You may have browsed through various YouTube channels and seen high-quality videos with little views and subscribers, implying that this channel needs more attention and views.

The key reason for its failure could be that the channel’s creator did not do a good job advertising it.

Views are important to any serious YouTuber. Without effective advertising efforts, the videos will remain undiscovered and dry in terms of reach and views, no matter how good the content of the videos is.

In this article, we’ll break down some YouTube promotion techniques so that your channel gets the attention and exposure it deserves.

After reading this blog post, you will be aware of the following:

The most effective methods for promoting your YouTube channel.

You can utilise these tips and tactics to get a promotion.

Things to stay away from throughout the procedure.

What Is the Importance of YouTube Promotion?

YouTube promotion essentially entails optimising the channel for best way to promote YouTube videos in a variety of ways.

YouTube is the most popular site for sharing video material, and it was founded in 2005. Since then, it has grown in popularity on a daily basis.

There are millions of YouTube channels around the world, with about 2 billion active subscribers. Every day, a large portion of these channels post roughly a hundred thousand hours of content.

Furthermore, for many content creators, YouTube is their primary source of revenue. This will give you a rough idea of how competitive YouTube is right now, and standing out in such a crowded market is no simple feat.

Given the current highly competitive landscape of YouTube channels, promotion can be a critical aspect in helping a YouTube channel or piece of content stand out. Now, let’s look at some of the most effective YouTube promotion tactics.

Boost Your Results with SEO Strategies     

In terms of accuracy, efficacy, and popularity, Google is without a doubt the best search engine. People nowadays are so reliant on Google that they use it to look for anything and everything.

It is not essential to search for specific YouTube videos using the YouTube search box. You can search for your preferred video on Google and get results that are linked to YouTube.

One of the most powerful tools for promoting any form of material, including YouTube videos, is search engine optimization (SEO).

You’ll need to conduct some keyword research. The objective is to employ Google-friendly keywords to ensure that your YouTube channel and video are seen as much as possible.

You’ll need to select the right Google-friendly keyword for this. Here are several methods for locating your chosen keywords:

Begin by searching for a potential term or option for your material.

Examine the search results to check if there is a video result at the top or not.

If no video appears on the first page, change your term and try again. You can improve your results by using “How to/tutorial,” but this is not guaranteed.

If there are video results, look at the keywords and see if there are any better alternatives to boost your content’s visibility.

To locate potential keywords, use the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool.

Optimize your video for YouTube.

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine among all search engines. And YouTube SEO is one of the most effective promotional tactics available.

YouTube SEO is critical if you want to boost the visibility of your YouTube channel and content on YouTube. It’s a fantastic resource for content marketing.

It works in a similar way to Google SEO. You may take advantage of YouTube SEO by including certain aspects in your video that help it stand out.

Using YouTube’s autocomplete tool is a simple way to do this. Simply type any keyword into the search box and wait for recommendations to appear.

It’s not required to copy and paste the suggestion; all you have to do is pick an idea and come up with a decent video title. In addition to keywords, accurate video descriptions and the use of video tags are also required for YouTube SEO.

A decent channel name is also an important part of YouTube SEO. For a channel like ‘Unbox Therapy,’ which is all about unboxing things, any name that is connected to the channel content can be a suitable name.

Make high-quality YouTube videos.

The content concept is just as vital as the video quality. If the video quality is bad, no matter how good your content ideas are, they will be worthless.

So, if you want to advertise your YouTube channel and videos, you’ll need something worth advertising first, which is high-quality films.

Choose an appropriate title for your video.

Because it is one of the first things that a viewer sees, a great video title is quite crucial. So make sure the title of the video is correct.

Some characteristics of a title make it appropriate for a YouTube video. The title should be short, descriptive, relevant, and interesting. These elements are listed below:

Concise: Short titles are intended. In this scenario, the shorter the better. Long titles are boring and time-consuming, so visitors try to skip them. As a result, make sure your title isn’t longer than 60 characters.

Descriptive: The title should be descriptive while also being concise. The title should offer viewers a general notion of what to expect from the video. As a result, the title must include the most crucial keywords.

