Every biker, regardless of gender, wishes to visit Leh Ladakh at least once in their lives. While they fantasise of a perfect journey, the reality is riddled with flaws. We’ve put forth our best efforts to compile every piece of information in this blog that will assist bikers in overcoming any obstacles they may meet on their journey across a tough region like that of Leh and Ladakh.

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Bike Trip in Leh, Ladakh

When it comes to the captivating Leh Ladakh tour, the old adage “there’s beauty everywhere, all you have to do is look around” is absolutely true. The feel of snow-clad mountains, rough environment, soaring peaks, perilous routes, and roaring bike engines are all part of a vacation to Leh Ladakh India. In short, a Ladakh bike tour is all about positive feelings and a rider’s unwavering attitude.

When Is The Best Time To Ride A Bike In Leh Ladakh?

The months of June to September are ideal for visiting Ladakh by bike. Biker can appreciate the tourism circuits of Ladakh as much as their Lahaul & Spiti journey during these months. However, most riders prefer to begin the new year with this adventurous bike adventure since Ladakh offers stunning panoramas that can be enjoyed all year save during the rainy season.

A Bike Trip’s Ideal Duration

An optimal timeframe for a Leh Ladakh bike tour would be 15 days or more, depending on a variety of elements such as the route you’ve taken, your complete schedule, and, most importantly, the weather conditions. This time frame is also great for a bike trip from Delhi to Manali.

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Cost of a Ladakh Bike Tour

First and foremost, you must determine your budget. The cost of a Leh Ladakh road trip varies greatly depending on the car you choose for your travel, as well as the type of lodging and meals you choose. Nonetheless, fundamental parameters such as lodging, meals, and fuel can be used to calculate an average budget.As a result, under typical circumstances, a 15-day bike tour to Leh Ladakh will cost around $35,000. Your Leh Ladakh bike tour cost will vary based on the route you pick. The cost of permits and other other fees for the Leh Ladakh cycling trip are also included.

The Best Motorcycles for a Leh-Ladakh Road Trip

First and foremost, every biker must give their full attention to their first love, their motorcycle. When it comes to choosing a Leh Ladakh road trip bike, one must be extremely cautious and selective. So, whenever you’re looking for a bike for a road trip, prioritise suitability over popularity. It’s one of the most important components of your Leh Ladakh bike trip itinerary!

Choosing bikes that are easy to manage and maintain has always shown to be safe and beneficial for riders on adventures such as the Leh Ladakh bike tour. As a result, here are the top five bikes for Leh Ladakh.

Royal Enfield – Known as the greatest bike for a Leh Ladakh journey, it is a strong bike with a 350 CC or 500 CC engine that can save your life on a Leh Ladakh bullet trip.

Royal Enfield Himalayan — With a powerful 400 cc engine, the Royal Enfield Himalayan will make any rugged route and off-the-beaten-path ride smooth and hassle-free.

Bajaj Pulsar – No motorcycle has ever been as popular in India as the Bajaj Pulsar. Pulsar, the most popular bike after the Bullets, comes in 150CC, 200CC, and 220CC models, each of which may be your dependable companion on any trip.

The KTM Duke is a light motorcycle that can be handy on roads in Ladakh.. KTM can also be an excellent alternative for a bike trip to Ladakh, thanks to a variety of new engine variations for the Duke 390 and Duke 250.

CBR 250 — This Honda bike is stunning, save for the Contigo tyres, which might be difficult to handle on Ladakh’s terrain if the weather changes. On the plus side, if the tyres can be replaced, the torque and fi technology on the bike can be put to better use and serve a greater purpose.

Yamaha Fazer, Bajaj Vikrant, Yamaha FZ, and Hero Impulse are some of the other top bikes for a Leh Ladakh vacation that the organisation of bike rentals has considered. These bikes’ engines aren’t extremely powerful, but they can certainly pick up some speed (without breaking any restrictions).

Bike Rentals in Leh, Ladakh

No bike. Don’t be concerned. Bike rentals in Delhi and Manali are always willing to rent you a bike if you give all of the necessary documentation. Karol Bagh is the hotspot in Delhi where you can rent a bike for 900 rupees a day. All you need is a current photo ID, a valid driver’s licence, a security deposit of $10,000, and a consent letter from your parents if you’re under the age of 25 to start your Leh Ladakh bike journey from Delhi.

