Have you been experimenting with video marketing but have yet to see any tangible results?

You’re not on your own.

Video production takes time, and it’s difficult to consistently achieve a large number of views and engagement.

This can be really demoralising.

If you’ve exhausted all of your options and are on the verge of giving up, here are five new suggestions:

1. Make the most of the video’s context

This is the most tedious, but most important, stage. In this regard, video marketing is similar to general content marketing. The video’s long-term performance depends on its organic search visibility But if you want to grow your channel find the best ways to promote YouTube videos.

Google still prioritises text material around videos, so make sure there’s plenty of it on the page.

The SEO effort of optimising the Youtube page that hosts your video entails:

  • Creating a searchable term for which you want the video will rank. To assist you, I created a complete keyword research guide.
  • Using your keyword in the title and description of the video
  • Creating a comprehensive video description
  • Creating at least tags and hashtags to add to the video’s context

Bonus tip: Put the title of the video in the form of a question!

Product development and competition analysis are two examples of applications for question research. The actual potential of specialty question research, however, is in enhancing your content marketing performance, particularly in terms of increasing content interaction.

When confronted with a question, human beings have a tendency to pause and begin searching for a solution. In psychology, this feature of the human brain is referred to as “,” and it is widely employed in advertising, where every other radio or television commercial begins with a question.

This is also true in content marketing, as well as video marketing. In today’s over-production and over-consumption of material, a clever question can make all the difference: it can pique your audience’s interest enough for them to begin viewing a video in search of an answer.

One of the simplest methods to locate common questions on any topic is to use the Text Optimizer Content Ideas feature. The programme extracts relevant concepts and queries from Google search results pages using semantic analysis, allowing you to generate better targeted content:

2. Make use of live videos

Live videos are a lot of fun to watch. While you’re airing your films, your audience can input queries and connect with you in real time.

There are several ways to incorporate live videos into your existing video marketing strategy:

  • You can broadcast events that you will be attending.
  • You can conduct live interviews with influential people.
  • Another option is to host live events to announce or celebrate new projects or video series.
  • Live videos can be used for product demos and advertising.


The following are the two most effective video streaming platforms:

  • Live-streaming on Youtube
  • Facebook Live is a live broadcast on Facebook.

3. Enlist the help of your entire team to promote your videos

Collaboration in marketing is by far the most effective marketing method, especially in content marketing, where standing out has become increasingly challenging. Collaboration fosters innovation, creativity, and improved employee morale.

Every aspect of a video marketing campaign can benefit from marketing collaboration:

  • Ideation for video content
  • Video content development (co-)content
  • For the promotion of video content

Encourage your entire workforce to interact with and share your brand-owned video content (e.g., like, comment on YouTube, embed video in mailing). Coschedule is the ideal solution for this, since it allows your entire team to collaborate on making the most of each video promotion if you grow your channel then find best YouTube video promotion services :

  • Connect your video material to several social media channels to promote it across all of them.
  • Allow numerous users to contribute to all or any of your personal and brand assets by adding multiple users.
  • Use checklists to streamline the process and keep your entire team informed about the tasks they need to do to promote each video.

Your team members can leave comments and develop campaigns to keep everyone up to date on when a new video will be released and what its marketing objectives are.

You may also utilise ContentCal’s “Campaigns” tool to keep track of all the little responsibilities that come with video promotion. The tasks I generally have there are as follows:

Using Canva or Wave, create bespoke pictures to promote the video on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Post on your company’s Facebook page.
  • Use at least 10 related hashtags to post to your brand’s Instagram channel.
  • Use one related hashtag in a tweet to the brand’s Twitter account.
  • More Tweets with alternating hashtags and (where applicable) identifying people and brands featured in the video should be scheduled.
  • Viral Content Bee accepts video URLs.
  • Share the video’s URL with your social media networks (Those you added to Coschedule)
  • Request likes and comments by posting the video URL to our private Facebook and Skype groups.
  • Make a video comment from your own device.

5. Make Instagram Stories video trailers!

Take this concept: Make a video trailer and share it as an Instagram story with a link to the full video on YouTube.

Instagram stories garner a lot of attention because they appear at the top of your followers’ home pages. It’s also the only spot on Instagram where you can insert clickable links right now.

Note: You can only include clickable links in Instagram stories if you have at least 10,000 followers or your Instagram profile is verified – both of which are rather easy to achieve.

Here’s what you should do if your Instagram account meets one of the aforementioned criteria:

  1. Select the link icon.
  2. Copy and paste your Youtube link into the supplied space.
  3. “Done” should appear on the screen.
  4. Use Artificial Intelligence to your advantage

You can’t be available to your site visitors 24 hours a day, referring them to essential CTAs and advising them on what they should do next to get more information or solve their problems. Smart algorithms, on the other hand, can.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly making its way into digital marketing, allowing businesses to provide better real-time service to their clients.

Alter is by far the simplest method to build an AI-powered self-improving marketing bot for your website that will always be available to direct your clients to the site parts and video material they require at any point during their browsing experience.