It should come as no surprise that technology is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most in-demand businesses. It’s what drives innovation, communication, and information, and its impact on public and private sector productivity and success is enormous.

If you’re a techie but don’t know HTML, you’ll be relieved to learn that the best prospects for entrepreneurs aren’t limited to coding and programming; there’s something for technophiles of all interests and abilities. It’s all about using technology to link what you’re good at with the people who need it. Here are some of the most promising possibilities in the tech industry.

Provider of cybersecurity services

Nearly 80% of IT executives in charge of a company’s technological services say they are not adequately safeguarded from cybersecurity risks. Experts with the particular expertise and training needed to assist firms defend themselves against malware, phishing schemes, data breaches, WiFi hacking, and email hijacking that endanger their business and bottom line are in high demand. This specialist service is expected to rise by 31% by 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Having credentials in the form of credible certifications, in addition to a college or postgraduate degree in computer science or information technology, will help to establish you as a legitimate expert.

IT assistance

IT assistance

You can develop a successful business by using your technical skills to help others with their technological needs, from setup to troubleshooting. In a world where connectivity is the key to productivity and efficiency, the ability to secure and fix the devices that people rely on is extremely valuable. Backup recovery, cloud services, data management and security, and tech training, to name a few, are all areas where a tech superhero must be proficient and confident.

Depending on your experience, customer volume, and pricing structure, your professional, on-demand services can generate significant revenue. If you work for a corporation and charge a monthly retainer, you may charge $100-$200 per user per month; for pay-as-you-go services, you could charge $100-$200 per hour.

Broker of domain names

Those with strong bargaining skills, as well as a lot of resourcefulness and tenacity, can make money buying and selling online domain names. Today, there are over 363.5 million registered domain names, with the “.com” extension still the most popular, and new extensions being introduced all the time. This means that anyone interested in acquiring domain names with certain extensions will seek advice from professionals. The finest brokers conduct extensive keyword research to determine what’s hot and valuable, locate potential domain owners, and then broker deals with interested parties at a fair market price.

Brokers undertake the legwork and make the process easier for all parties involved in exchange for a flat fee or, in most cases, a 10 percent to 20% commission based on the selling price. Building a domain brokerage business requires time and effort, but it has the potential to pay off handsomely — especially when you consider the $2 billion market for domain resales each year.

Dropshipper for tech supplies


Dropshipping is a terrific way to get into e-commerce without having to invest a lot of money or have a lot of overhead. The online tech retail segment is popular and caters to a wide range of customers. It will account for $156 billion in 2020, or 22% of all e-commerce revenues.Tech enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to improve their device collection or wardrobe of tech accessories. You can choose your specialisation and design a compelling, curated site that speaks to your target audience’s desires, from clever gaming controller skins and button grips to earphone covers, bluetooth speakers, and the latest phone cases.

You’ll need to find suppliers who specialise in and have a strong reputation for completing the things you want to sell initially. As a dropshipper, you are only as good as your suppliers’ quality and shipping standards, so do your homework and choose wisely.

web developer

web developer

As practically every firm attempts to have an online presence, the web design industry is expected to increase at an annual rate of 8% through 2029. The finest web designers have a strong visual style, from font to colour theory, as well as a strong awareness of user experience and the ability to create dynamic layouts with compelling imagery and compelling writing. Working as a freelance web designer gives you more flexibility and choice in terms of client and project types.

This field is ideal for designers who are motivated by the challenge of keeping their work new, fresh, and exciting for a variety of clients across multiple digital platforms. Strong communication skills, critical thinking, and patience, as well as excellent knowledge of and access to leading design software, can aid you in executing your clients’ vision.

Electronics trash management and recycling specialist with certification

Electronic garbage, such as abandoned computers, televisions, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other appliances and electronic equipment, is toxic to landfills, and managing its disposal or recycling can be a lucrative business opportunity for the environmentally conscious entrepreneur. It’s staggering to think that only 17 percent of the world’s 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste was recycled in 2019. Nonetheless, many people are discovering methods to help, and the business, which was valued at $41.97 billion in 2019, is anticipated to grow to $102.62 billion by 2027.

Entry into this burgeoning sector necessitates specialised knowledge and training in the extraction and recycling of precious metals, as well as the proper disposal of hazardous waste. Approaching potential consumers with a compelling proposition geared to create awareness of the good impact your recycling services will have on the environment is a vital key to success.

E-learning trainer


E-learning is a booming sector that caters to everyone from homeschooled youngsters to people interested in learning a new skill or fostering a hobby. It was a $200 billion market in 2019, and it is predicted to grow to $375 billion by 2024. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this field’s development, but new technologies are propelling it to new heights. You can build your own curriculum and use the resources that educational platforms provide as an educator-entrepreneur preparing to enter the e-learning arena. Some are synchronous, with live instruction, while others are asynchronous, with pre-recorded, on-demand courses – the latter of which has the potential to generate long-term passive revenue.

In either case, experienced teachers can reach out to those seeking academic remediation, enrichment, or to pursue their passions by making the world their classroom. Working with students asking for help on established platforms like Tutor or Skillshare may be a smart initial step for those still honing their teaching or tutoring skills.

Consultant in social media

Consultant in social media

Social media has become one of the most important corporate marketing platforms for engaging with new and prospective clients, with approximately 300 million users in the United States alone. However, many businesses lack the social media expertise or resources needed to run a successful social campaign.

For businesses seeking a strong social media presence, marketing specialists with an eye for attention-grabbing images, a flair for app-aided graphic design, and witty short-form text abilities that promote participation can be an appealing option. Make spec accounts to show off your skills and abilities, and provide some intriguing information and stats about the strength of the best-performing platforms.

SEO professional

SEO professional

Professionals who understand how to use content, keywords, backlinks, and meta descriptions to help businesses enhance their internet traffic and conversions are extremely valuable. Having the capacity to unlock what many firms consider the key to digital success might be the makings of a flourishing SEO consulting business for people with skill in search engine optimization (SEO). A background in marketing, information technology, or communications is required, but a specific degree is not required. You’ll also need to show that you can optimise websites for high ranks on popular search engines and that you can develop clear plans that match your clients’ goals.

A certificate in SEO from a respectable and recognised programme, such as Google Analytics Academy, Moz, or HubSpot, could also be beneficial. The average annual salary for an SEO specialist is $69,491; however, as your business grows and you add more clients and SEO staff to serve them, the potential is far greater.

Provider of 3D printing services

Through a thermoplastic printing technique and a computer to interpret the product’s digital design, 3D, or additive, printing creates a tangible item.

It’s the stuff that engineers and designers fantasise about, and those with the will to make a business out of it will find plenty of opportunities. The possibilities for 3D printing things are only limited by your creativity. Eyeglass frames, jewellery, toys, and vases are among the most popular 3D goods. Business prototyping accounts for a significant portion of the 3D printing market, which is estimated to reach $62.79 billion by 2028.

A 3D printing company’s on-demand business strategy is efficient: you can use less material, make less waste, and the plastic products may cost less to ship because they weigh less than their highly made counterparts. Aside from some room in your home, CAD software, and a 3D printer and filament, a business like this may require less overhead. If you don’t want to spend $5,000 to $6,000 on a printer, you may upload your designs to Shapeways, sell them on your own site, and then have Shapeways manufacture the item for a percentage of the sale price.