The daily rent in Manali ranges from 1000 to 1800 rupees, with a security deposit of 12,000 to 18,000 rupees and the original copy of valid ID papers.

Aside from that, you can hire a mechanic on a daily wage basis to accompany you during your Leh Ladakh bike journey. Also, to be on the safe side during the bike trip, don’t forget to take the bike for a test ride and push its capabilities to their fullest.

The Best Bike Tour Route in Leh, Ladakh

When using Delhi as a base for a Leh Ladakh bike journey, the two main routes that offer the best road conditions and scenic vistas are Srinagar to Leh and Manali to Leh. The road from Srinagar to Leh does not intersect and is round from start to finish.. The Manali to Leh Ladakh bike ride route encircles the rough Himalayan terrain, provides better views, and increases the level of effort and danger.

Route 1: Srinagar to Leh and Back: Delhi, Jalandhar, Jammu, Srinagar, Kargil, Leh, Karu, Sarchu, Manali, Delhi

Approximately 2,295 kilometres were covered.

 (Route 2)Manali to Leh and Back

Delhi to Manali to Sarchu to Leh to Khardung La to Nubra Valley to Kargil to Srinagar to Delhi

Approximately 2,569 kilometres were covered.

Route 3: From Delhi to Leh

Delhi to Manali to Sarchu to Leh to Khardung La to Nubra Valley to Kargil to Srinagar to Delhi

Approximately 2,022 kilometres were covered.

Expenses for a Leh Ladakh Bike Tour

Here is a list of expenses to help you obtain a general sense of the money you may expect from your Leh Ladakh cycling trip:


If you prioritise gasoline when planning a bike journey, you’ll travel 3500 kilometres on average. The average mileage of all the bikes analysed is 35 kilometres per litre. This means you’ll need around 100 litres of gasoline, which will cost between 7000 and 8,000 dollars.


There are many budget hotels in Leh Ladakh where one may find simple accommodation alternatives for between $500 and 2,500 per person, double occupancy, including taxes (as per booking.com).

As a result, depending on whether you choose a cheap hotel or a luxury hotel, an average lodging with the greatest amenities, comfort, and reviews can cost anywhere from $500 to 2,500 per night per person. With the lower limit in mind, a 15-day trip will cost around $7,500 in terms of lodging. Let’s say 8,000 dollars each individual.


Similarly, the cost of food is determined by the rider’s preference for eating at a dhaba or a restaurant. On your journey to Leh Ladakh, eating at a dhaba may cost you $100 to $150, whilst dining at a regular and slightly cheerful restaurant may cost you $400 to $500 per person. You’ll spend between $2,250 and $6,000 on meals if you stick to the lowest limit. On average, you can set aside $3,500 for meals.


It is essential to set up some funds for unexpected expenses, souvenir purchases, or permits. As a result, every biker should carry between 2,500 and 5,000 dollars in their bags or pockets as a backup.

7000 + 8000 + 3500 + 2500 = 21,000/- Average Budget = Petrol + Accommodation + Meals + Miscellaneous

Taking into account all of the lower limits, a 15-day Leh Ladakh bike vacation would cost an average of $21,000 per person.

Please note that the budget does not include the cost of renting a bike, so we’re presuming you already have one. As a result, if you plan on hiring a bike, your budget should be at least $13,500 to $15,000 each cycle for a minimum of 15 days.

Places to Visit on a Bike Trip in Leh, Ladakh

Are you unsure what to see and do on your Leh Ladakh bike vacation in 2022? Plan your trip to Ladakh around these must-see attractions.

Tso Pangong

Tso Pangong

This natural wonder in the heart of Ladakh, known as the Pangong Tso Lake, is a must-see tourist site on any Leh Ladakh biking trip. The lake, which is located in the middle of the Himalayas, stretches for 134 kilometres and offers breathtaking views of the rugged mountains. The lake is so massive that China accounts for 60% of its length, making it one of Asia’s largest lakes.

Beautiful landscape and a stunning place

The location is breathtaking.

Activities include camping, stargazing, ice hockey/skating, and taking breathtaking photographs.