Relevance: When a title is relevant, it implies that it is not clickbait. Make sure the headline is appropriate and does not contain any clickbait elements. The purpose is to direct visitors to the video based on the content title, and the material itself must not contain anything less than what the title promises.

You might receive a lot of views if you use clickbait. However, you should keep in mind that it may harm your channel’s reputation, resulting in a loss of future video viewers and subscribers.

Engaging: You won’t be able to catch any viewers’ attention if your title isn’t appealing. You may create an interesting title by employing cheesy words that pique the viewers’ interest and make them want to learn more. However, avoid turning it into clickbait and stick to the golden rule of honesty.

Make Your Own Thumbnails          

A video thumbnail is a still image that serves as a visual representation of the video in question. Because our brain is wired to emphasise visuals over text, a thumbnail is essential.

Essentially, thumbnails are the first thing viewers encounter when exploring videos, and they are the most effective technique of capturing their attention.

You may take advantage of this chance by creating a compelling thumbnail that will attract a lot of attention.

When it comes to thumbnails, YouTube offers a built-in tool that takes screenshots of the actual video and provides automated thumbnail ideas, which is a useful feature. In most circumstances, though, unadorned screenshots are unappealing, and the image may appear fuzzy.

You may make a custom thumbnail, which is a simple process. If you go at any popular YouTube channel, you’ll notice that their video thumbnails have personalised thumbnails. Furthermore, eye-catching custom thumbnails are a key role in enhancing click-through rates (CTR).

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To make unique thumbnails, you don’t need to be a graphic designer. You only need a few fundamental photo editing abilities that you can acquire in minutes from online tutorials and a photo editing programme like Photoshop.

A good custom thumbnail can include a screenshot of the movie together with some text or a banner describing the film in a suitable font.

Before creating a custom thumbnail, there are a few technical considerations to consider. These are the following:

The thumbnail image can be in.jpg,.png, or.gif format.

Unless it exceeds the 2 MB size restriction, any resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio should suffice.

The recommended resolution is 1280*720px.

Keep writing short and pick a legible typeface with a pleasing colour.

Organize the Profile of Your YouTube Channel

It’s more important to manage your YouTube profile than it is to focus simply on the video. This will help your viewers to quickly scan your channel and determine what they may anticipate from it. You can do so by following these three steps:

Complete your profile.

This can be accomplished by providing appropriate information on your YouTube profile. A viewer would be able to learn more about your videos and you as a content developer as a result of this. This will engage viewers while also potentially improving SEO.

Fill out the channel description with interesting details that include the keywords that your channel will be focusing on.

Mention your contact information, such as an email address or a website, or link to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, so that anyone may contact you. It may enable you to build a larger bridge between yourself and your viewers.

Organize the layout of your channel.

Anything that is well-organized is useful and appreciated. The viewers will be able to find a good menu and explore the videos you have added to your channel if you organise your channel appropriately.

Maintaining uniformity across all of your videos is one way to structure your YouTube channel.

Maintaining consistency entails adopting a comparable video title structure, theme, and colour accent on video thumbnails, among other things. This will make the channel look more consistent; keep this in mind when you add new content.

You may also design custom playlists that categorise your uploaded videos into certain categories, taking your channel’s organisation to a whole new level.

Let’s imagine you’re a gamer who makes films about performance boosts, benchmarks, and gameplay. As soon as you upload a new video, you can create custom playlists for these categories and add them to the corresponding playlist.

“Most watched” is a popular playlist that contains all of the channel videos with the most views.

Trailer for the channel

Trailers for forthcoming films or television series are fairly common. Trailers are thrilling, and they are one of the most effective promotional tactics.

Making a brief trailer for your channel can also be beneficial. YouTube has a channel trailer function that allows you to add a trailer to your channel and have it appear as soon as someone clicks on it.

Use social media to promote your YouTube channel.

We are all aware of the importance of social media in our daily lives. The phrase “social media marketer” was coined by social media, and social media marketing is one of the greatest online promotion tactics for YouTube videos.

Promoting your YouTube channel on social media will increase its visibility among the general public and attract a large number of users.

