It’s critical to promote your YouTube videos as soon as possible once they’re published, especially if you have a small channel with less than 1000 subscribers.

Each freshly submitted video is thoroughly tested among a limited number of users by YouTube’s algorithm to determine if it is relevant and interesting.

Only films that have a high click-through rate and a high percentage of people watching them will be naturally promoted to many of your subscribers and others who are interested in the topic of your video.

By advertising your video to people who are likely to be interested in it, you are bypassing this review process and providing YouTube with enough data points to reach the correct conclusion that your content is fantastic!


YouTube Premieres allows you to promote new YouTube channels by live-streaming them rather than simply publishing them. This allows you to watch your most recent video in real-time with your audience after it’s been published but You can hire YouTube promotion services to grow your channel.

It’s a terrific way to connect with your audience and frequently boosts the video’s performance in terms of views and time spent watching.

Do this only once in a while for a video with a greater production value, so your audience understands that a YouTube Premiere is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


You gain access to YouTube’s Community Tab after your channel reaches 500 subscribers.

You can share community postings with your subscribers from this page. You can either write text-only posts or posts with photographs, polls, or YouTube videos attached.

Because community posts do not compete with freshly uploaded YouTube videos on your audience’s homepage feed, this is an excellent strategy for promoting new YouTube videos.

After you’ve published a new video, I recommend writing a community post to go along with it.


YouTube Stories are presently in beta, and only channels with over 10,000 followers can use them.

They’re similar to Instagram or TikTok stories in that they let you share vertical photographs or videos with your followers.

Attach your latest YouTube video to one of your Stories using YouTube’s video sticker to promote it to your audience and get more people to watch it and only use YouTube promotion services.


YouTube subscriptions work in the same way that other membership sites like Patreon do. They’re a fantastic way to monetize your YouTube audience.

For your YouTube memberships, you can choose your own perks. Even so, the majority of producers provide at least early access to new videos as well as unique YouTube Membership member-only films and community postings in their packages.

The majority of your YouTube membership users are usually your most ardent followers and fans. They’re the ones who care about new and forthcoming videos the most.

Why not give them what they want by previewing new films before they’re released and promoting upcoming YouTube videos in member-only posts?


Including new YouTube videos in the video descriptions of other videos is a terrific strategy to promote them.

If you join TubeBuddy, you can utilise their Bulk Video Processing service to advertise your most recent video in every video you’ve ever released.

TubeBuddy’s powerful search and replace filters allow you to place the video link wherever you like. I propose including a statement similar to this at the top of your video description:


Info Cards can be used to achieve the same effect. If you’ve never seen the i-icon in the top right corner of a video before, these are in-video notifications.Viewers can see more text, generally with a clickable link, when they click on one of them. This technique can be used to promote new YouTube videos by putting a link to your most recent YouTube video in the Info Cards of other videos.

You may automatically insert or replace existing Info Cards across your YouTube videos with TubeBuddy’s Bulk Cards tool.

In one of your videos, I advocate manually making a promotional Info Card. A link to your most recent YouTube video should be included.


End Screens can benefit from the same Info Card promotion method that works for new YouTube videos.

That is the overlay that most YouTube videos have at the end.

You can use numerous buttons as a creator to promote some of your most recent videos, playlists, website links, YouTube subscribe buttons, and so on.

To automatically connect to your most recent upload from all previous videos, I recommend adding the “Most recent upload” feature to all of your End Screens.

You can utilise the TubeBuddy Mass End Screen tools to update anything in bulk if you haven’t added End Screens to all of your older videos or if you want to alter them to connect to your most recent upload.


Every content creator on YouTube has the ability to build an endless number of playlists.

This is a great tool for promoting your videos and will allow you to get people to binge-watch them, which is crucial if you want to increase the amount of time people spend watching your channel.

I recommend first planning out your YouTube content cluster strategy and then generating playlists for each of the content pillars.

Add a new video at the top of all relevant playlists when you post it. When someone opens one of your playlists, it will be the first video they see.

I advocate a two-step sort depending on your objectives. To ensure your most popular videos appear at the top, sort by a success indicator such as watch time percentage. Then, to promote your newest video, post it and place an ad at the top of the page.

Alternatively, simply arrange the videos in chronological order, with the most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom. Even big playlists with hundreds of videos can be processed in two clicks and a few minutes.


You can label specific playlists as series that should be watched in a specified order on YouTube. A travel series is an excellent example.

The first movie depicts your preparation, including luggage packing, the second video depicts your voyage from departure to arrival, and the third film depicts your first excursion.

It would be illogical to watch these three videos in any other order. Series playlists can help with this.

A couple things happen when you mark a playlist as a series. When a viewer watches a YouTube video from a series playlist, YouTube is now significantly more likely to suggest the next video in the series playlist.


Did you know that you may use your most recent video as the trailer for your YouTube channel to promote it to your followers?

You can even choose between two separate videos, one for subscribers and the other for non-subscribers, on YouTube.

The channel trailer feature is a fantastic way to promote your most recent YouTube video.

If you don’t want to create a dedicated channel trailer that introduces your channel and the types of videos you’re doing, you can always utilise the same video for both. Show this trailer to everyone who hasn’t yet signed up for the newsletter.


The ability to add clickable links to your channel’s About page is another fantastic feature on your YouTube channel website. You can pin anywhere from one to five links.

Add one link to your most recent YouTube video to the top of your about page, then pin the first link with a text snippet that says, “Watch my most recent video here.”


You may also use the pinned comment option in the comment section of other videos to promote your new YouTube video.

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a tool that can perform this task in bulk.

Making a list of the top 10 most relevant and well-performing videos and personally updating or modifying the pinned remark for each video with a link to your most recent video is something I recommend.

Because we can’t see the video thumbnail or title, I recommend making a brief 2-3 sentence elevator pitch for why viewers should watch your most recent video next.


It’s difficult to add any visual marketing to your YouTube channel symbol because of its modest size.

To get more people to see your YouTube channel summary page, you should choose an appealing and friendly-looking channel symbol with a photo of yourself.

This allowed them to see your channel trailer, channel art, and pinned links, which make it much easier to link to your most current video.


The channel art image has a large size, giving you plenty of room to visually showcase your most recent video.

Finding a talented graphic designer on Fiverr to create a channel art template that you can utilise in Canva or Photoshop is a smart idea.

Request that they include an editable YouTube thumbnail placeholder and one-sentence advertising text.

Then change your channel art template, add the new thumbnail, write a one-sentence advertising text, and publish it to your channel whenever you upload a new video.

This is very useful when used in conjunction with the pinned channel link feature.

To make it even easier for readers to find the pinned link, have your designer add an arrow pointing to the bottom-right corner.


To promote your most recent video, I don’t recommend altering your channel name. Most viewers would be perplexed by this.

Instead, concentrate on coming up with a catchy channel name that accurately defines your channel’s main topic.

Many viewers will be intrigued if they come on one of your films through suggestions or a search.

Check out your channel page, where you may use the pinned link, channel art, and channel trailer to promote your most recent video.


Last but not least, at the top of your channel description, we’ll include a link to your most recent YouTube video. The short elevator pitch can be repurposed for the pinned comment promotion method described above.


Although promoting YouTube videos in as many ways as possible might be time-consuming, the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

You can start outsourcing numerous promotional activities to a virtual assistant as your channel expands and can hire YouTube promotion services to grow your channel. If you’re looking for someone trustworthy, I recommend using Fiverr.