Gompa Namgyal Tsemo

Gompa Namgyal Tsemo

Maitreya Buddha statue in Tsemo gompa. Leh, Ladakh, India

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, also known as Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, is a well-known monastery in Ladakh. It is located in the heart of the Leh area. The monastery, which houses the famous golden statue of Maitreya Buddha, is thought to have been constructed by Ladakh’s King Tashi Namgyal around 1430. From the top of the Leh Royal Palace, you can even see it. If you are staying in Leh, this is one of the best neighbouring spots to visit.

Architectural marvels, old paintings and manuscripts, a calming environment, and tranquil vistas are among the attractions.

Namgyal Tsemo village in the Leh district of Ladakh.

Things to do: Meditate, pray, and learn about the fascinating history of the site.

Valley of Zanskar

Valley of Zanskar

Only the famed Zanskar Valley, which is flanked on all sides by gigantic snow-capped hills, may be seen in hues of relaxing blue and attractive brown. One visit to the busy Valley is guaranteed to enchant you for life. In the winter, the river freezes, allowing adventurers to participate in the legendary Chadar Trek, which involves walking for days on solid ice.

Beautiful scenery, snow-capped mountains, and tranquil rivers

Location: Ladakh, Zanskar, Kargil district

Attend monastery festivals, go trekking, river rafting, or engage in adventurous activities.

Things to Do on a Bike Trip in Leh, Ladakh

These are some of the thrilling activities you should consider trying on your Leh Ladakh bike tour if you want to get your adrenaline pumping.

1. Experience Nubra Valley’s Magic

nurba valley

When one arrives at the renowned Nubra Valley, the first thing that comes to mind is serenity. The valley is known as “the valley of flowers” because of the stunning and colourful blossoming flowers that make the Nubra Valley worth seeing. It is one of Ladakh’s best-kept secrets that you must see on your bike tour in the region.

Beautiful scenery, orchards, monasteries, and stunning panoramas

Camel safaris, river rafting, cycling, and photography are all options.

2. Go To The Shanti Stupa For Peace

Shanti Stupa

The iconic Shanti Stupa is perched atop a hill at a whopping elevation of 4267 metres. The Shanti Stupa, which offers panoramic views of Leh, is a must-see for bikers who want to see either the sunrise or the sunset. It is one of the best places to find tranquilly and calm. The stupa is fortunate to be situated in such beautiful natural settings. The shrine may potentially contain vestiges of ancient Buddhist culture.

Tranquil ambiance, cultural diversity, and historical history

Things to do: Take photographs and gaze at beautiful scenery.

3. Put your riding skills to the test at Khardung La

Any rider considering a trip to Leh should include a ride to Khardung La on their itinerary. Khardung La Pass, at a heart-stopping height of 18,379 feet and a distance of around 40 kilometres from Leh, is one of India’s most perilous motor-able routes. Your Leh Ladakh bike vacation would be incomplete without a ride across the “Pass of Lower Castle,” which will test both motorcyclists and cars. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest spots to see on a Ladakh biking ride.

Height, exhilarating experiences, and natural beauty

Camping, biking, and other adventure activities are all options.

4. Must-Do Activities

If you haven’t enjoyed all of these sensations on your bike journey, you haven’t visited Leh Ladakh. Every visitor to the area should cross them off their bucket lists.

The Royal Palace of Leh

Royal Palace of Leh

The 17th-century regal Leh Palace was erected by the legendary King Sengge Namgyal and is considered a gem in the heart of Ladakh. From the roof of this magnificent yet rugged palace, which stands at a height of about 9 floors, you can take in the natural splendour of Leh’s entire town, Stok Kangri, Zanskar peaks, and Indus Valley.

Famous for: Stunning architecture, massive walls, and breathtaking views

Activities include learning about history and photography.

Hill Magnetic

Hill Magnetic

At Magnetic Hill in Ladakh, a natural sorcery, feel the lure of nature and adventure. Magic and Magnetic Hill are inextricably linked. Magnetic Hills, which are surrounded on all sides by the Sindhu river, climb to a height of around 14,000 feet and have a peculiar magnetic force that pulls bikes and cars uphill. Doesn’t it sound magical? Put it to the test!

Gravity-defying occurrences and optical illusions are among the attractions.

Things to do: Witness a gravity-defying phenomenon.

Drass Valley 

Drass Valley, in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kargil area, is known for its natural hot springs, which are said to have medical properties. Drass Valley, India’s coldest hill region, strikes the right blend between rich greens, relaxing blues, and dramatic browns. The stunning contrast of nature in the Drass Valley will take your breath away. At Kargil, pay your respects to Indian warriors.

