Is Autumn a favourite season of yours? When the leaves turn orange and red, the sky changes colour, and the woodland transforms into a beautiful painting with a thousand colours of gold, it is truly a glorious season. However, this indicates that winter is approaching! The days are becoming shorter, and you can feel the loss of natural light on your skin, which lowers your mood. Here are some best winter destinations.

Take your sunglasses, sunscreen, and swimsuit, and book your trip, hotel, and activities at the best possible price.

Treat yourself to a sunny getaway in one of Europe’s warmest and sunniest winter sun spots.

1. Madeira Portugal


Our employees have travelled all throughout Europe, from north to south, west to east, but nothing compares to Madeira in terms of beauty. Madeira has the ideal climate: it is never too hot or too chilly. Madeira is an ideal destination for leisure activities, sports activities, rest and rejuvenation in natural or luxurious hotels; Madeira has everything you desire.

Come hiking, watching dolphins, or relaxing on Porto Santo’s beaches. Madeira is a wonderful place to visit all year with family, friends, and lovers.The temperature is nearly constant throughout the day, neither too hot nor too cold; do not expect a white Christmas in Madeira, but you will enjoy a stroll through the lovely Christmas market dressed simply in a t-shirt warm enough to face the average temperature of 18 degrees/ 64 degrees Fahrenheit at this time of year. Greetings from Paradise!

For nature enthusiasts, we propose the hotel Quinta do Furao, and for lovers of the world’s most exquisite hotels, we recommend the Belmond Reid’s Palace, a sublime 5-star hotel where Churchill and Lady Churchill stayed.

Book your flights to Funchal, as well as your lodging, tours, and activities in Madeira.

Where to stay: The “Hotel Porto Mare – Portobay” has four restaurants, six bars, and five pools.

2. Malta


Malta is the ideal combination of leisure, food, and cultural tourism. Alternate days of exploration of Malta with days of relaxation by the hotel pool. In the winter, the average temperature is 16 degrees (61 degrees F) and does not fall below 14 degrees (57 F). So, leave your sledges, hats, and gloves at home and bring your sunglasses and spring clothing to Malta for a fantastic vacation.

We propose the Grand Hotel Excelsior and the superbly placed hotel Ursulino Valletta for their outstanding value for money and ideal location. Book your favourite Malta activities, such as a vintage bus trip or a private tour with a local operato.

How to get there: Find the cheapest flights to Valletta and hotel accommodations.

“Grand Hotel Excelsior” is where you should stay. Located directly outside Valletta’s mediaeval entryway.

3. Portugal’s Algarve

Portugal's Algarve

Royals, international celebrities, families, nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, trekkers, and nightclubbers all find delight in the Algarve, a destination to visit all year. The Algarve is like a nice friend who is always smiling and happy, warming your heart and removing your problems for the day.

In the winter, the Algarve offers beautiful hotels at extremely competitive costs, such as the Pine Cliffs Hotel in Albufeira, the EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel, or the Muthu Oura Praia Hotel for small budgets who want to enjoy sea views.

How to get there: Plan your trip to Faro, including flights, lodging, and Algarve excursions and activities.

Where to stay: “Portobay Falesia” has immediate access to Falésia Beach’s pristine beach.

4. Tenerife Spain


We believe that the temperatures of 20 degrees (68 degrees F) in November, December, and January will be sufficient to allow you to recharge your batteries, go to the beach, and get a tan in the heart of winter, while your companions freeze in the cold pacing Europe’s most beautiful Christmas markets.

Choose the best accommodation and tours and activities in Tenerife, such as Whales and Dolphins excursions, to start planning your perfect vacation in Tenerife.

How to get there: Plan your trip to Tenerife by booking flights, lodging, and tours and activities.

“Jardin de la Paz” is a good place to stay. Beautiful views and a pleasant place

5. Mijas Spain

Mijas \sSpain

This lovely and adorable tiny town in Spain is unlike any other place in Europe. Its bright temperature throughout the year makes it one of the top winter tourist spots in Europe.

The sea’s warm air will energise you and recharge your batteries. Winter in Mijas is extremely rare; in fact, it only happens once every ten years, and the last occasion was in 2012. Book your Mijas accommodation at the best price and visit one of Europe’s most beautiful places.

