There are numerous Digital Marketing courses and Institutes  and training facilities in India that offer career-oriented digital marketing courses and online training programmes to students from all over the world.

You can easily become a competent digital marketing expert by enrolling in such valuable courses. You may also become a Google certificate course in digital marketing professional by enrolling in one of India’s major digital training schools’ Google certified courses and training. Top-notch digital institutes may be found in major cities across the country, including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and others. However, it is strongly advised that you enrol exclusively in courses provided by certified digital marketing training centres in India.

You can enrol in a variety of digital marketing courses at respected digital marketing training institutes in India, such as SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, PPC, Adwords, and so on. Aside from that, you can get training on live SEO and SMO projects, which will help you learn everything effectively. Aside from that, reputable digital marketing institutions in India offer students additional perks in the form of job placements. It does, however, make it easier for interns to discover a career path in a competitive area.

Furthermore, reputable colleges will provide you with Google certification courses and Google Adwords training, both of which are required to succeed in the sector of digital marketing.

Students can take these courses at some of the country’s most prestigious digital training institutes. Overall, there are numerous advantages and opportunities for advancement by enrolling in valuable courses and training events offered by reputable digital marketing colleges or training centres in India.

The following are the Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in India:

1. Academy Of Digital Marketing

Academy Of Digital Marketing is a leading provider of digital marketing education and training in India. It is also regarded as one of Asia’s premier digital training institutes. More than 20 training programmes have been completed by the institute, with over 6000 individuals participating. Academy Of Digital Marketing is a Google recognised organisation that provides top-level digital marketing courses to students all around the world.

The institute has covered various digital marketing training programmes in India and around the world over the years.

The institute, which was founded in 2019 has made significant development in the competitive business. Currently, the institute is associated with some of the industry’s major companies, such as Reliance, eBay, Citibank, GM, and others, and provides them with high-quality digital services.

Academy Of Digital Marketing‘s most popular digital marketing courses include:

  • Email marketing • Inbound marketing • Growth hacking • Web analytics • Mobile marketing • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Search engine marketing (SEM) • Social media marketing (SMM)

All of the courses listed above have been verified and are based on current digital industry trends. In addition, all students will receive a one-month internship and training on real-world projects. The centre features a staff of skilled digital marketing experts, instructors, and trainers to teach such courses. Academy Of Digital Marketing has locations in Kolkata as well as other parts of the country.

2. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

The Delhi School of Internet Marketing is one of India’s top digital marketing training institutes. The institute, which is based in Delhi, offers a variety of digital marketing courses and training services that will prepare you to become a successful digital professional in the future.

The institute has a proven track record of providing excellent instruction in a variety of digital marketing courses, including SMO, SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, and Adwords. Apart from that, the centre offers full-fledged practical instruction on real SEO and PPC campaigns, which are critical for a website’s online promotion.

The institute has expanded its reach throughout India, with branches in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. Furthermore, the DSIM has currently trained 9345 professionals. To provide high-quality education, the institute has arranged over 246 batches and hired hundreds of professors and digital marketing experts. Aside from that, the institute provides excellent job placement chances for interns.


In India, NIIT is also regarded as a prominent source of digital marketing training and web development courses. Over the years, NIIT has expanded to more than 40 countries around the world, training thousands of students in digital marketing. In India, there are hundreds of NIIT centres located around the country. The most well-known NIIT centres are in Delhi itself. The institute claims to have educated over 40,000 digital marketing professionals in India as of now. In addition, the institute offers live training on SEO initiatives and social media strategies, which is overseen by highly qualified instructors and trainers. Furthermore, NIIT’s courses are Google certified, making them in great demand in the market.

4. SimpliLearn

SimpliLearn, situated in Bangalore, India, is a well-known digital marketing training company. Furthermore, the institute maintains branches in Houston and Texas, both in the United States. Mr. Krishan Kumar founded the company in 2009. The institute offers a strong foundation in digital marketing education and training, allowing students to learn in-depth the greatest internet marketing ideas. SimpliLearn provides learners with over 100 recognised courses as well as online training sessions. The institute also offers OMCP certification to applicants who have finished important digital training and learning sessions.

5. Digital Vidya

Another new digital marketing training institute in India is AIMA. It has also created important digital training programmes for both newcomers and seasoned professionals. Digital Vidya has also worked with AIMA for content and learning course materials. The institute is also committed to providing education and training to working students. On the other hand, the centre has created distinct weekends batches for students to master the top digital marketing courses.

The following are some of AIMA’s best digital courses and trainings:

  • Orientation to Digital Marketing • Analytics and Display Ads • Web Analytics • Google Adwords • Social Media Marketing (SMM) • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

6. Digital Academy

Digital Academy India is also one of India’s major digital marketing firms. Professional digital marketing courses and training are available at the centre, allowing students to become internet marketing experts in a short period of time. Currently, the institute has trained over 5000 individuals, including both novices and seasoned professionals.