Open a page/profile and fill out the profile description as described above to promote on social media channels. This will give potential viewers an overview of your channel and its contents.

You may even pay for premium page boosting services, which will show relevant social media users your page or its contents as adverts.

You may interact with your viewers and keep them engaged by using social media networks. Teasers, for example, can keep your audience informed about when a new video will be released.

You can also get comments from your readers to help you enhance your content’s quality. You can do the same thing by writing a blog post in the forums of your choice.

Organize giveaways or contests.

Everyone loves free goods, which is why giveaway competitions are so popular in so many areas, including YouTube.

One of the most efficient ways to promote YouTube channels is through giveaways and contests. Even if you have to pay some money to hold giveaways and contests, the benefits you may get out of it are more than worth it.

Remember to keep the giveaway product relevant to your channel while selecting it. If your channel focuses on gaming, for example, you may give away gaming gear like a mouse, keyboard, headphones, or game codes.

When it comes to engaging in freebies, there are a few common behaviours. Subscribing to the channel, providing shoutouts via sharing the channel’s content through social media posts, and tagging many people are all examples of recommended practises.

The winners may be chosen at random. Keep the giveaways to a defined duration, such as 15 days or one month. Make sure it’s not too short or too long.

Analyze the results of your prior giveaways before conducting numerous giveaways, and then host new giveaways after a set amount of time.

Activate your audience with a call to action (CTA)

A call to action is a simple and effective approach to promote your video on YouTube. It entails encouraging viewers to interact with and watch more of your videos, resulting in more likes, shares, and subscriptions.

When watching a video, viewers are not required to connect, share, subscribe, or offer feedback. Here’s when a call-to-action comes in handy. You can just request that the viewers do so.

You can solicit audience participation by including a message at the end of the video, in the video description, in a pinned remark, or even on social media. To remind and urge your audiences to engage, you may include comments like “like, subscribe, and leave a comment if you enjoyed the video.”

Increase the number of people who click on your link (CTR)

CTR is the number of people who have clicked on your video thumbnail (view count) rather than the number of people who have watched it. For example, if your YouTube video thumbnail is seen by 100 people and 5 of them click on it, your CTR is 5%.

The major reason you should consider raising CTR is that the YouTube algorithm ranks videos in search results according to their CTR. Let’s imagine your video is the tenth result in a given search and your click-through rate is 3%. Increase it to 4-6 percent to improve the video’s ranking.

Making appealing thumbnails and compelling video titles is the key to increasing CTR.

Participate in Community Activities

Interacting with the community and obtaining feedback will help you improve over time and establish a connection with your audience.

YouTube’s built-in tools, such as polls, allow and encourage video creators to interact with their audiences.

There is a comment section on each video where viewers can provide input. You can respond to comments by like and replying, which the audience loves much. You could pin the top comment if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Wildcat:3 likes practically every comment on his YouTube channel’s comment area. Mattias Krantz also likes and responds to all comments for a particular time period that he mentions in his video.

You can also create response films depending on audience feedback.

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Try out YouTube Live.

Streaming is really common these days, and it’s a lot of fun. You’ll be able to communicate with your audience in real time. YouTube live has grown in popularity by more than 60% in recent years, according to official YouTube statistics.

YouTube Live is a service that allows you to host high-quality streams.

You can stream practically anything, and it is entirely dependent on the niche of your channel. If you’re a gaming YouTuber, you can live stream gameplay, tutorials, or a Q&A session where your viewers can ask you questions and get answers in real time.

You may ask for involvement live on YouTube by urging viewers to use the like, subscribe, and share buttons.


It’s impossible to get popular on YouTube suddenly. It takes time and dedication to achieve your goals with video promotion.

But these were some of the greatest and most straightforward tactics for gaining visibility, and if you’re serious about promoting your YouTube material, these techniques will get you started and offer you with the attention you deserve. If you’re still concerned, contact us so that our experts can assist you in achieving your YouTube marketing objectives.

As a result, if you want to produce outstanding YouTube campaigns but don’t know where to begin, contact us and we’ll walk you through a fantastic approach that will get you results!