Digital marketing is a sector that is always changing and has a steep learning curve. The benefits of mastering it far outweigh the initial expenditure, but it can be excruciatingly challenging for those who are new to the field. The good news is that there are a slew of YouTube channels dedicated to teaching you how to become a marketing expert in a fraction of the time. Unfortunately, there are a number of charlatans that try to pass themselves off as “gurus” out there. You must learn from the real experts for YouTube video promotion. New marketers should begin by following the advice of the gurus listed below. On their YouTube channels, they provide a wealth of useful information.

Derek Halpern is a writer and producer

Derek Halpern runs the Social Triggers TV-How to Get Ahead in Life and Business Marketing YouTube channel. Over the last six years, he has amassed over 82,000 members and uploaded 180 films on various marketing topics. Derek is now one of YouTube’s most prolific producers of marketing videos. Derek’s films cover a variety of topics in marketing, such as the best colour combinations for conversions and the advantages of email marketing. The majority of his videos, on the other hand, cover a far broader range of themes. He has a variety of videos on persuasion and how to tailor your sales pitches to your target demographic. Surprisingly, other marketing influencers haven’t tackled these general subjects as much.

Ruffino, Russ

Clients on Demand was founded by Russ Ruffino. He is without a doubt one of the marketing profession’s most knowledgeable sales professionals. Russ has been published in a number of prestigious marketing and business publications, and has helped companies move from having no revenue to making seven figures in less than a year. Over the last two years, Russ has produced a number of excellent movies on sales methods. These include tips on how to deal. How to deal with your own inner critic, how to succeed in sales as an introvert, and how to maintain a steady cash flow. On other channels, most marketing videos focus on contemporary tactics, such as Facebook and SEO. It’s nice to see a YouTube channel that posts so many new videos.

Jesse Hanley is a writer and a musician

Jesse Hanley is a relatively new YouTube marketing influencer, but he has already amassed a sizable following. Despite the fact that he has only made four videos in the last year, his videos are incredibly extensive and address issues that other marketing professionals with YouTube video promotion have neglected. You can find tutorials on the advantages of using subdirectories versus subdomains or determining whether to use the WWW prefix for your domain because he has proven to be an expert on SEO. Jesse hasn’t made many videos yet, but he’s a promising YouTube contributor in the marketing industry. You might want to keep an eye on him as well.

Dean, Brian

Backlinko was founded by Brian Dean. According to his blog, “Google search console,” “keyword planner,” “YouTube subscribers,” “Google keyword planner,” and “search console” are among the most competitive phrases on the Internet, according to his blog. Except for keyword planner, where he is still remarkably at the top of the second page, he is ranking on the front page of Google for all of those terms. Brian’s ability to rank his site on Google for such highly competitive keywords proves his unrivalled SEO marketing expertise. He has a YouTube channel where he posts a variety of entertaining videos. Since its inception, his YouTube channel has racked up over 175,000 subscribers. He hasn’t created anything with his 36 videos on SEO and YouTube Marketing.

Jay Baer is a writer who lives in New York City

Jay Baer is a well-known marketing guru who has been in the industry for a long time. Jay’s YouTube channel has been active for ten years, making him one of the most experienced marketers on the platform. Some of his initial films covered broad issues, such as marketing in a downturn. When he first started, he had a couple of unrelated videos, including one of his son playing with a toy lightsaber and another announcing his engagement. However, during the last ten years, the vast majority of his films have received excellent reviews on social media marketing.