Trekking routes at high altitudes, tourism sites

Activities include hiking, camping, adventure activities, and sightseeing.

What to Bring

A bike excursion is similar to backpacking through the most difficult mountains. It is an adventure journey to Ladakh that necessitates light packing while still carrying all of the essentials. While packing your belongings, keep in mind the Leh Ladakh bike trip preparations listed below.

  • For everyone, a clever brain on sturdy shoulders is a matter of life and death. As a result, keep a robust helmet with you at all times while riding.
  • Valid photo identification and, of course, your driver’s licence.
  • To glide through the wind and beat the breeze, one or two leather jackets are required.
  • Carry sweatshirts, tees, jeans, shorts, shirts, tracksuits, inner-wear, socks, towels, handkerchiefs, and any other clothing items you think you’ll need.
  • Cold feet can be avoided by carrying an extra pair of strong trekking shoes or leather boots.
  • Wear an extra pair of gloves to match your shoes.
  • Eye protection is provided by riding goggles.
  • A first-aid kit for yourself and a toolkit for your bike are essential.
  • You’ll have GPS, but you’ll also need a printed map for easier navigation and clear routes.
  • Other items to bring are chargers, power banks, bluetooth headsets, backup batteries, and so on.
  • A high-quality camera would also be required to capture the stunning scenery.
  • Carry a Swiss Army Knife for self-defense, as riding a bike inherently increases the amount of danger.
  • Camping tents, cooking utensils, sleeping bags, and other camping equipment can all be hired and carried according to one’s comfort level.
  • Basic items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo sachets (to save space and make disposal easier), face wash, liquid soap, moisturiser, cold creams, and so on should be carried.
  • Last but not least, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from the sun.

Why Ride a Bike in Leh, Ladakh?

A Leh Ladakh road trip would undoubtedly be the most unforgettable experience, in addition to being an interesting one. You will have the opportunity to observe Ladakh in its natural state. Despite being on a bike ride, you might choose to go camping in Leh, which is one of the most exquisite experiences. Luxurious Ladakh resorts, hotels, homestays, and cottages are also available. In addition, you can embark on safaris and adventure trips to learn more about this magnificent land.

  • Eligibility for a Bike Trip in Leh, Ladakh
  • Are you planning a Leh Ladakh bike tour but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are the basic requirements for your journey. Please be aware that it is critical to review each and every criterion:
  • You must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s licence.
  • If you want to go on a Leh Ladakh road trip, we recommend that you have some previous riding experience, particularly long bike tours.
  • For your entire Leh Ladakh bike trip, you should have at least a group of 6 people.
  • Foreign nationals must obtain additional special licences in order to visit Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri, and other locations.

Preparing for a Bike Trip in Leh, Ladakh

It is believed that rules are designed to be broken, and while some of you may have the sense that “your life, your rules,” it is not recommended to embark on a bike ride with a negative attitude.

  • Breaking the laws on one of the world’s most perilous and high-altitude routes can be as deadly as death. As a result, for your own sake and safety, follow the regulations and do so intelligently.
  • Because there are only two petrol stations along the Manali-Leh route, it is suggested to bring extra jars of petrol in addition to full tanks. The path from Srinagar to Leh, on the other hand, is well-traveled.
  • It is recommended that you understand how to repair a bike tyre in the event that your bike develops a puncture. During the rest of the time, several mechanics can be found along both roads.
  • Carry any required medications with you in case you, your partner, or your travelling companions get altitude sickness.
  • It is vital to remember that Airtel, BSNL, and Aircel are the only operators with service in Leh. Riders who do not have these connections have no choice but to wait in long lines at overloaded STD booths or to seek a connection from one of the above-mentioned operators.
  • An Inner Line Permit costs only $200 and grants you entry to isolated locations such as Tso Moriri, Chushul, Merak, Loma, Mahe, Hanle, and more. From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., one can apply for and receive this permit at the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Leh.

That concludes our contribution. Aside from bike tours, travellers can customise an incredible trip to Ladakh with TravelTriangle to discover this natural wonder. We wish you a safe and enjoyable Leh Ladakh bike ride as you begin your journey. Do not use your smartphone after you arrive. Instead, return and offer a few words about your memorable journey.