Over the past few years, India’s digital marketing sector has grown rapidly. For a career in digital marketing, many graduates, young professionals, and trained professionals are enrolling in digital marketing courses in India.

India will be the ninth-largest market for advertising expenditure in 2022, with the quickest growth, according to GroupM Futures’ “This Year, Next Year” (TYNY) research.

The same analysis predicts that ad expenditure would exceed INR 1 crore in 2022 and that digital media will supplant television as the dominant channel.

India will be very important in these global trends.

Career Development in Digital Marketing in India

Nowadays, digital marketing is everywhere. Learning digital marketing techniques is crucial if you want to maximise your business visibility or assure your career growth.

Digital media is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 22.47 percent to reach Rs. 23,673 crores by 2022, for example, which is further support by recent trends in digital marketing.

A joint study by CII and KPMG found that more than 20 lakh jobs have been generated in the field of digital marketing, and that the demand for skills will continue to outpace supply.

These figures demonstrate the exponential growth of the digital marketing sector, which is predicted to continue in the near future.

The Covid-19 effect has also facilitated a transition from an offline to an online/work-from-home working culture, and in such circumstances, digital marketing not only fits in organically but also enhances productivity and financial success.

Additional justifications for pursuing a profession in digital marketing include:

Let’s look at some strategies for improving your knowledge of digital marketing.

What institutions in India offer courses in digital marketing?

In this context, the role of digital marketing institutes is important. The experts and students who attend these digital marketing institutes learn every aspect of the field. They offer them opportunities to work and real-world training. However, here’s the query:

Can you learn digital marketing from a sufficient number of digital marketing institutes? – Yes, that’s the answer.

A growing number of institutions are offering this course to prospective students, keeping pace with the demand for digital marketing courses.

However, it can be challenging for a person to select the best institute from the huge list of institutes. – Here are the top 10 digital marketing programmes in India to aid them. –

List of India’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Programs

By comparing the many courses that are offered according to the following criteria, we have created our list of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in India.

  • Curriculum & faculty qualifications
  • reviews and recommendations from academics and business professionals
  • Placements
  • The worth of their qualification in the market

Let’s start right away with the top digital marketing courses.

1. Academy of Digital Marketing

Global leader in trainings for data science and digital marketing, Academy of Digital Marketing is an digital marketing company that was started in 2020.. The first business in India to offer social media marketing training for businesses is Academy of Digital Marketing.

Since that time, Academy of Digital Marketing has been providing its courses to anyone interested in a profession in the field of digital marketing. Since 2009, they have taught more than 60000 professionals. On their platform, they have provided more than 5500+ digital marketing training classes in more than 55 countries.

Each component of digital marketing is covered in the course material for this digital training programme. Online or in-person instruction are both options open to any prospective learner, businessperson, or working professional.

The corporate offering of Academy of Digital Marketing, which provides tailored Digital Marketing Training and support for corporations to optimise the performance and presence of businesses using modern Digital Marketing trends and practises, is one important feature that makes it stand out from other Digital Marketing courses.

The Academy of Digital Marketing Course’s Comprehensiveness

Certified Digital Marketing Master’s Course combines 44 modules, 3 internships, 250+ placement partners, 100+ class hrs., etc. Let’s examine their course information in more detail:

Course Length:


I Four months of Fast Track Training

(ii) Seven months of regular track training

3 months in the classroom

You can obtain 15 digital marketing certifications by successfully completing the Digital Marketing Course at Academy of Digital Marketing.

  • Facebook awards certification in Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn offers a content marketing certification
  • Academy of Digital Marketing has conferred the title of Master of Digital Marketing.
  • 8 Google Certifications in Digital Marketing
  • Three HubSpot certifications in digital marketing
  • Certification for Vskills

Who ought to sign up for this course in digital marketing?

  • marketing specialists
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • experts who play different responsibilities
  • Students
  • Freshers

Data science, machine learning, web analytics, big data foundation course, data analytics, inbound marketing, Facebook Marketing Certification, and cybersecurity course are among the additional courses that Academy of Digital Marketing offers in addition to the digital marketing course.

Reasons to enrol in the digital marketing course at Academy of Digital Marketing

The faculty of Academy of Digital Marketing includes a team of professionals who have led corporate training sessions and workshops for Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook in India.

Their well-designed and fun digital marketing training curriculum gives students lifetime access to new materials and a variety of tools.