The La Perla de Torrenueva offers peace and quiet due to its proximity to the beach.

Directions to the location: Book your Malaga flights, Mijas or Malaga accommodations, and Andalusia tours and activities.

“TRH Mijas” is where you should stay. Between the beach and the mountains lies this beautiful Andalusian-style hotel.

6. Cyprus


The word “Limassol,” the capital of Cyprus, conjures up images of sunny vacations. Discover one of Europe’s most beautiful islands, as well as one of the best places in Europe to enjoy the sun all year.

On the beaches of “Pissouri,” “Santa Barbara,” and “Vrysoudia,” you can learn about the island’s history or admire its most stunning monuments, relax on its hot sand, enjoy gorgeous vistas, go diving, or simply sunbathe. The “Blue Flag” is flown by all of them.

Sailing, water activities, hikes, and shopping are all available on the island.

Book your flights to Larnaca International Airport, as well as your accommodation and tours and activities in Cyprus.

Where to stay: “Amathus Beach Hotel,” which has direct beach access to the Mediterranean.

7. Tahiti – Bora Bora – French Polynesia

Tahiti - Bora Bora - French Polynesia

Despite its distance from Paris, this is France, namely French Polynesia. Bora Bora is a true miniature paradise on the planet. It’s small since it’s only 8 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide.

Come see the extinct volcano, the lagoon, and the reef. The island’s real name is “Pora Pora,” which means “first born,” because it is the archipelago’s first volcanic island to rise from the sea. Because it is easier to say, it is currently known as “Bora Bora.”

Book your Bora Bora hotel as well as your tours and activities, such as a private whale-watching tour.

How to get there: Book your flights to Motu Mute Airport, your Bora Bora accommodations, and your French Polynesia tours and activities.

Where to stay: “Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts” overlooks the Bora Bora Lagoon’s azure waves.

8. Lanzarote Spain


The Canary Islands are blessed with year-round sunshine. Lanzarote has a pleasant microclimate with over 2500 hours of sunshine each year, a European record. In the winter, the temperature never drops below 14 degrees (57 degrees F) and can reach 20 degrees (68 degrees F) on bright days.

This island is ideal for relaxing, sunbathing on the beach, and exploring the island’s main attractions, such as the Timanfaya National Park.

Book your Lanzarote activities and tours, such as a “Volcanoes and Caves Tour” or a “2.5 hour Sunset and Dolphins Cruise,” as well as your Lanzarote lodging.

How to get there: Plan your trip to Lanzarote by booking your flights, lodging, and tours and activities.

Where to stay: “Las Costas,” which is near a golden sand beach, and “Iberostar Lanzarote Park,” which has a pool and views of the sea.

9. Malaga Spain

Malaga Spain

Malaga is a wonderful city surrounded by other European tourism gems like the “Caminito del Rey,” a fantastic hike through Spain’s mountains, and exceptional tiny cities like Ronda, with its famed bridge, which is regarded among Europe’s most beautiful bridges.

During the winter months, Malaga has at least 5 hours of sunshine every day (compared to 1 hour in London in December) and average daytime temperatures of 17 degrees (63 degrees F).

This winter, fill up on sunlight by booking your Malaga accommodations as well as activities and tours in Malaga, such as a “Gourmet tapas tasting tour.”

How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga, your Malaga lodging, and your Andalusia tours and activities.

Where to stay: “La Casa Azul B&B” in Malaga’s historic centre, which offers excellent value for money.

10.Crete Greece

Crete Greece

Discover Crete’s wineries and the famous Cretan diet, which is recognised for producing centenarians among its residents. But perhaps their secret isn’t in their olive oil, wine, or fish-and-vegetable-based diet; rather their longevity and joy of life are due to the great sunshine they receive.

In December, the ‘worst’ month of the year, you can count on at least 5 hours of sunshine each day (compared to 1 hour in London) and average temperatures of 17 degrees (63 F).

Don’t waste time and book your hotel, B&B, or apartment in Crete, as well as tours and activities like a “afternoon sailing trip to Dia Island” or a full-day excursion to the island.

How to get there: Book your flights to Chania or Heraklion Airports, as well as your Crete accommodations and tours and activities.

Where to stay: “Nostos Beach Boutique Hotel,” which is just metres away from the lovely Bali Beach.