Title of the video (optimize it for more clicks)

The titles of your videos are a big role in whether people watch them and share them online, or if they simply get a few views.

It’s a good idea to conduct proper YouTube keyword research to determine what people are looking for, and then create a compelling headline based on that information.

Here are some pointers on how to come up with amazing YouTube video titles:

  • Maintain brevity and focus.
  • If possible, include the current year (example: top tips for 2018).
  • Make it appealing to the eye.
  • Include keywords in the title’s first paragraph (if applicable).
  • Employ “power words” (example: better, awesome, incredible).
  • Use terms with strong emotional connotations (ex: sensual, lonely, passionate, censored).
  • Incorporate more title words. Make use of this tool to assist you.
  1. Use the 500-character limit for video tags

One of the major faults hindering the growth of free video advertising on YouTube is inappropriately using the tag

Tagging on YouTube is not the same as tagging in a blog article. If you’ve never paid attention to promote YouTube video  tags before, now is the time to start. You can even edit all of your previous tags.

  • Make your films stand out by using a distinct branding strategy. Use your brand name in all videos, for example.
  • As the video tag, use your keywords.
  • As a tag, use a version of your term (you can use YouTube’s auto-suggest option to help).
  • Use the tags that high-rated videos use in your video. TubeBuddy Chrome can help you find tags that other people are using.
  1. Make your own thumbnail

Custom thumbnails are only available to verified YouTube accounts. A strong video thumbnail will help you stand out in the relevant and suggested video sections.

Here are some thumbnail suggestions:

  • It must have a 1280 x 720 resolution (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG files are acceptable.
  • Keep the file size around 2MB.
  • Use a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the most common in YouTube players and previews.
  • I don’t want to overwhelm you with technical details, but you should be aware of them in order to build a thumbnail that looks good on both desktop and mobile devices.
  1. Include a brand introduction and video

You must do some branding from now on to ensure that every video displays. Using a branded introduction is one of those things.

YouTube Intro: A 3-5 second video that plays at the start of your video to introduce your brand.

YouTube outro: This can be as basic as displaying relevant content on your channel or encouraging visitors to like and subscribe to the video.

You may easily obtain an intro and video intro from YouTube, design it yourself with Camtasia, or pay someone on Fiverr.

  1. Post the video on social media sites

You must have some social media assets for your YouTube channel if you are a video blogger. This allows you to build a community outside of YouTube and attract visitors from other major social media and social networking sites.

Here are some examples of social networking elements to consider:

  • Page on Facebook
  • Twitter account
  • Stories on YouTube
  • Instagram account
  • Profile on Pinterest
  1. Create a blog dedicated to your YouTube channel

If you’re a quick YouTube sensation, don’t forget to start a blog for your videos. It is fairly simple to embed YouTube videos on a blog these days, and you can even start a blog.

I recommend starting a blog with WordPress and using a WordPress video theme. If you already make money from YouTube, Managed WordPress Hosting is the way to go so you don’t have to bother about blog maintenance.

  1. Go to a YouTube playlist or add a video to one that already exists

A YouTube playlist is an excellent approach to increase the number of views on your existing videos. Add a new video to a playlist (either one you’re making or one that already exists) once you’ve finished uploading it.

Follow these instructions if you’re making a new playlist:

  • Give the playlist a meaningful name and include a keyword in the title.
  • Include a descriptive description of the playlist, as well as your keywords.
  • Make a playlist with videos that are similar.
  • A single video can be added to several playlists.
  1. Making Use Of Calls To Action

On social networking sites, you should tell individuals what actions you want them to take.

Ask viewers to like and subscribe to your channel at the end of the video, or even in the midst. You can also request that they share the video with others who might benefit from it.

  1. A Nitschek Influential Personal Interview

This isn’t a direct YouTube video promotion approach that will improve your channel and integrate seamlessly into your overall promotion strategy.

An impact interview allows you to connect with people who are already successful in your field. They will not only attract the attention of people who follow that particular influencer, but they will also be observed by the rest of the industry.

You can locate the most influential people in your niche and conduct interviews with them via Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. You can use Ecamm call recorder to record Skype calls. Zoom’s free edition lets you to record up to 45 minutes of video, which is what I use these days.

  1. YouTube Creator Academy For more excellent tips on getting

    most out of your YouTube videos, check out YouTube Creator Academy (and your channel as a whole). When I first started learning here, I was startled to see how many tips and tactics I had previously overlooked.

  2. Participation of the YouTube Community (Bonus)

YouTube is quietly forming a social network, and you may use the community post tool to promote a video on the site. Simply select Create Post from the Plus icon on the YouTube site or mobile app.