The following are some of the most important topics covered in digital marketing courses:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Digital Display Advertising • YouTube Advertising • Mobile Marketing • Affiliate Marketing • Email Marketing • Web Analytics • Social Media Marketing (SMM) • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Lead Generation for Business • Website Optimization and Usability • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Digital Display Advertising • YouTube Advertising • Mobile Marketing • Affiliate Marketing • Email Marketing • Web Analytics


HiAim is a well-known digital marketing education centre in Delhi’s Moti Nagar neighbourhood. It has provided learners with career-oriented digital marketing courses and training programmes as an ISO 9001:2008 accredited institute. The institute offers the best digital marketing courses, including SEO, SEM, SMM, Google Adwords, Web analytics, and more. More than 1 lakh students and experienced candidates have been trained at the centre across India. The classes will be taught over the period of 180 hours. 50 hours will be spent on learning classes and 40 hours will be spent on live training sessions throughout this time frame. Students will have 50 hours of free time to learn on their own and participate in question and answer sessions. It doesn’t end there; the top students will be offered placement in a reputable institution.

8. Manipal Global Education Services

Learners can benefit from Manipal Global Education’s well-versed digital courses and well-furnished training rooms. It is one of India’s most cost-effective digital training facilities. The institute provides digital training courses for a low fee of Rs. 25000/-. The courseware will comprise the most up-to-date learning materials on areas such as social media, search engine optimization, web analytics, online public relations, and email marketing, among others. The institute offers a staff of skilled digital trainers who can take students through every element of the course as well as provide live training on SEO projects. In this institution, there is also the option of getting a job placement.

9. EduPristine

EduPristine is a well-known Indian college that offers important courses such as business analytics, big data, Hadoop, accounting, and finance, among others. In addition, the institute is well-versed in digital marketing and training services. The institute charges a reasonable fee for digital marketing courses, which range from fundamental to advanced topics such as SEO, SMM, SMO, Web analytics, Adwords, and so on. Under the leadership of experienced digital marketing experts, all topics can be covered in a two-week course programme.

The institute will also offer the following courses and trainings:

  • Google Analytics • Search Engine Optimization • Search Engine Marketing Framework • Social Media Marketing Strategy • Email Marketing Framework & Mobile Marketing • Lead Management • Live Project

10. Learning Catalyst

Learning Catalyst is a well-known training institute with seven locations across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. The institute provides well-organized digital marketing training programmes that last six weeks and include both learning and training. The institute also offers skilled and Google certified digital specialists to educate and train pupils. Hundreds of applicants have received good training at the centre, and they have been placed in prominent IT organisations in Delhi/NCR. The renowned learning catalyst is headquartered in Delhi’s Hauz Khas neighbourhood. As a result, interested applicants in Delhi/NCR can enrol in this institute’s digital training programmes and quickly advance in the field.

As a result, applicants can approach any of the top colleges in India and enrol in their best digital marketing courses. Before enrolling in courses at any institution in India, it is recommended that you review the courses, training programme duration, course fees, and so on.

Let’s look at the benefits of doing digital marketing courses in India.

Learning in Depth:

In India’s finest digital training schools, students and professionals in digital marketing may study in a world-class setting. You’ll also discover well-equipped classrooms and high-quality learning materials to teach students all aspects of digital marketing from the ground up.

Training in real time:

You will get the option to work on live SEO and SMO projects at reputable digital marketing centers. During live training sessions, students can also get recommendations on how to promote a client’s website on various search engines, as well as keyword research and marketing campaign creation services.

Google Certified Trainers and Professors:

By enrolling in digital training classes at prominent Indian schools, you will have the opportunity to acquire SEO tips and tactics from Google certified instructors. They will provide critical advice on how to handle difficult SEO initiatives and PPC campaigns for clients using Google tools and Adwords keywords. All of this may be experienced with the help of Google certified trainers who can be found in India’s finest digital training schools.

Offers of Job Placement:

The best digital marketing training institutions in India are committed to providing students with career-oriented digital marketing training. They also offer job placement assistance, allowing people to easily locate their career paths and begin a career in the digital marketing area. Job placements are available at reputable IT firms such as Infosys, HCL, NIIT LTD, and others.


You can look for renowned digital marketing training schools in India if you want to receive high-quality digital marketing training. Google certified trainers and well-organized internet marketing courses such as SMM, SEM, SMO, SEO, Adwords, Web analytics, and others can be found at such places.

By enrolling in such courses at any of India’s certified digital training facilities, you will learn how to effectively advertise a client’s business website online. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to investigate everything practically through the best online live training sessions. Furthermore, job placements and Google certification in preferred fields will be provided by reputable Indian digital marketing colleges.