Many free online digital marketing courses are accessible, ranging from broad beginning courses to specialised credentials for certain digital marketing fields. As a business owner aiming to improve the efficacy of your digital marketing campaigns, we’ve compiled a list of qualifications and courses that we believe will be most beneficial to you.

5 Affiliate Marketing Courses That Are 100% Free

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s items in exchange for a commission, sometimes known as an affiliate fee. If you want to use an affiliate network to promote and sell your items, you’ll need to brush up on your inbound marketing abilities and become familiar with the fundamentals of efficient internet advertising. We’ve put up a collection of courses to assist you round out your knowledge and improve your comprehension of this important aspect of digital marketing.

The Unbounce landing page conversion course is a free online course that covers a variety of topics in order to teach you how to obtain more conversions from your landing pages, which is an important skill to have in your digital marketing toolkit.

The Google Ads online training course is divided into sections that cover the disciplines of digital sales and display, mobile, search, video, and shopping ads. It gives you a great insight of how Google’s network works with affiliate marketing.

HubSpot Academy is a free and comprehensive inbound digital marketing course with over four and a half hours of content delivered via 38 lectures. From SEO to landing page optimization, you’ll learn about inbound marketing and lead nurturing, as well as a wide range of general digital marketing disciplines.

Google offers a free education on how to promote a business through internet advertising. The course consists of five modules with video lessons that will guide you through the process of developing a successful advertising and marketing plan that includes email marketing, video, and display ads.

Google’s free Google Advertisements guide is meant to rapidly get you up to speed, with chapters on getting started, mobile optimization, and best practises to help you produce display ads that turn clicks into purchases.

Analytics Courses for Free

You won’t be able to accurately assess the efficacy of your digital marketing strategies unless you have a deep understanding of analytics. Digital marketers use a variety of analytics services to analyse critical metrics for their online advertising and search marketing initiatives, but Google Analytics is perhaps the most significant (GA). The courses listed below will assist you in learning GA and using it to track campaigns.

Google Analytics for Beginners is a Google-provided introductory video course with four parts and 17 lectures. You can take the course for free and learn about how Google Analytics works, how to navigate the menus, reporting, dashboards, and shortcuts, among other topics.

When you’ve mastered the fundamentals of Google Analytics, you can move on to the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, which covers both fundamental and advanced Google Analytics principles. Planning and principles, implementation and data collection, configuration and administration, conversion, attribution, reports, metrics, and dimensions are all areas of learning. Before taking the exam, you can pick between basic and intermediate modules and use the study guides to prepare.

Google Data Studio teaches you how to visualise data in charts and tables that connect to a number of data sources, allowing you to share insights and interact with your team while also speeding up report development with appealing built-in sample reports. Data Studio integrates with Google Ads, Google Analytics, and other Google Marketing Platform products such as Google Sheets, YouTube, and Google Search Console, as well as several databases and social networking sites.

Courses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are available for free.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s content and technical structure in order to achieve higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Good SEO training is a free way of organically reaching a larger audience and enhancing the success of your online product, but to get results, you must optimise and advertise your material effectively.

These free SEO courses will assist you in honing your fundamental abilities and launching successful search marketing initiatives.

The Alison Diploma in E-Business is a free digital marketing course that has been certified by Alison. While the course covers a wide range of topics, SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Ads are three of the most important topics for search marketing experts.

The SEMrush Academy is an excellent resource for digital marketers. Search engine marketing (SEM) instructional resources and exams are available for free at the academy. You can earn SEMrush certification by taking the SEMrush SEO Toolkit test.

Backlinko’s thorough guide on Google Search Console management is an excellent resource for learning how to make the most of the new-look search console and improve your technical SEO.

The guide also includes advanced techniques and strategies to help you become a more effective digital marketer, such as how to acquire more organic visitors.

Courses on Content Marketing and Digital Public Relations are available for free.

Material marketing entails creating high-quality, captivating content that other websites will want to feature and link to in order to increase your brand’s visibility and authority online. The most successful content marketing strategies are collaborative efforts that benefit both you and the websites, social media influencers, and businesses with which you’re collaborating. These free content marketing and digital public relations courses will assist you in launching your own successful campaigns.

Hubspot’s free Digital Marketing Certification Course is an excellent introduction to creating, repurposing, and promoting digital content. The course is made up of 11 modules spread across 32 videos and takes little over four hours to finish in your own time. You’ll learn how to develop a content creation strategy, create and repurpose optimised content that search engines like Google love, and become a more strategic content marketer by the end of the course. Understanding content marketing, the power of storytelling, generating content ideas, and creating a content development strategy are among the topics covered.

Neil Patel, one of the most influential figures in digital marketing and a New York Times bestselling book, has published a free step-by-step guide to content marketing that is intended to expose new digital marketers to the concept of storytelling as a vital sales tool. It’s chock-full of helpful advice and tips written in simple English.

A free beginner’s guide on content marketing and how to utilise it to boost brand exposure with a specific audience is available from Optinmonster. The guide includes content marketing examples and FAQs, as well as important subjects like digital marketing tools and monitoring ROI.

Courses on Copywriting for Free

Any website’s structure must have well-optimized, user-friendly content that is engaging enough to offer your products and services. Your website will not rank in the SERPs without effective text, and your customers will not feel driven to buy from you. If hiring a professional copywriter to produce your website content is out of your budget right now, these free copywriting classes will teach you how to write your own website copy.

Copyblogger offers a free copywriting school that includes 16 eBooks as well as a 20-part email series of courses on topics such as content marketing, SEO copywriting, email marketing, keyword research, landing pages, and internet marketing.

The definitive guide to copywriting from Quick Sprout is a comprehensive guide to digital copywriting that covers issues like understanding the product you’re selling, generating a product description, understanding your customers, and conducting customer research, among other things.