In addition to practical assignments and internships based on research, Academy of Digital Marketing also provides 100% Placement Support.

Additionally, Academy of Digital Marketing provides students with a specially created Q&A forum where they may get their questions answered.

After completing the course, students are given access to paid, exclusive internships in digital marketing to help them advance their careers.

Participants in the course can complete a social media marketing internship through Academy of Digital Marketing in collaboration with the Nasscom Foundation.

Participants receive a customised LMS account from Academy of Digital Marketing along with lifetime access to all session recordings and frequent content updates.

Participants in the course receive Free Digital Marketing Tools from Academy of Digital Marketing, including the WordPress Mega Theme, Ahrefs Software, SEM Software, and many others, valued at more than INR 72,000.

Participants in the course receive Free Digital Marketing Tools from Academy of Digital Marketing, including the WordPress Mega Theme, Ahrefs Software, SEM Software, and many others, valued at more than INR 72,000.

Telephone: +91 629 044 5044

Message me at edu@academyofdigitalmarketing.in

2. DSIM (Delhi School of Internet Marketing)

DSIM has a track record of more than ten years, 59000+ qualified personnel, and 4500+ prosperous batches. It began as a hybrid approach with 40% of courses taught online and 70% of courses in-person.

Additionally, DSIM provides business owners and industry executives with comprehensive live classroom training. Its three verticals include classroom instruction, corporate training, and campus learning.

It now has more than 15 facilities spread all across India over the years.

Due to the excellent curriculum and knowledgeable instructors, it has witnessed remarkable development and success since it began offering 100% online instructor-led instruction two years ago.

DSIM offers a master’s in digital marketing programme that includes four courses and is regarded as one of the best in India for digital marketing education.

  • Internet advertising
  • sophisticated marketing analytics and tactics
  • master seminars for affiliates
  • modules for specialisation

Key features of DSIM

  • services with 100% placement
  • access to updated content for all time
  • ten plus certifications
  • 25,446+ professionals have been trained globally.
  • 4.85 out of 5 Given by Students

This internet marketing course in Delhi is regarded as the best for business owners, employed professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and professionals looking for jobs.

Why Study Digital Marketing at DSIM in India?

  • MASTER CLASSES FOR AFFILIATES – Participants are given the chance to begin.
  • After completing the course, you can start making money as a freelancer.
  • Offering practical training through hands-on practise
  • Participants in the course can learn by completing assignments, projects, and case studies.
  • The placement team at DSIM is committed.
  • DSIM also sells electronic books and study guides.
  • Access to Resources & Updates will be available to course participants forever.

3. India’s Digital Academy

In spite of being established in 2012, Digital Academy India was acquired by Academy of Digital Marketing in 2015. Given that Digital Academy India is now a part of Academy of Digital Marketing, candidates can anticipate the best educational and training opportunities with this institution.

The NASSCOM FOUNDATION and Academy of Digital Marketing both provide internship opportunities through this institute. This work enables a candidate to learn about digital marketing in practise. Additionally, 100% placement is ensured. According to a statement by Digital Academy India, the organisation has trained more than 2000 people nationwide.

A Digital Marketing certification course, a Corporate Digital Marketing training programme, Google Ad Word certification courses, and a Digital Marketing Associate course are among the certification and digital marketing courses offered by this institute.

Digital Academy India has locations in Delhi, Pune, and Gurgaon. Digital Academy India offers two courses for the digital marketing training, one lasting three months and the other six. The cost of which is approximately INR 49,900.

  1. Reasons to enrol in the digital marketing programme at Digital Academy India
  2. Courseware created by subject-matter experts
  3. Participants in the course can benefit from Lifetime Membership to access Content.
  4. provides individualised chances to collaborate on Live Projects
  5. specialises in offering internship opportunities
  6. 24/7 Support is available


4. National Institute of Technology (NIIT)

The National Institute of Information Technology has had the most experience and has been offering students a variety of courses for 30 years. However, this institute first offered a course in digital marketing in 2012.

The educational community is highly aware of this institution. This institute was recognised as India’s Most Trusted Training Brand in 2017 by the Trust Research Advisory (TRA).

For graduates interested in digital marketing courses, NIIT offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing. Learning about SEO, SEM, Google certification, and social media marketing is beneficial for aspiring applicants as well.

