out to cost about $360 for the course. It’s not a bad value for the money because the subscription also gets you access to thousands of additional courses.

7.Bootcamp for the Springboard Digital Marketing Career Track

An overview of the Springboard course on digital marketing

Online course with a mentor as your instructor

Ideal for: Newcomers who want to improve their knowledge of digital marketing

Timeframe: six months (8-10 hours a week)

Between $2,399 and $2,994 (depending on payment plan)

It is for whom?

Although it isn’t specifically for beginners, this course is more suited to individuals who have some basic writing and statistical understanding. Given the cost, it’s definitely better suited to people who are prepared to dedicate themselves to a career in digital marketing. This probably includes individuals who have prior experience in digital marketing.

How does it function?

Springboard provides a mentor-led, community-driven, full-stack digital marketing certification as an alternative at the top end of the course scale for digital marketing. In comparison to the typical video tutorial strategy, this steps things up a level. Despite being online, you will have access to a peer network for support and regular video calls with a mentor (a member of the industry). The so-called “full stack” of digital marketing abilities, including SEO and social media, will be taught to you, but rather than depending exclusively on video lessons, you’ll practise your newfound skills on actual projects.

The objective of Springboard also includes career preparedness. You’ll create a marketing portfolio, and a career counsellor will review your resume to get you ready for interviews. Having access to a professional network will also help you find your first position in digital marketing. However, there are only a few spots available, and you must have an undergraduate degree to apply.

How much time does it take to finish?

The learning hours of the Springboard course total around 200. If you can commit to working 8–10 hours per week, they estimate it will take 6 months to finish.

What is the price?

Despite being on the more expensive end of the spectrum, this course offers greater value. The overall cost, if you’re fortunate enough to have the money up front, is $2,399. Alternatively, you can pay $499 every month (up to $2,994) as needed.

8.Bootcamp for Digital Marketing by Thinkful

The Digital Marketing course at Thinkful in a nutshell:

Online education with assistance from a job coach

Ideal for: People who want to change occupations and arrange their education schedule around other obligations

3 months at a weekly rate of 15-20 hours

Price: $4,900

It is for whom?

The digital marketing bootcamp offered by Thinkful is designed for newcomers or seasoned professionals who want to enter the field or change careers. Because of the course’s flexible study schedule, you can fit it around other obligations.

How does it function?

Digital marketing is offered by Thinkful as a part-time study with full-time career support. This includes all the standard suspects in terms of technical interview practise, insights into the sector, and wage expectations for digital marketers. Additionally, you’ll receive help building a portfolio and LinkedIn profile that will land you jobs, and maybe most excitingly, you’ll have access to just open positions.

How much time does it take to finish?

Thinkful estimates that the training will last three months with a weekly commitment of 15 to 20 hours. This is a condensed version of Springboard’s online digital marketing course.

What is the price?

The entire cost is $4,900 up advance. The total cost rises to $6,200 if you opt to pay on a monthly basis at the rate of $2,066 per month. Additional options include deferring payment until you reach an annual income of $40,000 and a money-back guarantee if you find yourself jobless six months after graduation. a reliable safety net

9.Digital Marketing Post Graduate Program with Simplilearn at Purdue University

An overview of the Simplilearn course on digital marketing

Study method: online bootcamp

Perfect for: Business people seeking a career in digital marketing

6 months at 5 to 10 hours per week.

Price: $3,000

It is for whom?

This course is intended for working business professionals with at least two years of experience and an undergraduate degree in any field. It is a post-graduate programme. Therefore, even if you don’t need to be an expert, this is not a course for complete beginners in digital marketing.

How does it function?

There is no need to search farther for those wanting a unique certification issued by an accredited university (and Purdue, no less!). Contrary to the majority of the courses on our list, you must first fill out an application before you can enrol. Even though this might sound like a hassle, if you manage to get on the course, you’re assured of a level of exclusivity you won’t find anywhere else.It shouldn’t be too difficult because Simplilearn has a staff of admissions consultants to help you through the procedure.

This admissions procedure is more than simply pricey showmanship. These post-graduate programmes frequently cost less than private-only programmes. There are further advantages as well. This course, which was jointly developed with Facebook, provides both academic knowledge and the pertinent, practical skills that employers are actively seeking. You’ll delve further into more complicated subjects like reputation management, search psychology, and language targeting in addition to learning the most widely used tools and approaches. The completion of this digital marketing course also grants access to Simplilearn’s career services and participation in the Purdue Alumni Association.

How much time does it take to finish?

This 6-month postgraduate study requires a weekly time commitment of 5–10 hours (varying depending on your learning speed).

What is the price?

The entire cost of the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing at Simplilearn is $3,000. You have two payment options: an upfront payment or a monthly payment plan ($264).

Conclusion and additional reading

We looked at a few of the top digital marketing programmes for 2022 in this article. We’ve covered everything, from free tutorials to comprehensive post-graduate degrees, to suit every need and budget. While we strongly advise starting with a free course to whet your appetite for digital marketing, the choice of which course best suits your needs will ultimately be up to you.

Don’t rely on our word alone, though. Examine several classes on your own, too. There are many of them out there. Finally, the quality of any digital marketing course depends entirely on the student’s effort and dedication. Give it your all, and I’ll see you after!

Do you want to know more about how to enter the field of digital marketing? Consider taking our free 5-day mini-course or consulting these guides:

What You Must Do Right Now

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  2. Participate in a FREE live online digital marketing event with professionals from the industry.
  3. Find out what it takes to become a work-ready digital marketer in just 4–7 months by speaking with a programme advisor about a career transition. This programme is supported by the Academy of Digital Marketing job guarantee.
  4. Apply for the Women in Tech Scholarship this month for a discount on our whole Digital Marketing Program of up to $1,260. Book your adviser call right away; limited to the first 100 ladies who sign up.