The increase in the demand to hire business intelligence developers is directly linked to the proliferation of data, leading to astonishing technological advancements in data. 

They allow extracting the true potential of the data to its fullest to assist enterprises with growth and development. 


The survey published includes estimated forecasts by the bureau of labor that “the demands of hiring business intelligence developers are likely to increase by 21% between 2014 to 2024.”


The industry will hit the mark of $22.8 billion by 2020, as estimated by the bureau of labor statistics. 

Therefore, hiring business intelligence analysts/developers will be great for your enterprise.


Let’s understand what the business intelligence expert is, what qualifications to look for, and the roles and skills in an enterprise. 


Who is a business intelligence expert?


The experts who can leverage the data to its fullest potential with their outstanding data -technology-based skills. 

They collect insights from the data generated to draw valuable conclusions regarding customer behaviour, operations loopholes, economic trends, etc. 


Additionally, they have the caliber to influence the critical decision of the enterprises to direct the operations in the right way to get worthwhile outputs.


They also know how to import the data storage architecture and associated processing tools to positively impact the business by integrating productive technological and operational systems.  


Qualification of the business intelligence expert to look for hiring


If you wish to hire business intelligence developers, you need to assess certain qualification criteria to know the potential and proceed with the business intelligence processes. 


  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, computer science, or a data-driven-related subject. 
  • Evaluate the experience with the SWOT and PESTEL analysis tools. 
  • Experience in technologies such as SQL. 
  • Evaluate the managing skills & scenario planning. 
  • Check for the relevant training in the same field. 


Responsibilities of business intelligence experts in an enterprise


A business intelligence expert can successfully commit to the responsibilities & for that, it is important to have strong analytical skills that should be supported by strong technical skills and a thirst to learn newer technologies. 


Apart from technological skills, there are other skills where a business intelligence developer needs to have a good command which include;

  • Problem-solving 
  • Team management
  • Time management
  • Communication skills 
  • Customers and staff management knowledge 
  • Organisational skills, etc. 


Usually, freelance business intelligence developers  are accountable for the following roles and responsibilities in day-to-day tasks in an enterprise:

  • To ensure whether the strategy to collect data is appropriate as per the objectives
  • Managing C-levels 
  • Comprehending business goals and communicating effectively 
  • Building BI & data architecture strategies
  • Managing database and business intelligence tools
  • Evaluating competition in the market as per product/service, the share trends, and market trends. 


These roles help to determine the speed of the operations. Also, frequency manages the loopholes to fix the operational assignments. 


Concluding words


The main motive for hiring business intelligence developers is to facilitate the seamless integration of the enterprise with technology database solutions. The positions of the data analysts tend to increase more in upcoming years, which means the demand will eventually rise. 


Therefore, hiring freelance business intelligence developers is a convenient option for the small or middle level; enterprises can also manage the company’s financial aspects. 

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