Google Career Certificates will help you gain some of the abilities you’ll need if you’re looking for a new job in one of the fastest-growing technological areas. Google’s online learning programmes now feature an Android programming certification course, as well as user experience design, project management, and data analytics. These are in addition to Google’s IT assistance programme, which has been available since 2018. They are relatively inexpensive, and enrollment does not require a degree or prior experience. Obtaining any of the credentials grants you access to interview advice as well as contacts to over 140 Google-partnered companies.

According to Lisa Gevelber, vice president of Grow with Google, the business identified subjects that can be taught successfully online, are in great demand, pay well, and can be assessed for expertise. Google personnel design and teach the courses in collaboration with organisations looking to fill technical positions. According to Google, these sectors have over 1 million available positions, with an average beginning salary of $69,000.

Who Should Get a Google Career Certificate and Why?

The certificate programmes in digital marketing are an option for anyone looking for a job in technology or want to improve their abilities in their existing position. These programmes were created with a broad audience in mind; according to Google, 59 percent of people who have enrolled in the IT support programme do not have a four-year degree. On Coursera, where the IT assistance programme is available, 27 percent of the general population participates.

Those with a four-year degree, on the other hand, have advantages. “Even for somebody with a college degree,” Gevelber says, “what we’re delivering is absolutely complementing.”

Some observers believe that education and learning skills are an important aspect of advancing one’s job throughout one’s life. Relying on an outdated degree isn’t always enough as organisations and industries change. “I don’t believe the world of work is one-and-done anymore,” says Julia Panke Makela, associate director for assessment and research at the University of Illinois’ career centre.

Google Career Certificate Courses Overview

The Google Career Certificate courses are usually completed in three to six months. Because users set their own pace, the time it takes to complete the task varies. Coursera offers credentials in IT support, IT automation, UX design, data analytics, and project management for $39 per month. So a six-month course will set you back $234. There are scholarships available. The Associate Android Developer Certification training is free of charge. The certification exam, on the other hand, costs $149 per attempt. Employees of Google teach the classes.

According to Julia Pollak, a labour economist at ZipRecruiter, Google’s approach leverages “gamified learning” by providing an interactive approach to covering the content. “It’s a lot better than a Zoom classroom lecture,” she adds of the online learning experience.

Professional Certificate in Project Management from Google

For people who desire to plan, coordinate, and manage projects, the Google Project Management Professional Certificate is for you. Project manager, programme manager, scrum master, and project analyst are all examples of this. Estimating time and money, managing stakeholders, and recognising and managing risks are all skills you’ll need.

Professional certification is not necessary for project managers, but it might help you establish your expertise. Those who complete the certificate are eligible for discounted certifications such as the Project Management Institute’s Certified Associate in Project Management certification.

Professional Certificate in Google Analytics

The Google Data Analytics certificate is for people who wish to learn how to process and analyse data in order to make better business decisions. It focuses on abilities for entry-level data analyst, junior data scientist, data technician, and marketing analyst positions.

Using data to address problems and data storytelling with visuals are among the topics covered in the course. Spreadsheets, SQL, and Tableau are used by the participants.

Professional Certificate in Google UX Design

The Google UX Design Professional Certificate prepares you to work as a user experience designer, interface designer, or visual designer. Personas, user stories, and user journey maps are among the skills required, as are performing usability studies, designing prototypes, and testing and iterating on ideas. Hands-on projects, peer critiques, and discussion forums are all part of the programme.

Professional Certificate in Google IT Support

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is for those who want to learn how to solve problems and keep computers and networks running smoothly. It can help you get a career as a database administrator, a systems analyst, or a help desk technician. This entry-level IT certificate is for persons who have no prior IT expertise.

Troubleshooting, system administration, and security are among the topics covered. In addition to English, the programme is offered in Spanish and Portuguese. More information about the Google IT Support Professional Certificate may be found here.

Professional Certificate in Google IT Automation Using Python

The Google IT Automation With Python Professional Accreditation is a more sophisticated version of the company’s IT support certificate. It’s intended for people who are already familiar with the fundamentals of information technology. The course covers Python programming, IT automation, and setting up your developer environment, among other topics.

In addition to English, the programme is available in Spanish and Portuguese. It is advised that you install Python on your computer. You’ll need a PC with Git installed on it for some of the courses.

