In fact, it’s a really effective marketing tool for businesses and people in a variety of different sectors. In fact, compared to Facebook and Instagram, 78% of marketers claim that YouTube is the most successful medium for video marketing. That’s a remarkable statistic that’s challenging to dismiss in a time when video content dominates the internet!

Why is YouTube?

What makes YouTube such a powerful marketing tool, then? First of all, it reaches a huge audience, especially young people. According to research, 81% of US internet users between the ages of 15 and 25 utilise the site.

In addition to having over two billion monthly visitors, YouTube also boasts highly engaged viewers who spend an average of 11.50 minutes per day on the site. Furthermore, these viewers are actually open to making purchases from companies; 90% of consumers have found new brands on the platform.

Additionally, video material is typically much more interesting than static photos and enables content producers to communicate with their audience more directly. By doing this, you may increase the crucial like, trust, and know factor with potential customers. Additionally, YouTube is highly adaptable. There are so many other forms you may utilise to engage and inform your audience, including instructional videos, interview series, and casual Q+As.

30 strategies for advertise YouTube channel

Now is the moment to start making YouTube videos for your business if you haven’t already. Making an account and uploading your first video is only one aspect of the process, though. It’s crucial to optimise and advertise YouTube channel, just like you would with any other marketing platform, to ensure that people notice your amazing content. The good news is that there are tactics that have been successfully used to position your channel for success!

Follow these 30 YouTube growth methods, and you’ll see your follower base expand.

1. Promote on all of your channels

If you go about promoting your YouTube channel in the appropriate way, the people who follow you on Facebook are eager to do so.

Let’s look at a business that successfully launched their brand on Instagram after executing this “build up” strategy. With images of their inspiration boards and models sporting everything from branded stickers to sweatshirts with just the company name sewn on, the Glossier team marketed their beauty brand.

After the brand’s introduction, a full year went by before the first video went live, but since then, they have seen some pretty significant success.

What exactly are they doing well when it comes to content creation? The “Get Ready With Me (otherwise known as #GRWM)” series, which is then cross-promoted on all of their other social media channels, has helped the brand become particularly well-known and well-loved. On their YouTube channel, the series are also arranged in a playlist.

What were the exciting lessons you learned from the Glossier brand launch?

  • Tease your devoted following on other social media platforms with information about a brand-new project (your YouTube channel!).
  • Create a particular series (or a few) that they begin to anticipate once you go live.
  • Make playlists on YouTube for the videos and use a unique hashtag for them.

2. Continue to interact your followers

Engaging with your followers and businesses you respect is one of the finest ways to make sure that one social media platform promotes another. Never undervalue the importance of this action. When there is a lot to do, it is simple to disregard it as a burdensome chore.

Be sure to swiftly reply to people’s likes and comments, whether it’s on YouTube or one of your other social media platforms. Don’t just say, “Thank you!” and leave; instead, make an effort to strike up a conversation. Find out what they would want to see in your future video and whether they have any suggestions for making it better.

The more your followers are aware of your interest in them, the more probable it is that they will continue to read and share your content with their peers. They feel valued and respected and are far more inclined to stick with your business when they know you’re paying attention (across all channels).

3. Make your YouTube thumbnails better

Even though video thumbnails are very small, they are perhaps one of the most important things you can concentrate on in order to successfully market your videos on other social media sites once you have finished producing them. Think of your YouTube thumbnail as the page’s business card. Not only will it appear on your homepage, but also when someone searches for a particular video and shares a video.

Fortunately, you can use Canva to make a completely unique and useful YouTube thumbnail to increase traffic to your page. Canva will assist you with the rest of the design after you provide the exact proportions you desire! To start, just select the “use custom dimensions” tab on your homepage.

Use this checklist as a guide while creating your thumbnails to make sure they’re as powerful as possible:

  • Use straightforward language to explain the topic of your film.
  • Include your logo in a lower corner.
  • Use complimentary hues or make them BRIGHT when considering colour!
  • Be consistent with your brand at all times. Keep your font style, colour palette, and/or general layout consistent so that your brand may be recognised in your videos.

4. Share original promotional material on your social media pages.

Make sure you have a distinct vision that is distinct from your YouTube account if you already have a sizable following on Instagram, for instance. While you should maintain a consistent tone, why would a consumer want to follow you on numerous channels if they are already receiving the same information from you?

To pique the interest of your Instagram followers in your YouTube videos, try posting a “behind-the-scenes” footage. Alternatively, if you’re sharing a blog post on healthy eating on Facebook one week, note that you’ll soon have a YouTube video up that shows some terrific exercise techniques to go along with your new meal plan from the blog. similar voice,various material.

