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#1 Online hosting services
having a dependable internet host is a need to in nowadays’s internet international. Therefore, to discover the exceptional net hosting provider, neil patel focuses on the satisfactory of services and exams uptime reliability, loading pace, and customer service excellence. He shares suggestions for the fine net hosting offerings in 2021 and lists hostinger as the first preference for the ones customers searching mainly for reliable shared web hosting services. Low cost charges, on the spot loading speed, and every day internet site backups are observed as the most important contributing elements. Also, the expert 24/7/365 hostinger customer support is referred to as a massive perk for organizations with a small or non-existent it personnel.

#1 WordPress web hosting
neil patel has been using wordpress blogs as a predominant a part of his commercial enterprise for decades. Therefore sizable hands-on enjoy permits evaluating multiple net website hosting options. Shared vs. Managed WordPress web hosting possibilities, visitors extent, speed, uptime, and technical aid are taken into consideration to evaluate offerings. Hostinger is referred to because the first-class wordpress website host. Rock-bottom pricing, an crucial package of capabilities and resources vital to create, design, and manipulate a wordpress web site, and the benefit of use even for the first-time author are the key traits main to achievement here. The helping elements consist of the loose e-mail account, domain call, cdn, and a loose ssl certificates and ensure a smooth, fast and at ease online journey. Hostinger has optimized the wordpress experience for clients – the litespeed cache speeds up websites performance and works properly with most popular plugins. Moreover, a helpful set of tools to get the site looking professional is obtainable to take advantage of and improve it without charge.

#1 vps website hosting plans
vps permits clients to get a personal slice of server sources; therefore, getting one of the vps web hosting plans ought to appreciably improve website overall performance. Neil patel emphasizes the potential of sources not to fear, difference of overall control vs. Shared duty, timely and tech-savvy support because the number one reasons for his desire. According to him, the high-quality vps website hosting services for most of the people are provided by using hostinger. Appealing expenses and an approachable interface make this carrier exceedingly extraordinary for first-time users. Although it’s miles a semi-managed plan supplying a top notch mix of assist and freedom to scale, hostinger customer service retailers are to be had, and further beneficial content is constantly linked. Additionally, a solid variety of os picks, including centos, ubuntu, fedora, debian, or suse, are blanketed and want simplest one click to install.