If you prefer peace and quiet, we’re sure you’d love to make the most of your balcony and decorate it exactly how you want it. Here are some balcony design ideas, whether little or huge, to inspire you to take on the challenge of creating a lovely outdoor space.

1. The Ideal Outdoor Space: Balcony Design

Balcony Design

A balcony swing can transport you to your happy place! With a broad swing, wooden rafters across the ceiling, fascinating tiles on one side of the railing, and a coffee table simply for essentials, your balcony space can be transformed into a personal retreat.

2. Balcony Decorating Ideas : Three Seating Options

Three Seating Options

How lovely does this balcony design appear to be? The place is the talk of the town, with a plush wicker sofa, bar stools, and a table that’s ideal for brunch days. Add a patch of fake grass and you’re done!

3. Design: Cozy and Colorful Balcony

colourfull balcony

Are you seeking for balcony decorating ideas for a balcony that is barely there? No worries! As seen on this balcony, add a patchwork armchair and a basic coffee table. If space allows, finish the look with a plant shelf.

4. And They Were All Yellow… Balcony Decoration Ideas 

Yellow is used in the planters and the railing on this balcony. The wooden floor tiles transform the space into something straight out of a catalogue!

Yellow Balcony

5. The Deck is the fifth balcony design

fifth balcony design

One of our most original balcony design concepts! With its pinewood deck, rattan furnishings, and additional height to enjoy the view, this balcony makes a striking statement. We really like how the area is decorated with bright colours.

6. Ideas for Balcony Decoration: A Slice of Space

Simple solutions can completely transform your balcony space. Take inspiration from this balcony’s patterned tiles and simple wicker furniture. Isn’t it cosy?

A Slice of Space

7. The Sky Bar is the seventh balcony design

The Sky Bar

A fantastic venue for a party is a bar on the balcony! This is one of the nicest balcony design ideas you could go for, whether it’s the cushioned bench or the mounted shelf and base units; there’s also enough of storage for all your bar needs.

8. Ideas for Balcony Decoration: A Green Corner

A Green Corner

With only hardwood flooring and green lawn, the balcony is kept simple. An existing wooden corks hanging finds a new home on the other wall. We believe the ambiance is great for a cup of tea or a cocktail!

9. A Pocketful of Sunshine (Balcony Design)

A Pocketful of Sunshine

If you’re not sure which balcony ideas to employ, keep it simple! We fell in love with this balcony after just one glance, conjuring up images of wonderful leisurely afternoons spent there: brilliant blue skies, a hot cup of tea, a good book, and you sat atop the sunshine chair. Oh, and what about the cherry on top? The furniture is completely weatherproof!

10. Balcony Decorating Ideas: A Touch of Red

A Touch of Red

Red furniture, colourful pots, a variety of indoor plants, green turf, and stones abound in this balcony decor. The balcony has been netting to keep pigeons out while allowing fresh air through. What a soothing haven!

11. Balcony Design: In the Open

In the Open

Have enough room in your home’s balcony design for a beautiful view? Make the most of it with a stylish bar unit! When the cabinet door is removed, it transforms into a table.

12. Balcony Decoration Idea: A Freshness Curtain

A Freshness Curtain

Who’d have guessed a grass curtain could keep nosy neighbours at bay? It provides privacy while also giving your balcony design a contemporary look. The orange furniture gives a splash of colour to the room, keeping things lively.

13. Balcony Design: Rustic Appeal

Rustic Appeal

This is one of the best little balcony design ideas you can find! Every morning and evening, you may look forward to a beautiful view of the city, a cup of steaming coffee, and relaxing rattan furniture!

14. Balcony Decor Idea: A Vertical Garden

A Vertical Garden

Here’s a great vertical garden for gardening aficionados to incorporate into your little balcony designs! You don’t have to abandon your pastime because of a lack of room.

15. The Kids’ Corner, Balcony Design 

The Kids' Corner

We’re confident that your children will appreciate such a great playground as your balcony design. At this gorgeous picnic table, you may join in the festivities as well.

16. Balcony Design: A Cozy Niche

A Cozy Niche

Do you want to live in a house that is inspired by nature? A lovely balcony with rattan furniture and a tiny garden is seen here. We’re confident that implementing balcony concepts that revolve around nature would delight your eco-friendly personality.

17. Back to Basics: Balcony Decorating Ideas 

Back to Basics

Is there not enough room for furniture? Small balcony design ideas that are simple to adopt take little effort on your part. Simply place a mat on the floor and add some pillows for comfortable balcony seating. You can also use a little chair as a balcony decoration and a place to relax.

18. Little Warm Corners Balcony Design

Little Warm Corners

For a unique design, paint your balcony in a vibrant colour. A hanging garden, rather than taking up valuable floor space, could be a wise solution for a balcony with limited room.

19. Balcony Decorating Ideas: A Sunshine Wall

Do you want a cherry and peaceful corner at home? Get this great swing and hang it on the balcony against a bright yellow wall. Make yourself at home and read a book while sipping your coffee.

20. A Fairytale Setting Balcony Design 

A Fairytale Setting Balcony

Are you looking for unique balcony design ideas? A balcony with a live vertical garden is an excellent choice. The white and pink flowers with fresh green leaves bring life and vibrancy to this location, which also includes a swing.

21. Balcony Decorating Ideas: Curl up with a Book

Curl up with a Book

This nook is meant for you if you can’t live without a bookshelf no matter where you go. Isn’t that adorable little rack in this balcony design?

22. Balcony Design: A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color

Do you have the luxury of living in a high-rise apartment with a nice breeze on your balcony? You should absolutely add some seats and some brightly coloured pillows to the mix! To make it one of the best balcony designs, don’t forget to include some plants.

23. Balcony Decorating Ideas : A Relaxing Retreat

A Relaxing Retreat

Your balcony design can serve as a place of rest and reflection. Add some ambient lights and a Buddha statue. In no time, you’ll have your own meditation/yoga space.

24. Go Green with Balcony Design 

Go Green

Add a grass mat and reclaimed wood benches to your balcony for a relaxed, chic aesthetic. Planters on the walls and railings will complete the look while keeping the feel simple.

25. Balcony Decorating Ideas: Take a Deep Breath!

Take a Deep Breath

Do you want to keep things simple? Some balcony designs are truly effortless. Simply look for ancient cane furniture that can be paired with plants for a relaxing newspaper reading session with the lady!

26. Pop of Yellow Balcony Design 

pop of yellow

Who says a small balcony can’t be used for anything more than drying clothes? For intimate coffees with your SO, get iron seats and a tiny table in a simplistic style.