Visiting new places is one of the most fulfilling experiences we can have.

It generates new thoughts and experiences that we could never receive at home, whether we travel alone or with a large group of friends. While some people prefer to travel alone, there are a number of advantages to travelling with companions. COTA Holidays organises trips for many types of travellers, but we frequently hear from individuals who say they wouldn’t do it any other way if they could.

We’ve compiled a list of six compelling reasons to travel with friends the next time you go abroad.

Try something new.

When travelling alone, it’s all too easy to find yourself doing the same things in every location you visit. When travelling with friends, though, they will frequently have their own things in mind that you may not have considered.

A local cooking lesson, a hot air balloon ride, or a day of beach horseback riding could be the most memorable part of your vacation that you would never have experienced if your friend hadn’t suggested it.

Make stronger bonds with your pals

The stronger bond that emerges as a result of travelling with friends is one of the nicest aspects of the experience.


Throughout your journey, you will have fantastic and unusual experiences and discover new things together. You’ll be able to discuss it with them throughout the journey and for years to come. Even if things go wrong, you’ll go through it together and get closer as a result. This might be the start of a lifelong friendship and many more vacations together in the future.

Someone with whom to converse

Exciting adventures, new experiences, and relaxing in paradise are all part of the travel experience. Long treks between places, aircraft delays, broken down vehicles, and waits are all part of it.

Having someone to talk to can make this time more pleasurable, especially if you can talk about the things you’ve done and the locations you’re looking forward to visiting next. While you could just read a book, human company is frequently just what you need to make even the most mundane situations enjoyable.

It’s less expensive!

Traveling in a group is often less expensive than travelling alone.

Booking an apartment or vacation home can save you money on lodging compared to paying for a room on your own. Many activities become considerably more reasonable when shared among friends, and car rental becomes much more affordable when shared among friends. Furthermore, having a companion with whom you feel comfortable sharing a room is an excellent method to avoid paying the single extra on your hotel stay.

Packing space should be shared.

It’s aggravating to get at the airport and discover that you’ll have to pay an additional fee to the airline because you’ve slightly overpacked your bag and it’s too heavy. You may share stuff like shampoos, sunscreen, phone chargers, and even specific clothes if you travel with a companion.




You can also discover that your acquaintance is one of the few persons who does not travel with the maximum quantity of luggage permitted. They will probably be alright with you placing some of your clothes in their suitcase as long as you aren’t hauling your luggage about all the time.

Safety and assistance

When opposed to travelling alone, travelling with people might provide an added level of security. If you’re visiting a country or city with a high crime rate, being around others can serve as a deterrent to criminals who might otherwise target you.

Even if you’re travelling somewhere somewhat safe, a friend can be trusted to keep an eye on your belongings and warn you that cars drive on the opposite side of the road (trust us, everyone forgets this at least once).

Travel companions can also provide help if something goes wrong while you’re on the road. When problems happen, it’s easy to grow annoyed and upset, and friends can help you deal with them.

If you’re looking for a travel companion but don’t know where to start – perhaps your friends and family have different destinations on their bucket lists – check out our guide on how to locate a travel companion.