There are numerous locations that provide free music site to promote YouTube music. However, finding them all in one location might be difficult. That’s why we’ve developed a list of the top places for musicians like you to get free music promotion! We want to hear your music, and we understand how difficult it may be to get started on your own. These websites will assist you in getting your name out there so that people will start paying attention! This list of free music promotion sites will help you locate the services and tools you need, whether you’re an aspiring artist wanting to get your music heard or a musician searching for distribution.

Sound Cloud

SoundCloud is the largest music and audio platform in the world, connecting artists with their followers all over the world. SoundCloud is more than simply a platform to submit your favourite music; it also connects creators with potential collaborators and advertisers who want to be a part of what they do best. Despite the fact that it has been around for a long, it is still a very effective tool for promoting your music to a bigger audience. You can repost other artists’ tracks and ask for a repost in return if you connect your SoundCloud account to Repost Exchange. You can gain a lot of plays and exposure very rapidly. It’s a win-win situation because both services are free.


In today’s music industry, it’s difficult to stand out. You must compete with millions of other musicians and bands who release new songs on a daily basis. Youtube is an excellent platform for promoting your music. You can create an account for free and upload your music. Many newcomers, like as Justin Beiber, have been discovered on YouTube and have gone on to sell over 100 million singles worldwide! You may easily market your music to a broader audience of fans by uploading consistently and networking with other YouTubers. Using a performance video that looks like the “viral” videos we see all the time is one of the finest strategies to promote your music on YouTube. 

Band Camp

Bandcamp is a well-known platform where you can find great new music and directly support the artists that create it. They offer a variety of tools to assist musicians in connecting with their fans, running their companies, and receiving payment. You can share your music from your artist page using the embeddable player on your website or blog. Fans can pay whatever they want for your music, get it for free in exchange for an email address, or pay a set fee for it. They have a lot of features, such as access to the fan community, real-time data, the option to sell items, and they make sure your profile is SEO-friendly so you can be found.

Indie Sound

IndieSound allows you to upload your songs and receive free music marketing by sharing comparable musicians. If the musicians appreciate your music, they will share it on their social media pages. IndieSound works well with Twitter and can help you promote your own music by leveraging the followers of other artists.


Facebook remains the world’s most popular social media platform. You can advertise your music to a vast number of people with a little originality and consistency. You may build an artist page on Facebook and use it to promote yourself. You can post your newest releases and keep your fans up to date on your activities and news. You can also share your playlists and embed music and video. You’ll need to focus on organic development for free music promotion, which means you’ll need to build genuine relationships with people before asking for their help sharing your music. Of course, they have Facebook advertisements, which use what is perhaps the strongest AI system for advertising, but this will be more effective.


Instagram has a big potential for artists to promote themselves, with over 1 billion users. So it’s well worth your time and effort to create and maintain an outstanding profile. It is critical to create an accurate profile. Make sure your profile photo is appropriate for your brand. It’s also crucial to write an accurate bio. You only have 150 characters to entice them to listen to your song. Because you only have room for one link, choose the most important one at the time. To get around this rule, you can utilise a programme like Linktree. Put all of your relevant links on Linktree, then link to it in your bio.


Although Facebook has over 1.5 billion users, it is not the best platform for musicians. Unless you pay to advertise your postings on Facebook, only friends and family will see them. However, everyone who follows you on Twitter can view all of your tweets! Plus, everybody who interacts with or retweets one of your tweets will be notified that they were referenced in one of your tweets. Before they become your friend, this can lead to increased followers and interactions with other individuals on their page. It’s vital to have your profile properly, just like it is on Instagram. Make sure your profile picture is good because no one wants to follow an egg. You have 160 characters to tell your story.


When most individuals think of Pinterest, they don’t think of music marketing. However, leveraging this platform to cultivate an audience has potential. So, why is Pinterest useful for music promotion? Here are a few reasons why you should use it to promote your music for free:

  • They put a premium on image and video connections. As a result, you can begin sharing your music videos, podcasts, and vlogs about your music, among other things.
  • Pinterest users can pin or re-pin your material, resulting in more people seeing it. Your audience can quickly expand.
  • Pinterest’s user base is pretty vast. This will provide you with a much broader group of people from various demographics.

Radar Label

Label Radar is a service for electronic musicians and producers to promote their work. They have a big number of independent and major record labels, as well as music promoters. The free Lite plan will provide you with 5 credits each month. One credit can be used to promote one tune. You have two options for promoting it. One to Many — This distributes your track to all of the labels and promoters listed on their website. It’s a good way to get your song out there, but no one can promise that they’ll listen. It can sometimes take a long time to find out if someone has listened.

Reverb Nation

With over 2 million artists and bands, ReverbNation is the largest online community for musicians. They assist you in advancing your career by introducing you to fans, industry professionals, and other musicians. You can meet people who will give you honest comments on your work, allowing you to grow as an artist or band. The free music promotion tools are intended to assist you in expanding your audience and increasing ticket sales at events.

Blogs about music

Music submissions are still accepted by a few of music blogs these days. It’s a fantastic method to receive some free music exposure. SubmitHub is a fantastic platform for submitting and finding these blogs. Signing up and submitting to blogs and labels are both free.

Create Your Own Website

For artists, having their own website is critical. You require a location where you may market your music while maintaining complete control over the content. You have complete control over the design and tone of your brand on your own website. You have the ability to shape the tale of who you are on your website. You have control over how the rest of the world perceives you.

Finally, some thoughts

It might be difficult to get your music heard by as many people as possible when you are an independent musician. There are so many various avenues for musicians to advertise their music online these days, and no single site will help you reach every single prospective listener. Find the top free music promotion sites for you and your demands in this list. Read our article Music Production: 6 Stages in the Life of a Song if you’re not quite ready to start promoting your music but want to learn more about music production.