The practise of organically building buzz by driving traffic from your target audience to your youtube video link via various promotional methods is known as youtube music video promotion. This is done to urge the YouTube algorithm to promote your music video to a larger audience. Email marketing, traffic reroute, YouTube ads, keyword research and ranking, thumbnail click baiting, Google SEO, and YouTube tags SEO are all used to promote this song.

Are you aware that the greatest three basic approaches for music video promotion to attract people to action are text (audio), sight (video), and touch? This holds true in practically every aspect of life, including romantic relationships and music promotion. Audio promotion may not be enough for musicians to take their work to the next level. That is why musicians must create a complementary music video and advertise it to the appropriate audience in order to leave a lasting impression that will cause listeners to remember the song.

Because it is 100 percent organic, risk-free, and conforms with all YouTube terms of service, the approach for music video promotion is the greatest method accessible online.

Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent companies that offer youtube music video promotion services, but all they do is use bots to artificially increase music video views for a short period of time, after which the views will return to normal or the video will be removed by YouTube for violating their terms of service.

These fraudulent views cannot be monetized because YouTube cannot authenticate the source of the views, and these companies sell the same views to millions of users, making it incredibly easy for YouTube’s algorithm to determine the source of these fake plays, resulting in mass account closures. Effective Ways Of  Youtube Music Video Promotion.

  1. Make use of Youtube adverts to raise your profile on the platform.

Because commercials are so prevalent on Youtube, this is the most obvious approach to promote music directly

Youtube ads are highly adjustable and can be put in a variety of locations:

Advertisements that display on the Youtube home page.

Keyword-related ads that appear when a person searches on Youtube

Advertisements play before, during, and after the video.

Ads that are only viewable on mobile phones

To begin developing YouTube advertising, you must first open a Google Adwords account. If you’ve run advertisements on Facebook or Instagram before, you’ll see that the process is very similar.

  1. Obtain verification for your Youtube channel

Verification is a fantasy on many sites, like Spotify and Instagram, but Youtube is the medium where verification has the largest influence. A verified channel is more likely to draw attention and provide you with exclusive benefits:

provides you with detailed statistics

increase your channel’s SEO

allows you to advertise your products and tours right next to your videos

You must have at least three videos on your channel to request verification. Then you can contact Youtube’s customer service team and make your request.

  1. Produce music videos and clips to accompany your music.

You’d expect to discover videos that illustrate an artist’s songs on their Youtube channel. These movies allow you to visually reveal a little more of your world and demonstrate that you are entirely committed to your musical endeavour.

Clips are king on YouTube, so make sure you have at least one on your channel! Music and image are inextricably linked, especially on Youtube, which remains a music and entertainment portal. A clip is also the best video to market using Youtube Ads.

  1. Provide a diverse range of content on your channel.

Your Youtube channel is mostly used to broadcast and promote your music videos as an artist, but there are many more methods to use Youtube to market your music. The popularity of vlogs on the site reflects users’ desire to learn more about the lives of producers and artists. If you have the time and motivation, you can absolutely offer various video types on Youtube, such as vlogs, behind-the-scenes videos, or videos about your musical influences… It will enable you to create a genuine community around your musical endeavour.

All of the extra stuff you provide contributes to the storyline that is so vital for increasing your music’s visibility and retaining your fans.


  1. Make use of keywords

The title of the Youtube video is important since it must help you to get the most out of your search and entice visitors to watch the video. Don’t forget to give each of your films a descriptive title and relevant tags. For your live videos and music videos, keep the title simple and to the point, such as your song title and artist name. For your other videos, you can look at what’s trending on Youtube right now and alter the content, title, and description to include relevant keywords in the tags.

Youtube Autocomplete and Google Trends are useful tools for determining the most frequently searched keywords by language and country, as well as the accompanying trends.

  1. Make captivating thumbnails

You want as many people as possible to see your video now that it’s up on the platform. The thumbnail should grab people’s attention and entice them to learn more. Colorful photos draw the eye in general, but picture quality is more crucial. If it’s shaky or improperly framed, it’s a sign that the video isn’t up to par. To get a satisfactory result, we recommend that you remember to snap images when recording a video for your channel and when filming your clips and other events. You can also use tools like Canva to make small adjustments.

  1. Make an emotional connection with your target audience.

In order to grow your Youtube subscriber count and promote your music, you must listen to and establish relationships with your followers. To start a conversation, we recommend like or responding to certain remarks. You can use the Youtube Studio app to manage your profile, create playlists, and respond to comments right from your phone!

You can also use community postings to tease future videos, announce new changes, and keep in touch with your audience! Images, videos, GIFs, Youtube playlists, and even a poll can be included in these posts.

8.Collaboration with other artists and innovators is a must.

There are a lot of excellent makers and artists on Youtube who desire to get more exposure. Collaborating and combining your fan networks is a terrific method to reach a larger audience. Whether it’s a strictly musical cooperation or something more general with a platform creator, any of these ideas can help you promote your Youtube channel and earn subscribers. Contact the artists and creators you’d like to collaborate with using the email address listed in their channel’s ‘About’ tab or on social media.

  1. Use Youtube to boost your other platforms.

You may also use Youtube to increase the visibility of your other platforms! Every video you upload is a showcase for your music, and you can include your other channels in the caption. To maintain this connection with your audience, feel free to include a cross-platform link in your profile and at the conclusion of the descriptions under your videos. You may just upload teasers and urge viewers to follow you on Spotify, for example, to locate all of your tracks as soon as they are available, to promote a forthcoming release or clip.

Don’t forget to include links to your social media accounts to keep your community growing across all platforms!

  1. Submit your video to well-known YouTube channels.

Streaming your music to renowned Youtube channels is a terrific method to get the word out about your new song while also directing people to your own channel. There are a lot of them, in all kinds of music, and some curators even offer to stage the songs with animations or post the words. Some placements are compensated, while others are not; if you have any questions, contact the channel manager through email, which is usually listed in the “about” tab.