This institute offers workshops, placement assistance, and other services for postgraduate students. It costs INR 73,000 for the 12-week PG course as far as tuition is concerned. While this platform levies a different fee for short-term courses.

Costs for the SEO and SEM certification are INR 7,750+ GST, the Email Marketing course is INR 2,500+ GST, and the Social Media Marketing course is INR 6,000+ GST.

5. All India Management Association

The All India Management Association (AIMA) and Academy of Digital Marketing have collaborated to establish an apex organisation for professional management. This programme has received assistance from the Indian government.

AICTE has approved the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing offered by AIMA. AIMA is appropriate for aspirants looking for work and hoping to start their own businesses.

The majority of marketing tools are covered in the AIMA’s digital marketing course. It consists of social media analytics, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, digital display, mobile marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.

6. upGrad

Another website that offers digital marketing courses to aspirants is upGrad. In 2015, Ronnie Screwvala founded it. UpGrad’s mission is to enable students to realise their potential by teaching them a variety of skills.

UpGrad does not, however, include a digital marketing course in its curriculum. However, MICA will be in charge of this. The best digital marketing resources are found at upGrad, where Sakhee Dheer and Vishal Jacob are just two examples.

The best aspects of upGrad are its facilities, training, case studies, and curriculum, which combine to make it the best platform for aspiring students, business owners, and those in the sales industry, among others.

UpGrad costs INR 87,750 + GST for its services. It takes 6.5 months to complete the PG certification in digital marketing and communication. Other specialities, like social media and content marketing, marketing analytics, and marketing communication, are available for any applicant to

7. Learner Catalyst

The platform, called Learning Catalyst, was started in 2009. This institute’s goal is to train ambitious students, working professionals, and business owners in digital marketing.

Web marketing, web design, SEO, Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing, SEM, Content Marketing, and mobile app development are all covered in Learning Catalyst’s digital marketing course. Additionally, this site offers internship and mentoring opportunities.

In their Mumbai branch, Learning Catalyst offers a weekend course for businessmen who are employed there.

Mumbai, Vashi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad are all locations where this institute has branches. Any aspirant learner, businessperson, or candidate has the option of online or in-person instruction.

8. Learn Manipal Pro

2013 saw the establishment of the Bangalore-based institution Manipal Pro Learn. This institution is a part of the almost 60-year-old Manipal Global Education Services.

This institution is highly known for providing students and the business workforce with education and skill development. The Digital Marketing programme at Manipal has received accreditation from Google India. This initiative was jointly created by these two organisations.

An individual can study about search engine optimization, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, and several other certifications with the assistance of Manipal’s digital marketing course.

In addition to Kolkata, Manipal Pro Learn has locations in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune. This three-month course costs INR 32000 at this institute. Anyone who wants to run for office can do so online or offline.

9. DigiGrad

Aspiring candidates can receive training in digital marketing through the Social Beat programme DigiGrad. In this case, instruction is given through real-time, interactive classrooms.

The Certificate Program in Digital Marketing is offered by this platform and is open to marketers, business owners, and newcomers. Additionally, it provides specialised courses in SEO, social media, digital marketing, and other branches of digital marketing.

Candidate expenses for the 12-week digital training course will be around INR 48,000. This learning programme comprises seven advanced training programmes and modules that are focused on real-world application. It also promises a real project and provides internship opportunities.

10. Internet Marketing Institute (IMS)

In 2016, Internet Marketing School opened its first branch in Kolkata. This institute’s mission is to train all prospective candidates to advance their careers in the field of digital marketing.

A candidate can find 16 certificates of completion in this institute, 15 of which are from Google and one from IMS. For better training, a candidate will receive workshops and other tasks.

The Online certification programme in digital marketing, the Certification programme in digital marketing, and the Premium programme in digital marketing are just a few of the courses and certifications that IMS offers to students and professionals in the field.

The cost of this institute’s digital marketing course is INR 45,000 plus GST. Kolkata, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Raipur, Lucknow, and Siliguri all have IMS branches.

Final Exams for Digital Marketing Courses!

As a final thought, we sincerely hope that the list of the top 10 digital marketing courses will assist you in selecting the best course for your unique needs.

One of the top 10 most sought-after careers, with 860,000 openings, is “Digital Marketing Specialist,” according to LinkedIn.

The DSIM Digital Marketing Course uses hands-on training and courses to cover every facet of digital marketing in detail, preparing you to be an expert digital marketer.