Do you want your music video to be seen by anyone other than your friends and family? I’ll show you how to use YouTube Ads to promote your music in this article. I’ll show you how to tailor your best YouTube promotion company video so that it appears in front of specific YouTube videos or channels, as well as dive into YouTube ad pricing and other analytics. I’ll also show you several YouTube advertising mistakes I did that actually impacted my channel. That way, when you’re running YouTube videos on your channel, you won’t make the same mistakes.

How Much Should You Spend on YouTube Ads to Promote Your Music Video?

You may believe that YouTube advertisements are prohibitively pricey. For only 2 cents, you may acquire real views from people in your country who are interested in your music. It’s entirely up to you how much money you spend on your YouTube Video advertising altogether. With as little as $5, you can get started. However, you should budget at least $100 for your YouTube video ad campaign. That way, you’ll have a large enough sample size to assess your campaign’s statistics and determine whether or not employing YouTube advertisements to promote your music video is a good idea.

Why Should You Advertise Your Music Video On YouTube?

Before a specific video or channel on YouTube, your music video can appear as a skippable TrueView ad. That implies your films could appear as advertisements on channels or videos with similar audiences. If you sound like Taylor Swift, for example, Taylor Swift fans are likely to enjoy your music. So, before someone streams Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” you may use YouTube TrueView advertisements to play your music video. The idea is that because you’re targeting people who like videos with similar styles to your music, they’ll watch your video and hopefully subscribe to your channel.

Google Adwords and YouTube Ads

YouTube is a Google-owned company. To run video advertising on YouTube, you must first create a Google Adwords account. Google Adwords is a robust dashboard that allows you to manage all types of PPC campaigns across several platforms. However, because the focus of this essay is on using YouTube advertisements to promote your music video, I’ll stick to one easy technique. It’s the method I employed to promote my YouTube music videos. It’s when your video appears as a TrueView ad in front of content from specified channels, or even specific YouTube videos.

Multiple Metrics To Consider When Promoting Your Music Video

If all you want to do is get more people to watch your music video. Cost Per View is the only metric that matters to you (CPV). If that’s the case, I wouldn’t limit your targeting to the United States, as I did. Simply go for low-cost views in companies where the ad market is less competitive or where the US currency is stronger. However, if you want to increase your subscriber/fan base and learn more about how your music is received, you should consider a few more aspects. Again, Google Adwords is a highly strong platform that allows you to track a variety of indicators. You decide which metrics to track, but let me walk you through the process.

Conclusion: Promote Your Music on YouTube

YouTube advertising are a great method to acquire actual, targeted traffic to your website. For a relatively small sum of money, you may get your music in front of potential listeners and raise your watch count.

While you should be mindful that it can skew your metrics toward a shorter viewing time, YouTube adverts are a terrific method to obtain feedback on your music as well as get some views and subscribers.