Are you looking for a comprehensive list of English sports? Good news: you’ll discover a comprehensive sports list with images and examples in English below.

Participating in various sports is one approach to release stress and keep a healthy body. You don’t simply improve your physical health with them; you also enjoy and have a good time with your pals. Friendship, teamwork, hard effort, and discipline are all promoted through sports. The joy you get from playing the sport is equal to, if not greater than, the joy you get from winning it. Run through this article for information on the various types and examples of sports that are now available. Here are list of different games and sports.

This section will teach you the correct English names for a range of sports, which will help you expand your vocabulary and enhance your speaking and listening skills.

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1.Sports Schedule

All forms of competitive physical exercise or games that attempt to use, maintain, or enhance physical ability and skills while offering enjoyment to participants and, in some cases, entertainment to spectators are included in the sport.

2. Sports Types

Let us first explore the classifications of known sports before going over the list. Sports are classed based on the major equipment utilised or the environment in which they are played. The following are the various sports:


Aerial Sports

A large realm of aerial activities performed as sporting events is referred to as air sports.


Athletics are sports that put an athlete’s endurance, strength, and speed to the test. Competitive running, walking, jumping, and throwing are all part of it.

Sports involving balls

Ball sports are games that involve the usage of a ball. Ball-over-net, ball-and-bat, and ball-and-stick games are all included in this category.

Board Games

These sports are played with a special board as the major piece of equipment. Surfing and skateboarding are examples of this genre.

Sports involving combat

Fighting sports are another name for combat sports. It’s a one-on-one combat sport with a competitive component. It encompasses all martial arts and ancient combat events, regardless of whether they employ raw force or specific weaponry.

Sports involving cycling

Cycling, sometimes known as cycle sports, refers to any competitive physical activity that involves riding a bicycle. They can be performed as a race or as a show that demonstrates stunts on bikes.


Gymnastics is the methodical execution of exercises that demand and demonstrate balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and total physical conditioning. Various equipment, such as rings, beams, and bars, are frequently used.

Ice Hockey

Ice sports, as the name implies, are sporting events that take place on an ice surface. They usually take place during winter sports competitions.

Indoor Activities

These are games that do not require the use of an open field. They can be done at home or in a specifically designed indoor environment. The majority of table-top games are played inside. Indoor versions of some outdoor sports have been developed. Indoor cricket and indoor soccer are two examples.

Mental Sports

A mind sport is a competition centred on a certain intellectual aptitude to strategy and win. It does not necessitate strenuous physical activity or body movement. As a result, it necessitates more cerebral than physical abilities.

Multisport Competition

This refers to events that are made up of components that support several sports. It is a combination of a number of disciplines, mainly athletics, that are executed in order. Triathlon, tetrathlon, pentathlon, and other similar events are examples of this category.

Motorsports refers to a variety of competitive athletic events that involve the use of motorised vehicles in racing or non-racing competitions.

Sports involving rackets

Racket sports refer to any sport in which players use rackets to smash a ball or another item. Players’ agility and speed are showcased and improved in these sports.

Strength Training

This sport is primarily concerned with an athlete’s muscular strength and capability. A strength athlete competes and trains by displaying his muscle mass or power. Weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding are examples of these sports.

Sports Target

Competitive games involving throwing or shooting a piece of equipment at a target are referred to as this. It improves focus and concentration while also encouraging patience.

Water Activities

Water sports refers to any sporting event that takes place on or near water.

Sporting Events

Being able to refer to the various names of sports in English can be extremely useful when discussing hobbies and interests. If you enjoy playing or watching sports and want to start talking about it with English speakers, this is really important information. It’s also wonderful for reading about sports in newspapers or on the internet.

A list of sports and games in English, complete with example sentences and attractive illustrations.

Different Sports and Games Have Different Names

Her husband is a teacher in archery.

Badminton is a sport that can be played by two or four players.

Cricket – Fans enjoy seeing attacking cricket.

Are you interested in bowling with us on Friday?

Boxing – He is the world boxing champion.

Curling — At a curling club, she met her buddies.

Tennis – She was one of her generation’s top tennis players.

Skateboarding – These are just some of the reasons why skateboarding has become so popular.Surfing is something they do every weekend.

They were engaged in a game of hockey.

Figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics are two sports that I enjoy watching on TV.

She practises yoga for one hour every day.

He is well-known for his fencing skills.

Physical fitness refers to having a healthy body.

Gymnastics – At school, we do gymnastics.

Karate – He is a karate black belt.

Tim is a member of the national volleyball squad.

Weightlifting – In a weightlifting competition, how many refs are there?

Basketball – I play basketball for the squad.

Baseball – How about going to a baseball game?

Rugby is something I do just for fun.

Wrestling – When he watches wrestling on TV, he gets carried away.

High leaping is a popular sport at that institution.

Hang gliding – She has no fear of this sport.

Car racing – I get a headache watching sporting events like car racing.

Cycling – We did a lot of cycling last year in France.

Have you gone for a run this morning?

One of his favourite sports is table tennis.

Fishing – In the lake, they can go fishing.

Murray is a black belt in judo.

Climbing – Rock climbing is quite dangerous.

Billiards/Pool (United States) – We played billiards before going to a restaurant.

Shooting – I need to improve my shooting skills.

Horse racing – He squandered too much money on the sport.

Horseback riding is a popular pastime for some people, but I prefer golf as a hobby.

Do you want to go golfing tomorrow?

Football (United Kingdom)/ Soccer (United States, Australia) – The boys were eager to play football.

Different Types of Sports and Games | Illustration


Sports Video Playlist

American English pronunciation in a sports video.