5. Hold fun competitions

People enjoy a good competition. It doesn’t matter if it’s hosted on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube; if done well, it can give you a LOT of cross-promotion and, ideally, a lot of new YouTube viewers.

Vans Custom Culture is a pro at running profitable competitions on their social media platforms. With more than 80,000 likes on Facebook, they are demonstrating that their enthusiasm for encouraging kids to embrace their creativity is also doing wonderful things for their business as a whole.

The idea behind their annual competition is to invite schools from all across the United States to register in order to be one of the first 1,500 to enter. If they are chosen, the school will get four pairs of Vans to customise whatever they like. The finished goods’ images are then posted to the Vans website for voting. The winner school in the 2016 competition will earn $50,000 for their art programme.

Even though your business isn’t as large as Vans, they are a tremendous source of inspiration. Your YouTube channel exists because you are enthusiastic about whatever it is that it is about. Why not repeat your contest every year if you centre it around your content and it is successful? And on a more compact scale? Simple things like allowing a YouTube page like to count as an entry can have a big impact.

6. Don’t undervalue analytics

Your analytics will likely be off for a while if your YouTube channel is relatively new or hasn’t been active in a while. Examine your Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, or any other social media network where you are most engaged.

Pay close attention to the answers to the following questions, then delve even further:

  • What day(s) of the week sees the highest activity from your fans?
  • When are your followers most active?
  • What kinds of material are most popular?

An important component of effectively promoting your YouTube channel on social media is having a thorough understanding of your metrics. You can publish as many videos as you like, but posting with purpose usually yields rewards.

7. Show consistency

While launching a YouTube channel is fantastic, you should make a commitment to consistency before you even create an account. Your fans and potential fans will start to expect new videos on the timetable you set, even while you don’t have to be rigid all the time (whether it’s the hectic holiday season or you’re highlighting something new and exciting and want to upload more frequently).

Creating relevant hashtags relating to the day of the week and the subject of the video is a terrific method to hold yourself accountable to consistency on your YouTube channel and then cross-promote it. Therefore, if you post food videos, it might be “#tacotuesday,” and if you cover lifestyle and fashion trends, it might be “#fashionfriday.”

Utilizing the same brand messaging across all of your media is another approach to maintain consistency. So, for example, if you always use the same Canva template to announce your latest YouTube video on Twitter while changing the backdrop colour and video title. Canva offers a number of readily editable templates in a variety of colours that you can reuse and use repeatedly.

8. Trust and cooperation

Getting engaged with another firm, especially one in the same industry, is probably the last thing on your mind when considering tactics to promote your YouTube channel across social media. The proverb “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” is nevertheless very common.

Make it a point to connect with individuals on social media that operate in a similar industry to your own to explore the prospect of working together on your YouTube channels. It needn’t cost a lot of money or effort to accomplish this. Create an email template that you can send to numerous businesses that you would want to partner with, and then click “send” after making a small personalization each time.

These kinds of partnerships are incredibly cost-effective and advantageous to both parties. By sharing on the partner channel, you’ll double your exposure while sharing content with your audience, so use it wisely!

9. Think outside the box!

There’s probably a YouTube video on YouTube for the industry standard in any profession you work in. Go the other way! You don’t want to sound like your rivals, and you definitely don’t want to seem monotonous. Consider the YouTube videos you’ve watched that have gained a lot of online popularity. Tasty (formerly Buzzfeed Food) is a fantastic illustration.

You’re missing out if you use Facebook and haven’t watched one of their entertaining films featuring homemade food. These YouTube clips that they post on their Facebook sites (as well as other social media platforms) frequently become viral. They are distinctive, brief, and feature simple to understand directions. They remain the first and original who forged their own path, despite several YouTube food accounts trying to mimic their aesthetic.

10. Make your YouTube titles optimised

Your videos’ titles and descriptions are crucial as well. When choosing a title for your next YouTube video, keep the following in mind to make it easier for people to share it on social media:

  • Be brief but distinctive (and funny if appropriate).
  • Use search terms that are relevant to your brand.
  • Include a hashtag that is trending or that you have already used successfully on another site.

11. Get your video SEO right

In relation to SEO, bear in mind that Google owns YouTube. Since YouTube is virtually its own search engine as a result, SEO (search engine optimization) is vital.

By putting targeted keywords in the titles and descriptions of your videos, you can make sure that the people who are looking for your material will find it. The same is true for the description of your channel.

For instance, if your channel offers productivity suggestions, you should make sure the keyword “productivity tips” is sprinkled liberally across the entire channel. This includes all of your transcripts, closed captions, subtitles, and lists in addition to your metadata, descriptions, and videos itself.

Additionally, keep in mind that your content might be found both inside and outside of YouTube. By making sure yours are optimised, you’ll also increase the chance that potential clients or viewers may find your content while browsing other Google results.

