Creating a single video for your brand and posting it in a single spot used to be the norm for site to promote YouTube music video marketing. Video marketing nowadays is all about incorporating your video content into as many of your marketing initiatives as possible. It’s not just about one video, but a deluge of video content that can be used and repurposed to attract new visitors, engage more followers, nurture more prospects, and delight repeat customers along the buyer’s journey. So, how do you go about doing that? Assume you’ve just finished a video. Consult your video marketing plan first, and think about which stage of your sales funnel you’re aiming to improve. 

So, how do you go about doing that? Assume you’ve just finished a video. Consult your video marketing plan first, and think about which stage of your sales funnel you’re aiming to improve. If your goal is to increase the number of people who see your company or product, for example, you should consider using your video in outreach activities. Alternatively, if you’re losing visitors once they arrive at your homepage, you might use your Site to Promote YouTube Music video to further engage and educate them on your company’s website or in marketing emails.

Where to post a video, regardless of your purpose

  1. Your website — Your videos should be hosted on your website, regardless of where else you put them online. And we’re not just talking about uploading a single “About Us” video—you should build a space where you routinely publish video material, such as a company blog or news website. Not only is it convenient to have everything in one location, but adding video to your website improves SEO, product knowledge, and sales. Furthermore, 83 percent of marketers claim that video has enhanced their website’s dwell time (Wyzowl).


  1. Accounts on social media — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages for your firm are all important venues to publish your latest video. We’ll go through how to use video on each platform in more detail below, but if you’re new to video marketing and aren’t sure where to start, your social media accounts are an obvious choice. Why? According to Animoto, 60 percent of customers who made a purchase from a company learned about them through social media, and video content can help you attract that attention.


Where should a video be posted to get more viewers?


  1. Facebook and Instagram – Because Facebook and Instagram are technically owned channels, publishing videos to your account typically engages and nourishes your existing followers. However, because advertising on these platforms is such an effective way to reach new audiences, uploading your movie on these platforms is equally essential for attracting more viewers. They are the first and third most popular social media platforms in the world, respectively.


  1. Twitter and Tumblr — Tumblr and Twitter, while not as closely tied as Instagram and Facebook, offer similar capabilities when it comes to enticing new visitors using hashtags. To obtain more views, try turning your video content into short GIFs and memes.


  1. Yelp – Yelp is a terrific tool for generating new potential consumers, especially because it will be one of the first places new visitors seek for more information about you or nearby businesses. Adding professionally created video material to your Yelp business page will help you stand out, get more visitors, and obtain more walk-ins or planned appointments.


  1. Reddit – Reddit is a social media platform with millions of users and nearly as many subreddits, or specialised communities within Reddit. The main video subreddit, as well as any industry-specific subreddits relevant to your video topic, can be ideal places to post your movie. Just remember to join the community and contribute on a regular basis rather than just sometimes.


  1. TripAdvisor – Just as publishing a video on Yelp draws local business, uploading a video on TripAdvisor attracts visitors, business travelers, and locals seeking for new options in their area. TripAdvisor is clearly a superior pick for companies with physical locations, such as restaurants and bars, as well as more area-specific experiences and attractions, although having wider reach is always beneficial.


  1. Dailymotion — Dailymotion is a video sharing website headquartered in France that allows users to search tags, categories, channels, and user-created groups to view, submit, and explore videos. If you’re wanting to diversify your sources of traffic, posting your video material on this site is a good approach to reach different viewers than those on YouTube or other social networking sites.