Study Masters at University of Worcester

When you graduate with a bachelor’s degree, it’s the result of years of hard work, lots of reading, and applying your studies. You should be bigheaded of yourself, you did it! But what happens next? Here are some best benefits of pursuing masters degree from University of Worcester.

It may be tempting to join the workforce right away to start earning money and gaining experience, but that’s only one of your options. You also have the option of continuing your education with a Masters degree from the University of Worcester and further enhancing your career options.

University of Worcester

You may have already started working and are looking for a promotion or to change your area of ​​interest. There are many reasons to choose a master’s degree from the University of Worcester; here are seven reasons mentioned by study in UK consultants why it might be the right choice for you:

Benefits of a Masters Degree from the University of Worcester

Career Prospects

Many people choose to study a master’s degree after working for a few years and finding out what they like best or how they would like to advance their careers. A master’s degree from the University of Worcester is a great way to take your CV to the next level, as well as your career. With a Masters, you can apply for higher positions and show your expertise over other applicants without a Masters.

Specialized Knowledge

A Masters degree from the University of Worcester specializes in a field of study in the field you studied at undergraduate level. There are two types of University of Worcester masters degree. Taught masters have a similar structure to an undergraduate degree, but at a more advanced level you will attend lectures and seminars, in preparation for your thesis. A research masters allows you to work on a topic independently and delve deeper into your chosen field of study to produce a paper for publication. Both options will develop your ideas and teach you different skills in academia that you can apply in your future career.


During your undergraduate studies, you met people who may have become lifelong friends, and it started your professional network, even without realizing it. As a master’s student, you and your new friends focus on similar or related fields and take your career to the next level. Building your network is an important part of studying and working, and having the opportunity to meet new people and reinvigorate those relationships will be very helpful and fun!

Personal Development

A key difference between your undergraduate degree and a master’s degree is the level of independent study. You will need to have autonomy over your learning and spend time researching ideas that were not specifically asked of you. Along with this, you will acquire the skills necessary for your personal development, such as motivation, independence and time management. You will also build your confidence by sharing your ideas, meeting new people, and presenting to a group, all of which are helpful in your personal and professional life.

Earn More Money

One question you’ll ask yourself when deciding your next step is: Is a master’s degree from the University of Worcester worth it? Further studying at University of Worcester is not cheap, but it is an investment. Research has shown that University of Worcester master’s graduates earn more than bachelor’s graduates: working-age graduates employed full-time had a median salary of £42,000, compared to £34,000 for undergraduate students of working age (Graduate labor market statistics 2019). Not only that, but as an expert in your field, you are likely to find work that matches your interests.

Be Smarter – Prepare For A Phd

Not everyone wants to work for a private company or for any company. You may be planning to continue your university education and study for a doctorate. A PhD will make you a leading expert in your field and enable you to further your research in highly specialized topics. A master’s degree from the University of Worcester is required to continue at this level as it develops your independent research skills and knowledge ready for the highest academic achievement. A PhD can take between 3 and 6 years and will likely include teaching work while you educate others with your expertise.

Academic Recognition of University Of Worcester

Far fewer people get a master’s degree from the University of Worcester than bachelors. It means a commitment to learning and development that employers recognize as a benefit to their business. Key skills that are valuable in most professions can be developed at this level of study, such as problem solving and analysis, so your studies will benefit you more than yourself.

Why Study a Masters Degree at the University of Worcester in the UK?

You can study a master’s degree at most universities around the world, but it’s important to determine which country and which university offers you the best opportunities. One of the benefits of a Masters degree from the University of Worcester in the UK is that you will get a globally recognized degree from a world-class university. Plus, if English isn’t your first language, studying in the UK gives you the chance to improve your language skills while working alongside experts in their field. This means that you will not only learn Standard English, but also terms relevant to your area of ​​interest. So when you take your ideas to the world stage, you’ll have the insight and communication skills to engage with world-class scholars and enhance your career opportunities.

Studying a UK Masters Degree from the University of Worcester as an International Student

If you plan to study abroad, you may need to complete a pre-master’s program before starting your studies. These courses introduce you to life in the UK, improve your English skills and also include academic courses related to your field of study. At Kingston University London, you can choose to study a Pre-Masters and Masters in Business and Management with Academic IELTS for UKVI 5.5 (in all skills) or equivalent.