12. Link your additional social media profiles

Here’s a helpful tip! Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your YouTube account so that every video you submit is promoted immediately on those platforms. Simply log into your YouTube settings and choose Connected Accounts to accomplish that. Enter your login information, select the accounts you want to link, and allow YouTube to publish videos on your behalf automatically.

13. Construct a sequence

Get your YouTube audience pumped up about your new video if you want to grow a devoted and engaged following. Nothing works better than making a series!

This is when you gradually introduce a group of related films to your viewers, typically at the same time each week, month, or two. This will make your viewers eagerly anticipate your content, much like a great TV show does. Or they might decide to watch all the episodes of your series in one sitting. They will become addicted either way!

By going to your playlists and choosing the videos you wish to include in your official series, you may create a series on YouTube.

14. Cross-promote your podcast, please

While YouTube is the most popular platform for watching this kind of information, podcasts are recognised for being primarily audio.

In fact, statistics reveal that 43% of individuals listen to their podcasts on YouTube, which is even higher than Apple or Spotify! Cross-posting your podcast episodes to your YouTube channel and vice versa is a great strategy to grow your existing audience. There are a few options on how to accomplish this. You may create videos out of your episodes and upload the audio to your podcast channels.

Alternately, you could use a still photo of your interview with captions to go along with the audio. In any case, you’re expanding the audience for your episodes and making your material work more efficiently.

15. Make playlists with your stuff.

Playlists are a fantastic method to attract viewers to your YouTube channel. These videos come in a list format and are categorised by subjects. They’re great if you create video on a variety of subjects and want to make it simple for viewers to find their way through your channel. The fact that playlists always play videos in chronological sequence is their strongest feature.

This encourages users to binge-watch your content, much like a great Netflix show, which may make them become raving fans.

16. Make playlists with your stuff.

Playlists are a fantastic method to attract viewers to your YouTube channel. These videos come in a list format and are categorised by subjects. They’re great if you create video on a variety of subjects and want to make it simple for viewers to find their way through your channel. The fact that playlists always play videos in chronological sequence is their strongest feature.

This encourages users to binge-watch your content, much like a great Netflix show, which may make them become raving fans.

17. Enhance your banner artwork

When someone stumbles into your channel, one of the first things they see is frequently your YouTube banner. Therefore, it’s crucial to make it matter!

The horizontal image that appears above your channel name and videos is this one. Of course, your banner should attract the eye, be aesthetically pleasing, and reflect the essence of your company. It should, however, also be educational, giving readers an idea of the kind of stuff you offer. So, in addition to your name and logo, think about employing a succinct, catchy slogan that summarises what you do and the topics covered in your films.

18. Post it on your blog, please.

Despite the fact that video is currently in vogue, don’t undervalue the power of the written word. A great strategy to increase the exposure of your material is to blog about the video on your website.

You can accomplish this by having your video transcribed (that is, having the audio converted into written text) and publishing it verbatim, or simply by summarising the movie in a few sentences. You can then refer users to the full movie by embedding it inside the blog post.

This tactic is successful because, according to research, blog posts with videos generate 50% more online traffic. As a result, you’ll probably get more visitors to your website, where they’ll be more likely to make a purchase from you.

19. Get to know the algorithm

YouTube employs an algorithm, just like social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. This is built-in machine learning that enables them to present viewers with the most pertinent videos. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what YouTube loves and dislikes in order to make sure that your video is being seen by the proper audience. Of course, this evolves constantly, just like any other algorithm. But things like valuable, high-quality material and optimised descriptions are always in demand!

20. Have your videos translated

YouTube is viewed by billions of people in more than a hundred different nations. Making your audience accessible to a worldwide audience is crucial if you want to increase it. One of the easiest yet most powerful methods to do this is to translate your video material!

YouTube has a variety of options for adding subtitles to your videos, including adding your own via a third-party tool, using their automatic, machine-generated translations (although the accuracy varies! ), or community contributions. A fantastic method to increase the accessibility of your content for hard-of-hearing or deaf viewers, non-native speakers, and viewers in noisy surroundings is by including subtitles. More people will see and hear your material as a result.

21. Produce seasonal material

Many individuals use YouTube to look for content related to certain events, such as Halloween costume makeup ideas, Thanksgiving meal ideas, or Christmas gift-buying advice. So, adding seasonal videos to your YouTube strategy is a great approach to increase the visibility of your material.

Even though these films may not do as well year-round as your more evergreen material, they are a terrific method to draw in new viewers. Check out calendars for holidays and other significant occasions so you can prepare your content accordingly. Include dates for the start of the new school year and the other seasons as well, since these can serve as excellent sources of content inspiration.

