Hair will have fewer breakage and flyaways if the unhealthy split ends are removed. This gives it a much thicker, shinier, and longer appearance. It’s also crucial for preserving your hair’s health, which is crucial if you want it to grow long. Because, in addition to having Rapunzel’s hair length, you want it to look and feel like hers. Here’s the journey to Healthier Hair to Scalp Massages.

Find a professional hairdresser you can trust and who shares your desire to improve your hair. I’ve always wanted Rapunzel’s long, flowing locks since I was a child. But, sadly, it’s never fully happened for me.

My hair has never quite reached the length I’ve envisioned, whether it’s due to my genes or my highlighting habit. As a result, for the past ten years, I’ve been on a quest to grow my hair longer, stronger, and healthier. My journey to Healthier Hair to Scalp Massages

I’ve tried a slew of old wives’ tales and hair-growth products that claim to work like magic. I’ve experimented with horse hair shampoo (yep, it’s rumoured to have magical abilities). I’ve tried in-salon treatments that took hours to complete and professional scalp massages to stimulate my hair follicles on a regular basis. I even managed to keep the scissors at bay for four years. (Can you foresee where the schism will end?)

However, in recent years, the cosmetic industry has launched a slew of amazing products for those of us who fantasise about long, tumbling locks. Here are the hair-growing and-improvement products and methods I’ve personally tried and tested, as well as whether or not they worked:

1. Restructuring the hair

hari colour

Finally, it works!

When I initially tried it, I was sceptical, but I’ve been using a combination of Olaplex treatments and L’Oréal’s new Smartbond with my highlights for nearly two years. I’ve observed a significant change. Not only is there considerably less breakage, but my hair’s gloss, thickness, and overall health appear to have improved as well.

To be honest, unlike other hair treatments, you won’t see these differences right immediately. These products target the internal bonds and structure of your hair follicles rather than the attractive surface. My hair is already thin and prone to breakage, but the restructuring treatments help to strengthen it, prevent breakage, and reduce the damage caused by the colouring process.

Restructuring treatments can be done in conjunction with your regular colour or in between colour treatments. Two in-salon visits and a final step at home are normally required to finish the treatment. It’s not inexpensive, and I’m sure some individuals are tempted to quit up because they can’t see the difference. However, I credit this as a huge influence in the transformation between my before and after photos.

2. Scalp rubs

scalp rub

Conclusion: It works

Scalp massages, Journey to Healthier Hair to Scalp Massages  when done correctly, can improve blood circulation to the hair follicles. They not only relieve stress, but they also nourish the scalp and increase the strength and thickness of your hair. To put it another way, it’s fantastic for your hair!

I was immediately sucked in. And, while I tried massaging my own hair for a while (which is a nice pleasure in the shower since it allows you to enjoy the act of washing your hair rather than feeling like it’s a job), I ultimately determined that the only authentic way to do it was to hire a professional.

This is when I learned about Aveda’s unique Scalp Detox treatment. It’s a comprehensive transformation and balancing treatment that pampers your scalp. Because, let’s face it, do we ever adequately care for our scalp? It’s the perfect environment for dead skin and product buildup.

The Aveda in-salon treatment was really pleasant, consisting of a scalp massage that included exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturising. A special looped hairbrush was even available to aid in the removal of dead skin and other deposits.

After that, a blow-dry completed the procedure. My hair had never felt lighter or cleaner in years. My scalp was nourished and healthy, and I observed a significant change in my regrowth over the next few months. My hair grows half an inch a month (if I’m lucky), but the regrowth at my next colour treatment much exceeded my expectations.

3.Shampoo for horse hair


The conclusion is that it did not work.

So, why did I start shampooing with a product designed for horses? Well wondered

Horses have specific shampoo made for them to boost the thickness of their mane, tail, and coat, I believe I read somewhere. Plus, a simple Google search revealed that Demi Moore, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Aniston — three women known for their long tresses — were all fans, so I wasn’t completely wrong! It’s clearly taken off. Mane’n Tail, a prominent company, has released a new collection of their best-selling formula that has been adjusted for human usage.

This protein-rich shampoo, enriched with olive oil, provides gentle cleansing without depleting your hair’s natural oils, promoting fuller, longer, stronger, and thicker hair. A few years back, I tried this product (when it was still for horses). I tried it for about a month after obtaining on the internet. My hair did feel clean and glossy, but I didn’t think the moisturising properties were strong enough for my coarse and frizzy hair.

