Without a question, Facebook prefers video postings above all other types of posts. However, how can you persuade people to view a video and subsequently visit your YouTube channel? Creating personalised promos, also known as Sneak Peek videos, is a simple and free way to do this.

This is the same strategy utilised by film studios and television networks, but we’ll create promotions with two free software programmes. Have a promotion? We’ll promote it! It’s trite, but it’s true way to best YouTube video promotion .

Using Custom Promos, Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook

You should ideally post a video status update on Facebook. You could upload your full video to Facebook, but why would anyone want to view anything on your YouTube channel? To get around this, you should create bespoke promos that are 30-60 seconds long and promote your whole film.

I assure you that it is not only simple but also free. In this video, I’ll show you how to make bespoke promo videos with two software applications. However, first…

Why Create a Promotional Video?

  1. Promo videos give viewers a sneak glimpse and pique their interest. It’s a simple approach to show a sampling of the goods without giving anything away. It’s wonderful for creating buzz around your video and piqueing people’s interest.
  2. People can choose what they wish to view from promotional videos. Only those who are interested in the subject of your promotional film will go to YouTube to watch the complete video. As a result, you have a large audience that has chosen to watch you.
  3. Promo videos enhance viewership and engagement. This is because individuals that are interested are watching, and they are more likely to watch more and engage through likes, comments, and shares.

How to Create Promotional Videos (fast, free & easy)

First use Tube2Gram

This utility does not require the installation of any special software, apps, or plugins. Simply go to tube2gram.com and enter your video’s URL. Then, using the orange sliders or timestamps, “slice” a portion of video to use as a promo. This site is great since it works on desktop, mobile, iOS, and Android.

When you share this on your Facebook Page, Profile, or Group, make it a video post with context and then include the entire URL to your YouTube video for people to watch.

Use Adobe Spark as a second option

Create personalised films with text, graphics, photos, videos, music, and transitions using Adobe Spark. Your commercials look and sound fantastic! Each slide may be edited, video clips can be imported, text can be overlaid on photos, and the entire commercial can be put up in minutes.

Simply upload this video as a video post to Facebook and link it to your complete YouTube video.

You can use the same strategy to generate promo videos for Instagram and Twitter with these tools.