22. Pin it

Try merging your seasonal video material with Pinterest to significantly widen its audience. It’s a site, after all, where seasonal content rules supreme! Since Pinterest only recently added the ability to upload videos, it is still an unexplored resource for growing your YouTube audience for many content creators.

23. Include it in your email marketing

Many business owners believe they must a “excuse” in order to email their mailing list. A brand-new YouTube video is the ideal chance!

Most reliable email marketing services let you embed YouTube directly into emails so that recipients can watch it there (and it will still count towards your total views) Naturally, the majority of viewers would prefer to see the video in their browser, so be sure to make that option accessible to them as well. Create a captivating video thumbnail and a succinct description of the video’s subject matter in order to attract subscribers.

24. Organize joint webinars

JV (joint venture) webinars are a fantastic opportunity to work with other content developers and broaden your audience. This happens when you use someone else’s platform (in this case, their YouTube account) to impart knowledge on a certain subject, and vice versa. You can also decideto co-teach a webinar or workshop on a subject you both have expertise in.

It’s a fantastic, win-win strategy that gives you access to a related audience in your niche. In addition to providing your audience with useful content, you’ll probably also attract some new viewers.

25. Take on difficulties

Participating in social media and YouTube challenges is a fantastic method to increase the relevance and virality of your work. In fact, studies suggest that challenge videos typically receive more views than other types of videos. Why? because they frequently provide a sense of community while being enjoyable and entertaining. They can also be a terrific method for a company to show off its more approachable and lighthearted side.

There are dozens of different challenges on YouTube, and new ones are appearing all the time. These challenges range from culinary challenges like “Hungry Hippos” to beauty challenges like “Asking My Boyfriend To Do My Makeup.” As a result, keep an eye out for fresh ones that you may dig into.

26. Incorporate compelling calls to action

Want to know the most effective strategy for attracting viewers to your videos. Query them! There’s a reason why virtually every popular YouTuber still includes the statement, “Make sure you like and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified about new videos,” in their videos. If you don’t explicitly tell your viewers to do this, they’ll frequently forget! Take into account including this call to action not only towards the conclusion of the video (where many viewers have already lost interest, regardless of how compelling your content is), but also at the beginning. It should be mentioned in your video’s description and on the visual slides.

27. Premiere your videos, please.

Movie premieres have traditionally been utilised in the entertainment industry to raise interest in a film. The same approach may be applied to your YouTube videos! With the built-in “premiere” option, you can schedule a video before it really goes live.

Not only is it a fantastic way to build anticipation and buzz about your film, but it also enables you to watch it alongside your audience and be there to respond to their comments. Additionally, it can help you stay on track with your posting schedule and guarantee that you post when you say you will.

Not only is it a fantastic way to build anticipation and buzz about your film, but it also enables you to watch it alongside your audience and be there to respond to their comments. Additionally, it can help you stay on track with your posting schedule and guarantee that you post when you say you will. If you’re publishing a series of videos on the same subject, the “premiere” option is very useful because you can utilise the most recent video to tease the upcoming one.

28. Activate

YouTube is the largest platform for live streaming, despite the fact that it is mostly recognised for pre-recorded videos! Another excellent technique to broaden the audience for and interaction with your material on YouTube is to go live. Although you have less control over your content, there is something inherently more thrilling and unfiltered about watching a film develop in real time. Additionally, your followers will be notified when you go live!

So, what do you do with YouTube’s live broadcasting function? It typically works best for live, podcast-style interviews or Q&A formats.

29. Use TikTok to market your work

It’s no secret that TikTok has been incredibly popular recently, especially among young people. The bite-sized video platform can be utilised to augment your strategy, even though it’s unlikely that it will ever totally replace YouTube (the two platforms serve very different objectives, after all).

Some content producers opt to cut their TikTok videos into shorter, 15-second videos (the platform’s maximum length limit) and add a call to action to YouTube to view the complete video. To make it simpler for your users to access you, you can connect your YouTube account to TikTok. It’s a fantastic approach to reach a younger, very interested audience!

30. Discover what your audience wants

Asking your audience what they want to watch is one of the finest methods to make sure you’re providing them with high-quality stuff to watch! You can achieve this by merely asking your viewers to comment on your videos and indicate whether they would like to see more of the same type of content or if there are any other subjects they would want you to explore.

Additionally, you can conduct “polls” in your channel’s community tab. This not only ensures you’re producing useful and enjoyable films, but it’s also a terrific opportunity to interact with your YouTube audience.

Are you ready to expand your YouTube channel?

A YouTube video’s marketing strategy is almost as crucial as the video’s actual content in terms of its effectiveness. However, if you adhere to the straightforward advice in this article, you’ll discover how to market your YouTube channel like a pro and expand your fan base (and your larger brand!)