In terms of hair growth, I didn’t observe a significant difference. So I gave up horsing around and went for a new shampoo. I’ve switched to Aussie, which is incredibly hydrating, and their 3 Minute Miracle masks are fantastic for hair recovery. Kérastase is another product I use. Their products do an excellent job of protecting colour while also moisturising, softening, and balancing the oils.

4. Prohibition of scissors

The conclusion is that it did not work.

I was certain that my hairdressers were lying to me when I was 16 years old. I imagined them all conspiring against me, advocating regular trims to keep their businesses afloat rather than achieving my aim of miraculous hair growth. They’d clip my hair every time I believed it had grown, and we’d be back to square one.

I couldn’t understand why they were putting me through so much pain over and over again. So, to prove that I was “correct,” I prohibited the use of scissors on my hair for four years. In fact, I didn’t allow my hairdresser trim my ends until I was 21 years old.

While I’m sure a trim every six weeks is only necessary if you’re trying to maintain a certain look, I now get a good cut twice a year and don’t regret it. Trims don’t make your hair grow quicker (despite my father’s comparison of hair to grass), but they do improve the look, condition, and feel of your hair.

Every several months, I visit Neville Salon in London. They’re not just a fantastically helpful staff of hairdressers who can help you achieve your hair goals, but they’re also pioneers in hair colouring methods and techniques.

Your hair is a huge part of who you are. You don’t want to skimp on putting it in the best possible hands.

5. Supplements containing selenium

Conclusion: They’re effective!

When it came to supplements, I was once again sceptical. Because of my IBS experience, I don’t have a lot of faith in medications, which is perhaps why I’m not a big fan of oral capsules. Nonetheless, I decided it was worth a shot.

I got to work figuring out which option would be the greatest. I stumbled found a vitamin called selenium along the road, which is a component of proteins associated to hair growthTrusted Source. Brazil nuts, oats, tuna, spinach, eggs, beans, and garlic are all natural sources of selenium.

If you take birth control pills (like I do), you may experience a selenium shortage. Source you can trust. After reading this, I went to my local drugstore and bought 60 days’ worth of a reasonably natural and basic supplement (not bulked out with a bunch of other stuff I’d never heard of). Sixty days became 90, and 90 became 365.

My hair felt lustrous, thick, and luscious, and I couldn’t get enough of it. While I understand that hair health is subjective (and so the selenium supplements could be a placebo), I experienced a significant reduction in hair health, an increase in breakage, and a halt in hair growth when I stopped taking them.

6. Hair masks made at home

home made hair mask

Conclusion: They’re effective!

I couldn’t afford the exorbitantly priced hair masks that promised miracle growth during my student years, no matter how much I wanted to try them. So, once again, I turned to Google for help and set about preparing my own hair masks and putting them to the test.

Olive oil, avocado, mayonnaise, eggs, vinegar, and even beer were mashed together. (I smelled like a hangover for weeks afterward.) My favourite and most successful combo ended up being castor oil, olive oil, and avocado. After just a few usage, I saw a significant difference in the glossiness, texture, and strength of my hair.

They’re also simple to make: combine the ingredients, apply to damp hair, wait 20 minutes, then rinse. If you’ve run out of your favourite hair mask, I’d suggest giving this a try. It’s possible that you’ll never look back!


That’s all there is to it. I tried six slightly crazy and strange things in an attempt to get my hair to grow. I now have considerably longer, healthier, and shinier hair than I did ten years ago, and I no longer have to forgo getting my hair highlighted every few months.

Keep in mind that a healthy diet and avoiding heat treatments, both of which have a significant impact on how your hair looks and feels, are also essential.In fact, I stopped using heat on my hair for a year and saw a significant improvement.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that your hair’s appearance is largely determined by your genes. When it comes to appreciating your hair, a lot of it comes down to embracing and working with the hair you have. Consider letting go of what you don’t have and figuring out how to make what you do have work for you!


Distillation or evaporation procedures are used to extract essential oils from plants. Essential oils are known for their scent, but they also have potent chemical capabilities that can help one’s health.

Because of their efficiency and low danger of adverse effects, essential oils have long been utilised in alternative, Eastern, and homoeopathic medicine.

Some essential oils have the ability to improve hair health. Oils can aid in hair growth as well as providing strength and shine.