Certification for Associate Android Developers

The Associate Android Developer Certificate is distinct from the Google Career Certificates and is not available through Coursera. It is divided into two sections: course materials and a certification exam. The course is completely free to take. The Associate Android Developer Certification exam, which is designed to assess the skills of an entry-level Android developer, costs $149 per attempt, however prices may vary depending on your location.

The Android Basics in Kotlin course teaches you how to create, test, and debug Android apps using the Kotlin programming language. It covers Kotlin basics, layouts, navigation, and connecting to the internet for users with little programming expertise.

FAQs about Google Career Certificates

What Is the Best Way to Prepare for a Certificate Course?

These certificate classes do not require a degree or prior experience, according to Google. One of the goals, according to Gevelber, is to “eliminate college degrees as a barrier to access.”

What is the time frame for receiving the certificate?

Google claims that its career certificate courses take three to six months to complete. It is estimated that each course will take roughly 10 weeks to complete. Because users set their own pace, the time it takes to complete the task varies.

Is It Worth It to Get a Google Career Certificate?

Access to potential employers is one of the advantages having a Google certificate. Bayer, Verizon, Accenture, Deloitte, Anthem, SAP, Zennify, and SiriusXM are among the more than 140 companies Google has partnered with. According to Pollak, the collaboration encourages course participants and businesses to provide quick feedback. “Right from the start, they have such a clear employment focus,” she explains.

The cost of the courses and the availability of scholarships make it a low-barrier-to-entry programme. This, combined with the fact that no prior expertise or experience is required, makes these industries accessible to a broad range of consumers. It should encourage more individuals to view their education as a continuous process, according to Makela. “The way of the future is lifelong learning and continuing to adapt and take up new skills – like learning a new programming language,” she explains.

Are these skills in high demand, and what does the future hold for them?

Jobs that need these skills are in high demand and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Those who complete a course, according to Pollak, receive a digital badge that is integrated with Credly and can be loaded immediately into job seekers’ online job search profiles. “Completing an online certificate demonstrates to a potential employer that you are self-motivated, resourceful, have a genuine interest in the subject, and have some level of expertise,” she says.

Even so, Google does not promise employment. And, as Pollak points out, finishing a course does not make you an expert. “You can’t just go from having no skills to completing a six-month data analytics course and then presenting yourself as a data analyst on your résumé.”

IT/Computer Support

Computer support specialists will continue to be in high demand as companies replace their obsolete hardware, software, and network infrastructure, necessitating the hiring of more experienced, skilled personnel to assist users. Computer support specialists are expected to rise by 8% between 2019 and 2029, substantially faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. During that time, a projected 67,300 positions in this industry should become available.

Analyst of Data

The BLS lists numerous employment categories that include data analysts. Operations research analyst, market research analyst, and data scientist are just a few of the jobs that are predicted to increase substantially faster than the average during the next ten years.

UX Designer and Web Developer

According to the BLS, the continued use of mobile devices will fuel demand for web developers and UX designers. Developers and designers will have to construct sites and interfaces that can be seen on a number of devices. According to the report, the expansion of e-commerce will result in more jobs. As a result, the BLS predicts that employment in the job category of web developers and UX designers would rise at an annual rate of 8% from 2019 to 2029, substantially faster than the national average. During that time, 14,000 new positions would be created in this industry.

Manager of the project

Project managers are employed by every business that involves projects. They keep an eye on scope to avoid distractions, make decisions, and guide everyone participating in the project. The Anderson Economic Group investigated 11 nations for a report commissioned by the Project Management Institute, which predicted a 33 percent increase in the sector from 2017 to 2027. It anticipated a 213,974 employment gain in the United States alone over that time. According to the analysis, among the industries studied in the United States, health care will be responsible for the biggest percentage growth in project-oriented occupations.

Will a Certificate Aid My Job Search?

Only the online IT support course has had enough time to create a reputation. According to Gevelber, 82 percent of those who finished the programme since it began in 2018 reported a favourable professional outcome, whether it was a new job, a promotion, or a raise.

Recruiters warn customers, however, that these courses are not a quick fix. “These certificates will not guarantee an interview if you have been having difficulty landing interviews because you lack experience or a degree,” says Jim Johnson, senior vice president of Robert Half’s technology business. “However, we’ve discovered that hiring managers value individuals who take the initiative to turn a “no” or “not yet” into a chance for growth.”