Learn how to increase your subscriber count

It’s one thing to create a YouTube channel; it’s another to understand how to advertise it if you want to be successful on the network.

After all the effort you’ve put into making your promote YouTube music video, the last thing you want is for no one to watch them.

Choose interesting and relevant video titles

The title of your films has a significant impact on how many views they receive. Your video will gain more views if it has a brief, snappy, and relevant title. Viewers will not want to click on your title if it is long and unrelated.

The title of your video should create a response in the audience that makes them want to watch it. Although clickbait titles might be beneficial, you don’t want your channel to be linked with them because they can cause more harm than good. Instead, concentrate on how your video can help individuals. Your video’s keyword, which is the term people will use to search for content, should be relevant.

Make your own video thumbnails

To attract people to your videos, combine an intriguing video thumbnail with a catchy title.

A bright, high-quality image that’s relevant to the topic you’ve chosen is considerably more likely to generate clicks than YouTube’s default thumbnail.

To maximise visual appeal, images should contain contrasting colours. If you’re using text, use persuasive language to entice people to watch your video and subscribe to your channel. Download our FREE ebook to learn more about how to effectively mix text with visuals.

Design Wizard is a one-of-a-kind collection of YouTube video thumbnail templates that you can customise and use on your videos.

Choose keywords that people use to find you

Your video will have a better chance of ranking on Google and thus getting discovered by the right audience if you choose the right keyword.

To get the search volume for certain keywords on Google, use a service like Google Ads. Then, using an SEO tool such as Ahrefs, see how difficult it will be to rank for those keywords. You’ve hit pay dirt if your chosen term has a high search volume and low difficulty.

Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) can also provide a wealth of information on a keyword. Check to see if the top results are text-based or video-based. The outcomes that prioritise videos are those that

Social media promotion

Cross-promoting your YouTube channel on other social media platforms is an excellent approach to increase the number of people who see your videos. To get the word out, use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This allows you to post about your channel in different ways, but you should always maintain the tone and presentation of your channel.

You may include a video thumbnail or a brief teaser clip to persuade visitors to visit your channel when sharing a post.

It can be difficult to promote your videos across all platforms, so focus on the ones where you are most active.

Make a blog post about it

If you have or want to start a blog, it might be an excellent approach to regularly advertise your YouTube channel.

Embed videos in your posts to make them more interesting and to increase the number of people who see them.

If a blog piece is going well, you may make movies about it and try to ride the coattails of its popularity.

Employ email marketing

Collect the emails of your YouTube subscribers to start an email list. Then, if you publish new videos, keep in touch with them.

Subscribers who are interested in what your channel has to offer will visit it through these emails, increasing the number of views on your videos.

Emails can also be used to promote older videos at periods of the year when they are more relevant.

Make contact with companies

While sponsors may not be interested in your channel right now, as your channel expands, this may change.

If you’ve amassed a large enough following, you might be able to contact a brand about appearing in your films.

Make sure the brand you purchase is appropriate for your needs.

Consider making a video series

A video series is an excellent method to keep people engaged and interested in your channel.

Plan out the story you’d like to tell and begin making films that build on each other.

A series might range from a few episodes to a recurring theme that continues as your channel grows.

At the end of each video in a series, mention what you plan to accomplish next and give your viewers teasers that will entice them to return.

Make your own playlist

Playlists are one of the most popular ways for YouTubers to increase video interaction.

When one video ends, another begins immediately, increasing the likelihood of viewers becoming bored.for a longer time.

This is also favoured by YouTube’s algorithm, which favours videos that drive longer watching periods in search results.

Create YouTube video thumbnails to give your playlists a more consistent look and appeal to users.

Join forces with other artists

If you have the opportunity to collaborate with other YouTubers, take advantage of it. It’s lot easier to succeed with some assistance and advise than it is to go it alone.

Find YouTube channels that provide similar content and have similar audiences and contact them.

Perhaps you could collaborate on a video or feature as a guest on one of theirs. YouTubers that want to collaborate and develop their separate fanbases have a plethora of choices.

Give your audience something they can use

On YouTube, providing value is frequently underestimated, but the best channels understand how critical it is.

If you can consistently provide value to your audience with your videos, they will subscribe.

Create a compelling bio

A decent bio will help anyone who chances to read it market your channel. A bio can also be used to promote your blog or other websites.

Be as specific as possible when describing your channel, and emphasise the pleasure of watching your videos. Include any qualifications that demonstrate your authority on a certain subject. If it’s appropriate for your channel, you might also include your upload schedule here.

An about section appears not only on your channel, but also in YouTube search results. Use keywords that you want to rank for early in your bio and sprinkle them throughout the rest of it.