Why not start your own business if you’re a homemaker with a good sense of business? Financing one with a business loan is no longer as difficult as determining your business concept. Choose a business that doesn’t require a lot of capital, pays off quickly, and can be handled on a small scale.

You can diversify into new verticals and increase operations once you’ve learned the ropes. But, before you get there, you must first determine the type of your company. This is where we can assist!

In 2022, here are 10 successful business ideas for housewives.

Here are ten profitable company ideas to consider this year.

1. E-commerce

E-tailing, or electronic retailing, is a fantastic way to sell things online. You can register with e-commerce sites such as Flipkart or Amazon, which will manage your cataloguing, shipping, and payments.


Start selling garments, home décor items, or anything else after empanelling with them. Of course, you’ll need to discover a wholesaler whose products you can resell for a profit.

2. Tiffin-related services

Countless city dwellers and workers are continuously on the lookout for sanitary and nutritious home-cooked meals. You’ll make a lot of money if you can match their demand by providing tiffin meals at a reasonable price.

Tiffin related services

So much so that when your business grows, you’ll be able to work with your housekeeper and hire part-time cooks to keep up with demand. If you’re concerned about tiffin meals being on time, you can work with food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Grab, Uber Eats, and others.

3. Daycare facility

One of the best enterprises for housewives is to open a daycare centre. Why? It needs very little investment and delivers a high level of job satisfaction. You can start this company even if your own children are little and let them play with other youngsters.

Daycare facility

To start this business, all you need is some room in your home and someone who can prepare healthy meals for the kids.

4. At-home salon services

Open a salon at home if you have salon experience. Sure, there will be a setup cost, but it’s nothing that a little loan can’t cover. Especially today, when interest rates on company loans are lower than usual.

salon services

Make sure to set up money for marketing your salon and, if necessary, hiring more help.

5. Freelance coding or app development

Are you a software developer who doesn’t want to work for a large corporation? Then join several freelancer sites and take outsourced work for app development or any other coding work.

app development

You can form a tiny company and hire a couple of developers to run a boutique coding agency once you’ve built up a client base.

6. Baked products

Do your relatives adore your baked goods? Then perhaps your city’s residents will adore them as well. So, why not collaborate with food delivery apps to build an online bakery? You may begin by placing only a few carefully chosen items on the menu.

Baked products

If you get a favourable reaction, you can expand your menu and sell your baked items to local bakeries and confectioneries.

7. Virtual assistant

Several businesses, particularly small businesses, engage virtual assistants to assist with secretarial duties. These virtual assistants are normally paid per hour, day, or week and can help with anything from HR to accounting to scheduling.

Virtual assistant

You can start as a virtual assistant with one company and progress to working for different clients as your expertise and bandwidth allow.

8. Tailoring and boutique

Why should you let your sense of style go to waste? Hire a tailor who can turn your fashion ideas and pictures to life, even if you’re not proficient at pattern cutting or tailoring.



Start a home boutique and provide consumers with personalised sewing services. A small boutique setup will take up some room in your home.

9. Organizing an event

Many people lack the time and experience required to properly arrange an event. Start an event planning business if you’re not one of those folks. Begin with arranging smaller events, then progress to business parties and finally weddings.

Organizing an event

Networking and cooperating with caterers, photographers, DJs, and decorators is the greatest method to gain clients for this firm.

10. Independent blogger

Consider professional blogging if you have a knack for writing. You can do it from the convenience of your own home. Now you have the option of starting your own blog or writing promotional blogs for content marketing firms.


To succeed in this sector, all you need is a passion for writing and a strong knowledge of the language you want to blog in.

Now it’s your turn

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