Eduonix offers a free online course on how to become a professional copywriter that is jam-packed with advice from experienced copywriters. It’s broken down into five categories, and in the end, you’ll get a certificate of completion.

Email Marketing Courses for Free

Email marketing campaigns are still a vital revenue driver and an important aspect of many organisations’ digital marketing strategies. You can learn how to optimise your email marketing to boost clicks to your site, improve conversion rates, and increase revenue with these helpful courses.

Email marketing basics, how to develop an email list, maximising ROI, designing emails, and testing email campaigns are all covered in Mailchimp’s free email marketing strategy book.

Constant Contact provides a free guide to getting started with email marketing, which covers topics such as how to pick an email marketing service provider, how to acquire contacts for your email marketing list, how to create a reusable email template, and how to write persuasive messages.

The free email marketing certification course from HubSpot will educate you how to develop an email marketing plan that will help your company grow.

Contact management, segmentation, email deliverability, and email analysis are among the topics covered.

Influencer Marketing Courses for Free

Influencer marketing is one of the most recent digital marketing tactics, and it has proven to be quite effective for both established businesses and startups. Influencer marketing campaigns are a collaboration between a well-known blogger, Instagram celebrity, or Twitter user and a business that involves an exchange of value – the brand will frequently offer the influencer with items or services to try in exchange for a review. Influencer marketing could become a crucial element of your digital marketing strategy if your target audience spends time on Instagram or reading blogs. These free courses will assist you in getting started and getting the most out of your influencer marketing initiatives.

A complete Influencer Marketing Strategy course from Rutgers University is available for free on Coursera.

The two-step flow model of communication is used to design an influencer strategy to a wide range of organisations, as well as the best methods to apply to ensure campaign success.

The Introduction to Influencer Marketing course from Webfluential is free to take and covers topics such as how to detect an influencer, what metrics to measure, when to utilise influencers, how to budget for influencer marketing campaigns, and more.

Courses on Pay-Per-Click Advertising are available for free.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the technique of inserting advertisements above organic (search) results for a certain key phrase or keyword on search engine results pages. PPC, a key digital marketing approach, is the greatest way to entice people to visit your website if you’re a new company that isn’t currently ranking organically in the top spots on Google.

Google Ads is used by Pay-Per-Click experts to implement, monitor, and measure campaigns, and it’s critical to have a solid understanding of the platform to get the most out of it. These free PPC advertisements classes are a terrific method for business owners to get started with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

The free PPC University from WordStream offers online learning resources to help you improve your PPC and digital marketing skills, featuring classes for both beginners and advanced users. Keyword selection, ad groups, text advertising, quality score, cost per click (CPC), and a variety of other topics for beginners will be essential as you begin your career. PPC for lead generation and geotargeting are among the sophisticated components.

The Bing Ads Accreditation is a free PPC advertising course that walks you through the principles of search engine marketing on the Microsoft Advertising network and teaches you all you need to know to become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. You can get the free study guide and then take the exam when you’re ready.

PPC expert Joel Bondorowsky offers a free PPC fundamentals course on SEMrush, which consists of 36 modules. The course is only five hours long and covers many various aspects of pay-per-click advertising, ensuring you learn the information you need to establish and run your own PPC campaigns.

Courses about Social Media for Free

The single best way to contact relevant target audiences online is through social media. Before you start spending your hard-earned advertising dollars on Facebook advertisements and Instagram content, take a free social media course or two to learn everything there is to know about each of the key platforms you want to advertise on.

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) provides a free 15-minute social selling diagnostic to compare your abilities to those of other digital marketing professionals. While this isn’t precisely a course in and of itself, the DMI will recommend the best social media course for you based on its findings, and the diagnostic will offer you with useful information about your present performance.

The Social Media Quick starter from Constant Contact is a free course that teaches you how to mix social media and email marketing to get the most out of both channels.

The course is broken out into a series of modules that cover topics including digital marketing methods for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as online listing and review sites. This course is designed for novices in social marketing and includes real-world examples of how to apply the teachings.

The free Twitter marketing guide from Hootsuite is a detailed guide to getting started with Twitter marketing. Create a Twitter marketing plan, define quantifiable targets, identify target demographics, audit your Twitter accounts, and incorporate Twitter into your overall social marketing strategy are just a few of the topics covered.

Pinterest has its own set of best practises to assist you in getting the most out of your account and advertising budget. Creative best practises, pin techniques, and board set-up and organisation are among the topics covered.

The ultimate guide to marketing on LinkedIn is available from LinkedIn, and it covers everything from how to advertise on LinkedIn and build up company pages to sponsored content and broadening the reach of your content marketing strategy to share relevant and targeted information with professionals.

Courses on Video Marketing for Free

In today’s digital age, video marketing is frequently regarded as a more cost-effective alternative to paying for television commercials. You may buy YouTube pre-roll advertisements that appear before a user watches a video they’ve clicked on, or you can post your video advertising to Facebook and have them appear as a person reads through their news feed. These are just two alternatives for designing your video marketing campaigns; for additional information, check out the free video marketing courses we’ve compiled.

The YouTube Certification curriculum will teach you how to start a YouTube channel, expand it, optimise it, and monetize it. The certification is free and valid for 18 months from the date you pass it – an important step for anyone interested in using video marketing as part of their digital marketing career.

HubSpot Academy is a free online video marketing course that will help you acquire, engage, and keep more customers. There are four lectures distributed across 28 videos, as well as four quizzes. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Skillshare offers a variety of free video marketing courses to assist you in improving your video campaigns. Learn about YouTube video ranking variables, video marketing basics, the YouTube pillars, and five tried-and-true techniques to improve the reputation of your YouTube channel.