If you struggle to hire the right freelance Oracle developer for your organisation, this article is for you! In this article, you will find the most simple guide, following which you can easily get the best freelance Oracle developer on board!


Hiring is always considered as a tedious task. Most big companies outsource the tedious hiring jobs to hiring consultants, human resource managers, technical recruiters, third-party staffing agencies, etc. This process costs them a lot of investment.


This process may seem impractical for small businesses and medium-sized companies. It is not necessary to always implement this grand hiring process. 


There are simple ways through which you can hire the right Oracle developer for your organisation, which will save you a lot of time, effort, and investment. 


Major Challenges Companies Face in Hiring Oracle developers:


There are many challenges in recruiting a technical person. A technical role demands appropriate technical skills and the soft skills and experience for the role. 


If you hire the wrong person, you will suffer losses in terms of investment, time, and effort.


Sometimes the developer you hire may have the basic database administration knowledge but lack the problem-solving skills that are required when encountering challenging and complex use-cases.


Software and web development is a costly and lengthy process. So, you need a long-term and goal-oriented professional.


There has been an increase in demand for Oracle developers because only a handful of professionals can do the job right.


There is a huge crowd of development professionals, but only a handful of them know how to do it. Finding the right professional from the huge crowd is a near-impossible task. 


The database features such as size, retention, speed, change rate, and performance change over time. This can make it overwhelming for developers working on that database. They have to keep up with these changes and implement them in their applications/tech stack.  


Hire Oracle Developers Effortlessly With FFTP Formula 


Now, don’t get overwhelmed by reading the challenges involved; there is a simple and effective formula that makes hiring effortless.


FFTP or Find Freelancers on Trusted Portals is the best hiring formula for small, medium-sized, and even big companies.


When you hire freelance Oracle developers or any other professional from trusted freelancing sites, you get additional support from the platform free of cost. 


The top 5 benefits of hiring from trusted freelancing portals are:


  1. You get a customer support facility.
  2. The past feedback and ratings of a particular freelancer are at your disposal.
  3. Payment is released when the project is done to your satisfaction.
  4. You can hire them on a retainership basis for longer projects.
  5. You can provide your feedback; hence, freelancers will give their best to earn good reviews from you.


Not all freelancing portals provide the benefits mentioned above; hence, before posting your project on a site, you must read their terms, benefits, and privacy policy.


To conclude:


Technical hiring can be made a piece of cake with the FFTP formula. 


You can also check out emerging freelancing portals like Eiliana.com, which houses top-rated development professionals, including Oracle developers and others. 

Eiliana also provides the benefits mentioned in this article; along with this, they provide additional benefits, which you must check on their site.