It’s an exciting time for you since you’re about to debut a YouTube music video Promotion. You’ve hired a great director, created a compelling narrative and visual picture, and shot the video; now all you have to do is upload it to YouTube and wait for millions of views, right? Not exactly. Millions of views don’t just happen; they’re usually the result of a well-thought-out campaign aimed at building buzz and anticipation. Choosing which song from the album to make a video for, connecting the video to the release cycle, releasing teasers and behind-the-scenes films are all tools in your music video promotion toolkit. To get the most out of your investment, you must put them to music video marketing services

Why You Should Plan Your Music Video Release

Music videos are usually a significant expense and an important part of practically every album release cycle. If your video becomes viral, it can have a huge impact on the success of your song, album, or even your entire career. Your music video can become an entry point into your artistic universe and bring thousands of new listeners to your music if you manage to please the YouTube algorithm. If done correctly, a video release may turn into a significant PR event, aid in the development of your visual aesthetic, and elevate your brand to new heights.

1.Make a schedule for your releases

To begin, keep in mind that music videos are only one part of your overall release strategy. As a result, you must establish how your music video will fit into your overall release and marketing plan. Do you want to release the music video as a single from an upcoming album to create buzz? Or do you want to wait until after the album’s release and then edit in a tour announcement at the end? There are a million and one ways to go about it, but the most essential thing is that you plan each step with an end goal in mind, whether it’s promoting your album or going on tour.

2.Create Excitement

Beyonce’s album release may have been unexpected, but musicians normally want their listeners to anticipate — and wait for — their music. If your fans are aware that something is on the way and are excitedly anticipating it, it can assist you both generate listening across your back catalogue and ensure that when the release does arrive, it has an impact on your fans’ life. To make your music a topic of conversation among your fans, you don’t have to be Triple-A. Music videos are a terrific method to get people excited about an album. Furthermore, you can transform the music video into a mini-event in and of itself. Another significant consequence of hyping up your music video is release. The better your video performs in the first few days, the more likely it is to be picked up by the YouTube algorithm, thus its immediate impact is crucial.

3.Allow time for revisions

Throughout the video production cycle, a variety of snags and delays might occur: your artistic vision may shift over time, the shoot may be delayed, or post-production issues may arise. That’s why it’s crucial to give yourself plenty of time for editing and to keep your release date a secret until you’re 100 percent confident it’ll happen. You might look at Kanye repeatedly delaying the release of his album, putting the entire hip-hop world on the edge of their seats.

4.Create content that revolves around the video

Do you want your music video to be a big deal? Make sure to mention it on social media and inform your fans that something is on the way. It doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, keeping it simple and focusing on the video is usually the best option. Artists frequently share screenshots, behind-the-scenes images, teasers, and other content related to music videos. All of this contributes to the idea of developing anticipation, staying in touch with your audience, and maximising the video’s effect.

9 Music Video Viewership Boosting Strategies

We’re not here to tell you how to direct your music video, which angles to shoot from, or which outfit to wear in each scene – that’s up to you — but, putting the artistic aspect aside, here are some pointers on how to make your video have the most effect.

1.Send out a teaser

Release a teaser to give your followers a taste of your music video: even if it’s only a few seconds long, it will help pique fans’ interest and encourage them to check out the video when it’s initially released. Keep the curtain down, but choose a visually and emotionally appealing portion. Remember that the first impression of your video is crucial, so anything that builds anticipation is beneficial.

2.Make the Release Date Public

Promote the release date on social media, your CRM database, and your website. Change your bio to something like “Slow Dancing in the Dark: OUT Sept 12,” instead than just putting out a Tweet. As the release date approaches, send out emails to your fans mentioning the video.

3.Make the song available before the video

That goes without saying, but fans are considerably more likely to connect with a video for a song they’ve heard before than with one they haven’t. Fans will have their own emotional attachment to the song and a sense of its atmosphere, so they’ll be interested to see how you’ve envisioned it.

4.Select a Song Based on Data

Don’t make a music video for a song from an already-released album on the spur of the moment! Most digital streaming platforms (e.g., Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud) allow you to get first-party statistics on how many times your songs have been seen, and music data platforms like Soundcharts provide you with this information.

5.Work with a partner to distribute

It’s usually ideal to upload your music videos on the channel(s) that will reach the largest audience, which may involve partnering with another channel. Consider distributing the video under the record label’s account or collaborating with a third-party instead of uploading it directly to your YouTube channel. While distributing with a partner can help you boost some views, you must also think about the long-term. Converting potential fans to your YouTube channel will be more difficult — and if the video outgrows your distribution partner, re-uploading it on your website may be difficult. If you believe the added clout you’d gain from working with a partner is worthwhile,

6.Share behind-the-scenes videos and photos

As previously said, whatever you do to build anticipation for the video and let people know it’s coming can increase viewership and help it gain early momentum. The music video is kept mysterious by posting behind-the-scenes photographs and videos before it is released. You should offer fans just enough of a taste to let them know how good it is, but keep the mystery alive so the video remains unexpected.

7.Hire a One-of-a-Kind Director

Remember that a lot of music videos are made every day, and your followers are probably watching videos from their favourite artists who are releasing videos around the same time as you. You need to stand out, and having a truly distinct visual identity can help you do that. Kndrick Lamar’s “Humble” was one of the most visually stunning music videos ever, Lil Tecca’s Ransom video catapulted him to stardom, and White Iverson’s music video propelled Post Malone to prominence. All of these videos were directed by well-known music video filmmakers with years of experience. If you have the opportunity, hire a very creative mind to create your music video. 

8.First, make a lyric video

Another technique to get people excited about your music video is to make lyric videos. They can get a lot of views and are relatively simple to make. Make sure the visual elements are consistent, share it on social media, and let your followers know that it’s only a sample of what’s to come with your lyric video.

9.Turn it into a public relations event

Begin by contacting members of the music press to arrange for a video premiere. You can acquire coverage on the day of the release if you already have some clout — and, once again, the initial impact is crucial. It can be a good moment to begin a second wave of your PR campaign after you’ve published a song and it’s (hopefully) gotten a lot of views in the first week or two to give your video an extra boost. Reach out to members of the music media via social media and email with a link: you’ll now have evidence to back up your pitch, and music journalists will be far more likely to listen.


You’ve already progressed further in the music industry than most if you’ve created a professional-quality music video. While this is reason to rejoice, now is not the time to rest on your laurels or lose sight of your strategy. Don’t ruin a well-produced music video by releasing it quietly and unassumingly! Maximize the impact in every manner you can, and make sure that every step you take — from the initial announcement to teasers and behind-the-scenes treats — is thoroughly prepared with an end goal in mind.